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5 Unusual Team Building Activities

Bye bye boring Trust Falls — hello to unique, quirky, and wacky team building activities! Your team deserves a one-of-a-kind experience — how many on our list have you tried?

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Why plan an unusual team building event? 🤔

There are more than enough boring team building activities out there — we’re looking at you, trust fall. Instead of putting each team member on the spot, plan an unusual team building activity that will organically spark conversation, laughs, and an experience everyone won’t soon forget! 

Want to get some inside jokes going with your team? Once you spend a couple of hours hanging out with a zany Drag Queen there will be plenty to laugh about long after the event ends! The more unique the event, the more likely it’s a first for everyone on the team — which is more fun all around.

🌎 Hop on to Zoom and no matter where in the world your colleagues are, you can enjoy a unique and unforgettable team building activity!

Team building activities are vital to any team that collaborates and problem-solves together. You might be surprised at what you can achieve through an unusual team building activity.

  • An engaged and collaborative team consistently outperforms the competition in productivity, turnover, and even profits! 🤑
  • The more your team associates work with a good time, the easier it will be to come together as a unit when you’re under those tight deadlines. 🤝
  • Taking a break from work every now and then is a welcome sigh of relief, we all have to let go sometimes and just laugh at ourselves. 😌

Top 5 unusual team building activities 🧐

1. Drag Queen Bingo 👑

Yaaas queen! It’s time to go off with a round of Drag Queen Bingo. Experience bingo like never B4, hosted by one of our favorite, fabulous, and fun Drag Queens! If your team loves voguing, singing, and strutting, you are the perfect group for this activity.

Why is this an unusual team building event? 

Bring the excitement of Drag Race right into your home — but this time you’re a part of the action! Bet you’ve never had this much energy in your weekly stand up. 😉

Where to get started 👉 Ready to slay on that bingo board? It’s time for Drag Queen Bingo!
Virtual Drag Queen Bingo

2. Zumba Class 💃

Enjoy this popular blend of cardio and Latin-inspired dancing right from home. People are drawn to Zumba classes all around the world for one reason — it's so much fun you forget you’re even exercising! Our expert instructor loves to spread the joy of Zumba and can’t wait to meet your team.

Why is this an unusual team building event? 

Get your team’s heart rate elevated and the blood pumping all through Zoom! Even team members without a standing desk will be on their feet ready to samba, mambo, and tango!

Where to get started 👉Sign up for an invigorating Zumba Class today and start burning those calories!
Virtual Zumba Class

3. Terrarium Workshop 🌿

Every home office could use a little love. Add some life and build your very own organic terrarium! No two environments will be the same, but each one will be bright, fun, and a new centerpiece for your desk. 🌱

Why is this an unusual team building event? 

Caring for plants is a calming and peaceful activity. Every time your team members look at their terrarium and remember this activity, it’ll take away a little stress from the day. 🪴

Where to get started 👉 Create your own delicate botanical world in a glass and take our Terrarium Workshop!
Virtual + Kits Terrarium Workshop

4. Laughter Yoga 🤣

Here’s an activity you’ve probably never tried… making yourself laugh — through yoga! This form of yoga is dedicated to putting a smile on your face. Through poses, breath work, and a sense of humor your team will be ROTFLing in no time! Once you take this workshop you’ll discover that laughter really is the best medicine.

Why is this an unusual team building event? 

Did you know that all you need to do to start cackling for real is to commit to a fake laugh? Our experienced yogi will demonstrate this deceptively simple method that’ll provide instant relief and levity to your hard working team! 

Where to get started 👉 Leave your comfort zone and enter the uproarious land of Laughter Yoga today! 😂
Virtual Laughter Yoga

5. Murder Mystery Party 🗡️

It was Tina from accounting, in the break room, with a stapler! Well maybe it wasn’t Tina, but can you uncover the real ruthless killer? This unusual team building activity is a game in which you must gather evidence, ponder over mysterious clues, and settle the case. 

Why is this an unusual team building event? 

While your team brainstorms every day, they’ve probably never applied those skills to take down a brutal killer! This is one of our favorite team building activities that always gets participants involved and eager to solve the mystery.

Where to get started 👉 Think your team has what it takes to reveal the savage butcher? Join a Murder Mystery Party now and expose the truth!
Virtual Murder Mystery Party

Plan your unique team building activity with Confetti 🎉

Out-of-the-box team building activities promise an experience that will bring your team closer than ever before. Create organic engagement between your colleagues and experience an activity you never thought you’d be doing at work (or at all)!

Ready to plan an off-the-wall team bonding experience? Let Confetti take it from here, we’ve got you covered! 😎

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