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Happiness Commitment
Happiness Commitment Policy
Happiness Commitment Policy

In the rare case that an issue is experienced during an event, we have this policy in place to effectively investigate and resolve disputes.

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As a managed marketplace, we don’t just partner with the best vendors to provide the products and services on our platform – we also take active measures to ensure your event will run smoothly and to your absolute satisfaction.

To ensure that you have the best experience, all of our vendors and experiences go through a comprehensive vetting process. In the rare case that an issue is experienced during an event, we have this Happiness Commitment Policy in place to protect both our customer and vendor communities, and to effectively investigate and resolve the dispute.

Sharing your feedback

Regardless of whether it’s positive or constructive, your feedback is super important to us! This is why we will always send you a form where you can share your thoughts regarding your recent experience within 24 hours of your event taking place.

If you rank your experience 3 out of 5 stars or less on any criteria and specify that you would like to receive follow-up communication regarding your recent experience, one of our Account Managers will reach out to you to collect more information and investigate the situation.

Our investigation procedure

Whenever a customer submits feedback rating us 3 out of 5 or below, our team carefully analyzes the details provided and conducts a mutual investigation with the host(s) or vendor(s) involved.

In order to make sure that each one of our customers will always be satisfied with our service, even in cases of dissatisfaction from an event, we hold onto your event fees for 3 days following your event, before transferring them to the vendor(s). In cases where a dispute was found justified, either fully or partially, this allows us to make a full or partial refund of your event fees.

Since we all know there are two sides to every story, it is up to our team to determine how the responsibility for your dissatisfaction falls between the different parties involved in your event, and as a result, whether compensation is due and to which.

Making things right

As a thank you for your honest feedback and an apology for your unmet expectations, we are happy to offer a complimentary experience to help re-write your memory with us. Depending on the headcount of your original event, you can choose from a list of the following experiences:

If you would prefer to receive a full refund instead, one of our Account Managers will send you a second form to collect additional feedback from your event attendees. In order to qualify for the refund, at least 3 people or 10% of participants (whichever is greater) must provide feedback. If their collective score is 2 or less, we’ll refund your money back — no questions asked.

We’ve got your back!

Our Happiness Commitment Policy is a risk-free way to have fun. Although we hope every event you book with us turns out to be a blast 🚀 and that you’ll never have to take advantage of the policy, you can book with confidence and rest easy knowing it’s there!

Either way, we promise you’ll have a smooth and seamless experience. Try out one of our virtual experiences and see for yourself! ✨

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