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Employee Birthday Party

Sun 05 Apr +2 alternatives
195 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

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Branded or Themed Cake
The bigger your group, the more cake tiers. 1 slice per person. Does not include tablecloth or other decorative elements.
Ice Carving
Brand logos carved on ice.
Cake Letters
Cake will match company branding. Cake toppings vary with assorted chocolates, cookies, fruits, flowers, etc. Each letter usually feeds about 8-12 people. Letters A to Z, numbers 0 to 9, an exclamation point, question mark and dollar sign available. Usually measures around 12 x 9 inches per letter. Does not include tablecloth or other decorative elements.
Custom Pumpkin Carving
Participants can have their special moments, brand logos, and favorite characters carved on a pumpkin.
Chocolate Gift Box
Chocolates elegantly packed into a signature box. Flavors may include: French Cream, Mocha, Caramel, Amaretto, Champagne, Brandy, Raspberry, and Dulce de Leche, depending on availability. Box may include chocolates and truffles.
Flip-It Display
The Flip-It Display is a kinetic display that is made of many flipping discs, moving in real time typically to form and feature a branded content. The display makes the unique sound of thousands of magnetic flipping discs as it interacts with the attendees. How it works: The system is made up of 16.8"x16.8" panels that can be assembled in a variety of layouts and sizes. A modular panel system is integrated with a 3D depth camera and built-in support programmed to activate upon interactions with the guests. For any event experience looking to increase foot traffic, the flip-disk display stops 90% of guests on their tracks. The additional experience of hearing the movements of the disks add to the experience. The most popular and effective use of the screen is the interactive Particles App. Utilizing the included 3D depth camera, it allows guests to interact and knock away pixels of the brand’s logo, images, text, or other static content. Video and animation can also be interspersed via a pre-programmed playlist that can be created for each event. Another creative way to use the display is with the invitation to the guests to knock away the brand’s logo by interacting with the display. As the guests step back, they can watch as gravity takes hold and rebuilds your logo pixel by pixel. Merge the offline with the online by syncing to Twitter. Our easy moderation tool lets you stream your event hashtag and mix it into a truly kinetic feed.
Simple Cake
The bigger your group, the more cake tiers. 1 slice per person. Does not include tablecloth or other decorative elements. For a more custom cake option with further customizations like elaborate toppings - check out our product “Branded or Themed Cake”.
Professional Dance Performers
The group showcases slick choreographed shows which can be tailored to fit with any event theme. They can also create completely bespoke corporate dance shows based around a product, company message or theme to launch a particular product or promote a brand message. Performers will be bringing their own costume, materials, and music needed for the performance. Performances usually are booked for 15-30 minutes.
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