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Mon 13 Jul | 03:00 PM

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Terrarium Workshop
An instructor will teach the participants how to build their own terrariums. This workshop typically comes with decorative bits are usually sands, crystals, lush moss, miniature toys, and tree barks. Amount of plants provided depends on bowl size. Participants will also be given techniques to create their own unique landscape and instructions on how to properly care for their plants. By the end of the class, participants will get to take home the terrarium they made.
Cheese Board
Comes with 4+ imported Spanish, Italian, French or local farm cheeses, Assorted Crackers, 2+ Nuts, 2+ Dried Fruits, Grapes, 1+ Jam, Honey and Sliced Baguette. Presented beautifully on a board or brown paper set up with cute labels.
Margarita Cocktails
Bartenders choice. Sample Drinks: Classic Margarita, Fruity Tutti Marg, Spicy Japaleno Margarita.
It’s not a real party without some music. Book a DJ to help you curate the perfect playlist for any occasion. Our DJ will learn get your music needs and help you set tone whether that’s mingling or onto the dance floor.
Pick the perfect flower arrangement to elevate any event. All bouquets come with clear vases. For specific suggestions or ideas, please use special requests.
Event Photographer
A professional camera, necessary accessories and back up equpiment will be provided by the photographer. Printed pictures will be delivered up to 20 business days after the event. We will deliver 10 pictures up to 48 hours after each event takes place, so subjects have fresh pictures to share. A private, 30-day online gallery to share the pictures with the team will also be provided. Subjects can mark their favorites and download high resolution copies of the photos. 1 photographer recommended per 150 people.
Beer Tasting
Beer tasting is both an educational and a fun experience of assessing at least 3 different types of beer. In this session, a brewery professional/expert will discuss how beers are made and guide the participants in tasting and identifying the notes and flavor of each beer. This session typically includes: - A short introduction on the process of making beer from beginning to end - Assessing the color and aroma of the beer - Best practices on serving beers, from the right glass to use to the proper temperature of the drink - Tasting different beers - In between sips, participants will learn the history of American beer - Tips and tricks in combining beer with food Note: This activity is not suitable for people with gluten or any beer ingredient allergies.
Chair Massage
Registered massage therapists will set up massage chairs in the office, preferably in a quiet room with ample space. Team members will attend their booked time slot and enjoy a mid-day massage! Massages are over the clothes and can be adjusted to individual preference, just let the masseuses know what you prefer.
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