20 Not Lame Virtual Team Building Activities

Say so long to boring remote team building activities with these inspiring ideas from Confetti. By the time you鈥檝e wrapped up your virtual event, you will have a team that is happy, bonded, and ready to do great work.

10 Not Lame Virtual Team Building Activities

If there鈥檚 one hill we鈥檙e willing to die on, it鈥檚 that team building gets a bad rap.

Think about it: when you read the words 鈥渢eam building,鈥 it typically conjures up the mental image of being gathered in a conference room, stale cup of coffee in hand, desperately trying to conjure up a fact about yourself that鈥檚 鈥fun鈥 enough to share with your entire team. What you end up with is a whole lot of:

鈥淚鈥檓 John, and a fun fact about me is that my favorite food is ice cream.鈥

That鈥檚 why, at Confetti, we鈥檝e made it our mission to give team building games and activities the positive reputation they deserve. Because, when you have the right activities at your fingertips (or, at the click of a button 馃槈), team bonding can actually be fun.

Yes, you read that right: FUN. 馃寛

More than just a way to bring people together for a nice laugh and a cute bonding moment, team building activities can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the workplace and company culture as a whole. Especially for those who work from home.

The benefits of team building activities

Yes, you鈥檙e bringing everyone together for a good time, but you鈥檙e also bringing people together to solve problems, learn how to work together, establish and fine-tune their strengths, and come together as a team to make something happen.聽

The right team building activity is proven to:

  • Increase productivity in the workplace 馃懇鈥嶐煉
  • Help employees develop and increase their confidence 馃専
  • Foster innovation and collaboration 馃

And, maybe most importantly, team building exercises are a fantastic way to connect teams that are working from home. Which, if you know you know, can be extremely isolating at times.聽

At Confetti, we create team building activities that are great for in-person, hybrid, and remote teams alike. We bring people together, and help them bond from miles apart (okay, anyone else getting a little misty-eyed? 馃ゲ)

You don鈥檛 need to wait for a special occasion to host a virtual team building activity with your employees. In fact, next week sounds great!聽

Here are 20 work team building activities that we recommend for the ultimate team morale boost!聽

Give these 20 team building activities a try:

Getting to Know You activities

1. Coffee Breaks

Best for: Groups of all sizes

Free-form virtual coffee breaks are a simple yet highly effective team building activity that breaks away from the monotony of traditional activities. The best part? Team members can join and leave as their schedules permit, making it easy to fit into busy work days without adding pressure. This drop-in/drop-out nature ensures that participation feels voluntary and relaxed, unlike other meetings on the calendar.

Without the time limit of an agenda, everyone can talk about their weekend, hobbies, or even the latest trending TV show. This kind of informal interaction helps build authentic relationships and foster a sense of community within the team. They recreate the spontaneous water-cooler chats that often lead to stronger interpersonal connections. By regularly scheduling these breaks, remote workers can feel more connected to their peers, enhancing overall team cohesion and morale.

2. Two Truths and a Lie

Best for: Small groups

Two Truths and a Lie is a classic game that never gets old.

Here鈥檚 how it works: each team member takes a turn sharing three statements about themselves鈥攖wo truths and one lie. The rest of the team then guesses which statement is the lie. This virtual game not only sparks interesting conversations but also reveals surprising facts about your coworkers, making it an excellent icebreaker.

You can easily incorporate Two Truths and a Lie into your regular virtual meetings. It鈥檚 a low-pressure activity that requires no special preparation, making it perfect for spontaneous team building sessions. Or, you could book a fully hosted round with Confetti and let us do the planning for you.

How to get started 馃憠 Put those listening skills to the test if you want to find out everyone's Two Truths and a Lie!

3. Icebreakers

Best for: Small groups

Another activity with a bad reputation is icebreakers. But remember, we鈥檙e talking about not lame team building activities here, so we wouldn鈥檛 dare suggest the yawn-inducing icebreakers that you鈥檝e come to know.聽

We like to shake things up with questions that are specific, weird, and funny, but still office-appropriate to get the conversation started and really bring people together.聽

Have a few minutes? Skip the weather talk and get straight to the good stuff. Why would you want to know someone鈥檚 favorite ice cream flavor when you could learn what their Real Housewives tagline would be instead? Confetti鈥檚 icebreaker questions are the perfect way to start off video conferences, stand-up calls, and more.

How to get started 馃憠 Let Confetti host your icebreakers at the Water Cooler!

4. Quirky photo challenges

Best for: Groups of all sizes

Ever wondered what your coworkers looked like as a kid? Or who's been on the wildest vacation? Would you be surprised to learn that Karen from Finance is actually an identical twin?聽

If you have to see it to believe it, then host a quirky photo challenge with your team! 馃こ

For a DIY approach, pick a theme and ask all of your team members to submit a relevant photo. Something like: your best vacation ever or your pet. Then, bring your teams together through video conferencing to guess which photo belongs to whom and let the entire group share their stories!

A photo challenge is a great way to allow your staff to open up and tell stories about their lives outside of work. Talk about a way to get the conversation started!

How to get started 馃憠 Don鈥檛 want to DIY it? Check out Guess Who!

5. Book club

Best for: Groups of all sizes

Book Club is an underrated activity. There, we said it. After all, who doesn鈥檛 love getting together to talk about their opinions on their latest read? 馃摎

Hosting a team building book club is a fantastic way to facilitate team bonding and boost your staff鈥檚 communication skills without having to make it a formal occasion.

Each month (or quarter), have your book club vote on the book that they鈥檇 like to read next. Then, meet at the end of the month in online meetings to discuss! Bonus points if you add some snacks (and maybe a glass of wine) into the mix.聽

Pro-planning tip 馃憠 Send a Doordash or UberEats gift card to each member of your book club before each virtual meeting so that you can discuss your reading over dinner together!

鈥岰reative Activities

5. Painting Class

Best for: Up to 495 people

Looking for a creative and engaging way to bring your team together? Confetti's virtual painting classes might be just what you need! These classes are a fantastic way to foster creativity, collaboration, and relaxation, all from the comfort of your own home.

Confetti鈥檚 painting classes are designed to be accessible for all skill levels, so whether your team members are seasoned artists or complete beginners, everyone can enjoy the experience. An experienced instructor guides the group step-by-step through the process, ensuring that everyone has enough time to create their own masterpiece.

How to get started 馃憠 Express your artistic side in a guided Painting Class!聽

6. Calm and Create

Best for: Groups of all sizes

Confetti鈥檚 Virtual Calm and Create classes offer a tranquil space where team members can de-stress and express their creativity. Guided by a professional instructor, participants will explore different artistic techniques designed to promote mindfulness and relaxation. Whether it鈥檚 drawing, painting, or another form of creative expression, these activities are tailored to help your team find calm in the midst of a busy workday.

What makes this activity truly special is its focus on well-being. As team members immerse themselves in the creative process, they also practice mindfulness, helping to reduce stress and increase overall mental clarity. It鈥檚 an excellent way to promote a healthy work-life balance and show your team that their well-being is a priority.

How to get started 馃憠Blend creativity and mindfulness with Calm and Create!聽

7. Songwriting Lab

Best for: 1-20 people

Work in harmony with your team to write a totally original song!

Led by professional musicians, this experience guides participants through the entire songwriting process, from brainstorming ideas to writing lyrics and composing melodies. No prior musical experience is needed鈥攋ust bring your enthusiasm and creativity!

This activity is more than just a fun diversion; it鈥檚 a powerful team-building exercise that encourages collaboration, communication, and creative thinking. Working together to create a song fosters a sense of unity and accomplishment, as team members combine their diverse skills and perspectives to produce something truly unique.

How to get started 馃憠 Strike a chord in your team bonding at the Songwriting Lab!聽聽

Problem-Solving Games and Activities

8. Virtual murder mystery party聽

Best for: Up to 300 people

There鈥檚 been a murder, I do declare! Your favorite coworker (we won鈥檛 name names) has been tragically murdered and now it鈥檚 up to you to solve it! Unless you鈥檙e the murderer鈥 (Don鈥檛 worry, we won鈥檛 tell.) 馃か

In a virtual murder mystery team building exercise, your team has to work together to gather clues and figure out 鈥渨hodunnit.鈥 With fun themes, the chance to get silly, and the opportunity to deep-dive into a character (for all the secret theater kids in your midst), this is a great way to shake off the everyday, put on your critical thinking hat, and have some fun with your team.

How to get started 馃憠 Is your team savvy enough to solve the murder? Find out at our Murder Mystery Party!

9. Virtual escape rooms

Best for: Up to 160 people

Part online escape room, part scavenger hunt, and 100% fun. A virtual escape room allows your online teams to solve problems in real-time and attempt to escape the virtual room in an hour or less. 馃弮

A great option for all teams, but especially those that want to flex their problem-solving skills. This activity allows your staff to work together to solve the mystery and escape the room in a casual, collaborative environment.

How to get started 馃憠 Calling all fun-lovers, it鈥檚 time to start your Escape Quest!

10. Trivia

Best for: Up to 500 people

Everyone loves trivia! Virtual team games like trivia are easy to set up and can cover a wide range of topics, ensuring there鈥檚 something for everyone.

Divide your team into smaller groups and watch as they collaborate, strategize, and laugh together while answering questions. It's a fantastic way to break the ice, encourage friendly competition, and give your team a much-needed mental break. Plus, who doesn't love showing off their random knowledge?

How to get started 馃憠 Confetti has plenty of Trivia Games to choose from!聽

11. Boom Box

Best for: Up to 295 people

Turn up the volume and energize your team with a dynamic music trivia game!

Guided by a lively music quiz host, contestants will navigate through five exciting rounds featuring popular music from famous artists and bands. Categories include album art recognition, name that tune, identify that lyric, and more! Each round is designed to challenge your team鈥檚 music knowledge while promoting communication and teamwork.

Whether your team members are music aficionados or just enjoy a good tune, this game has something for everyone.

How to get started 馃憠 Crank up the good times at the Boom Box!

12. Coworker Feud

Best for: 4-40 people

Get ready for some friendly competition with Confetti鈥檚 Coworker Feud! This hilarious team-building activity puts a fun twist on the classic game show, and there's a reason it's one of Confetti's most popular virtual games.

In Coworker Feud, teams go head-to-head to guess the most popular answers to survey questions about everyday topics. Guided by a lively host, your team will engage in quick thinking, fast buzzing, and lots of laughs.

This game is perfect for sparking camaraderie, enhancing teamwork, and bringing out everyone鈥檚 competitive spirit.

How to get started 馃憠 Ready to play Coworker Feud? Let the fun begin!

13. Plug and Play Mixer

Best for: 8-195 people

The Plug and Play Mixer allows participants to mix and mingle virtually through a series of entertaining and interactive challenges, making it a perfect activity to introduce new team members to the team. From icebreaker prompts in breakout rooms to interactive questions for the whole group, each session is tailored to promote communication, collaboration, and camaraderie among team members.

Whether you're looking to kick off a virtual conference, celebrate a milestone, or simply inject some energy into your team meetings, this icebreaker game is the perfect choice. It's easy to set up and can be adapted to suit your team's unique dynamics and objectives. Get ready to plug in, play, and connect like never before!

How to get started 馃憠 Unplug from stress and join the Plug and Play Mixer instead!鈥

16. Virtual scavenger hunt

Best for: Groups of all sizes

Planning a virtual scavenger hunt with your teams is surprisingly easy (and fun). 馃暤锔 Everyone has hidden gems scattered around their homes, and now is their chance to show them off on a video call! Simply create a list of items that your teams have to find and show off in less than 30 minutes like:

  • Something gold 馃
  • A photo of themselves with something/someone they love 馃摲
  • Their favorite quote about teamwork (found on the internet, unless they have it in their house somewhere) 鉁嶏笍
  • A pet or a child (preferably their own) 馃惗
  • A coin dated before 1999 馃獧
  • A receipt from the grocery store 馃摐

The first person to successfully showcase everything on their list wins! For extra fun, throw a real prize in there like paying for their next lunch or sending them some coveted company swag.

Pro-planning tip 馃憠 Allow each member of your team to submit one item for the scavenger hunt list to make it a more interactive experience from start to finish!

Health & Wellness聽

17. Guided Meditation

Best for: Small to Large Groups

Step into tranquility with Confetti鈥檚 Virtual Meditation Class, designed to refresh and rejuvenate your team鈥檚 well-being.

Virtual meditation sessions offer a peaceful retreat from the daily hustle. Participants will learn mindfulness techniques and guided meditation practices that promote relaxation, stress reduction, and mental clarity.

This class is perfect for teams looking to foster a calm and focused work environment. Whether you鈥檙e starting your day with a centering session or winding down after a busy week, this class helps everyone prioritize self-care and mindfulness together.

How to get started 馃憠 Unwind the mind in a Meditation Class!

18. Yoga class

Best for: Small to Large Groups

Stretch, breathe, and recharge with some guided yoga.

Led by a certified yoga instructor, this virtual fitness class caters to all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned yogis. Each session combines gentle stretches, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to enhance flexibility, promote physical well-being, and reduce stress.

Yoga is more than just exercise鈥攊t鈥檚 a holistic approach to wellness that encourages unity and balance among team members. Whether you鈥檙e looking to improve posture, boost energy levels, or simply unwind together, this class offers a refreshing break from the workday routine.

How to get started 馃憠 Join us on the mat at a Yoga Class!

Socializing and Happy Hours

19. Virtual happy hours

Best for: Small to Large Groups

Honestly, who doesn鈥檛 love a happy hour every once in a while? Encourage your teams to try something new (or revisit an old favorite) and imbibe a little with their teammates.聽

Nothing encourages good times and good conversations like getting together over a drink. After all, they don鈥檛 call it a 鈥渟ocial lubricant鈥 for nothing.

With curated cocktail classes and tastings, there is something for every employee to love at a virtual happy hour. All you have to bring is your remote team members, and we鈥檒l bring the booze! 馃嵏

How to get started 馃憠 Say cheers to your next happy hour!

20. Virtual pub crawl

Best for: Up to 975 people

It may sound impossible, but we sense a virtual pub crawl in your future. 馃敭 You鈥檒l have to experience it to believe it, but you can have all the ambiance, fun, and great conversations that you鈥檇 have on a pub crawl without ever leaving your desk!

Confetti鈥檚 virtual pub crawl allows your team to choose their own adventure and listen to live music, break off into conversation rooms, compete in a pub trivia game, and more.

How to get started 馃憠 Bottoms up! See you at the Confetti Pub.聽

21. Virtual dance party

Best for: Groups of all sizes

If you and your team love to get down, then host a virtual dance party! Easy to plan on your own, encourage your team to throw on their boas, turn on their party lights, and boogie 鈥榯il the sun comes up (or, until it鈥檚 time to clock out for the day). You never know who has some secret signature dance moves. 馃暫

You can shake up your virtual dance party even more by giving out awards for best costume and best moves, or by making it themed. After all, who doesn鈥檛 love a 70s disco party or a 50s-themed sock hop? The options for a good time really are endless!

Pro-planning tip 馃憠 Create a shared Spotify playlist and allow each team member to add their favorite dance track to it for the ultimate dance party!

Choose Confetti to plan your corporate team building activities

Virtual team building is a great tool to bring your group members together to form deeper bonds, gain stronger communication skills, and have a good time doing it.聽

The benefits aren鈥檛 just the laughs and conversations shared in the moment. These skills trickle over into your everyday work life, where employees are more comfortable working together, are more productive in the workplace, and are full of new ideas and innovations. With the help of regular team bonding activities, your employees will quickly become a well-oiled (and very happy) team.

Even though it may seem like it, it doesn鈥檛 have to be a heavy lift for you to plan and execute team bonding time. At Confetti, we create and lead non-boring team building activities so that you can enjoy them just as much as your staff!鈥

For more tips and ideas on virtual team building games and activities, check out our ultimate team building guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of team building activities?聽

Team building activities boost employee engagement and collaboration while helping employees build meaningful connections with their coworkers. These benefits and skills also carry into the work environment, helping employees work together more productively and with increased innovation and new ideas.聽

Can team building activities be customized to different team sizes?聽

Absolutely! Virtual and hybrid teams come in all sizes. Team building activities can be tailored to small and large groups, ensuring an engaging virtual experience for teams of any size. To increase engagement for larger teams, we recommend using the breakout room feature on Zoom.

What are not lame team building activities?

Not lame team building activities are engaging, interactive, and fun! Confetti has many creative virtual activities to choose from. Your teams can enjoy a cooking or crafting class, take a virtual fitness class, or play a game like a murder mystery, virtual escape room, trivia, and more!聽

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