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Virtual Boom Box
Virtual Boom Box

Virtual Boom Box

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Turn the music up

Audiophiles, band geeks, and diehard music fans โ€” it's your time to shine in this interactive music game. Play exciting musical trivia about your favorite albums, songs, and bands!
2-295 people
Typically 60 minutes
Group Pricing
How It Works

Our music quiz host will guide contestants through 6 different rounds, featuring popular music from famous American artists and bands. Each team will discuss answers through a shared communication app, and their team captain will record the final answer on a digital sheet provided at the start of the game.

Participants will play 5 write-in rounds and 1 buzz-in round. Points are tallied in between each round with the final round producing the winning team!

The best part? Sparkle points. Teams get extra points for sass and funny answers, making the game extra fun.

Categories include:

  • Album art recognition
  • Name that tune
  • Scrambled songs... and more!

This game is for teams interested in a fun, competitive experience.

Great for:

  • Tech-savvy teams
  • Testing your musical knowledge and recognition

๐Ÿ‘ช Participants: Broken up into teams of up to 5 people. Everyone plays in the same room!

  • Designed Invitation for Participants
  • Entertaining Host
  • Digital Buzzer
  • Digital Game Materials
  • Zoom Link
Required From You
  • Computer
  • Smart Phone
  • Supported Browser
  • Network Access to External Sites
  • Shared Communication App
  • Ability to Use Zoom (Free)
Choose a Format
Choose a Team Assignment
Choose a Number of Times Played
If you are booking multiple sessions, please let us know if there will be any overlap in attendees so we can prepare the appropriate game materials for the event. Please note that we only offer 2 versions of this game. If your group has played Boom Box more than twice, we suggest choosing another experience.
Cancellation & Rescheduling
Cancellation up to 2 business days
prior to your event
Full Refund
minus processing fees
Reschedule up to 2 business days
prior to your event
Free of Charge
Cancellation within 2 business days
prior to your event
50% Refund
minus processing fees
Reschedule within 2 business days
prior to your event
$100 Fee
Cancellation within 1 business day
prior to your event
Full Product Price
Reschedule within 1 business day
prior to your event
$200 Fee