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We help companies build stronger cultures by providing shared experiences for a distributed workplace

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Strengthen culture and connection amongst team members
Our platform empowers you to quickly discover, plan and book engaging team events for every occasion.
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Increase employee engagement
Get your team engaging, interacting, and connecting in new ways.
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Improve professional development
Boost soft skills and learn insightful takeaways to bring back to the workplace.
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Are always backed with our happiness commitment
We offer a complimentary experience to help re-write your memory with us.
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Our Story

How many corporate offices have a dedicated event planner? Not many. How many corporate employees get thrown the task of event planning without having any experience? Too many. When Lee Rubin, our Co-Founder and CEO, was randomly tasked with planning her team’s event she asked herself, β€œis there an easier way to create meaningful events that are simple to plan?”

Zoom forward, she and Eyal Hakim (Co-Founder & CTO), had an answer. The two saw eye-to-eye on their goal to give people who don’t want to waste hours planning corporate events a quick, painless way to organize complex company events and team building experiences – ones that genuinely bring teams closer and improve work culture. They believe that if team members can get along better, they can produce great work. And if they produce great work, together they can build a great company. And if companies were more successful, it would leave this world a better place.
Our Values

What Confetti stands for


We demonstrate our respect for all humans by being an inclusive company and by constantly reassessing ourselves to ensure we’re treating employees, customers, vendors, partners, investors, and users with the utmost respect and consideration.


We challenge ourselves to be open minded, level-headed, and flexible. We insert fun into every place and situation we can!


We do our best to meet all challenges with creative solutions. We try to always look within ourselves before demanding change from others.


Despite the power of technology, we believe that humans are at the core of every business, so we approach all elements of our work with kindness & empathy, keeping that fact in mind.


We pride ourselves on hard work that results in true value and quality for our end users. Our never-ending passion for innovation drives us to create a larger positive impact on this planet.


We try to always under-promise and over-deliver, but we admit to our mistakes when we make them. We know that people cannot and should not be responsible for understanding each one of us individually, so we do our best to communicate our own complex internal workings as transparently as possible.

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