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Navigating the Workplace Revolution:

Company Culture in a Distributed Workforce

Learn how to strengthen & build your company culture for a distributed workforce.

Whatโ€™s in the e-book?

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The Future of the Employee Experience
See where the employee experience is headed โ€“ and how to get there. From recruiting talent to developing leadership!
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The ROI of Company Culture
Discover why investing in company culture is worth it, and learn how to measure your own company culture ROI.
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Cultivating Your Company Culture
Gain insights for ensuring your distributed workforce remains connected with one another & your companyโ€™s overall mission.

Table of contents

1. The Workplace Revolution
2. What is a Hybrid Work Environment?
3. From Workplace-centric to Employee-centric
4. The Future of the Employee Experience
5. Company Culture โ€” What is that About?
6. Company Culture ROI
7. Company Culture Checklist - Metrics to Measure for ROI
8. Five Ways You Can Build a Strong Company Culture in a Distributed Workplace
9. Embracing the Hybrid workplace
10. About us
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Team Building

Team work makes the dream work! Make your team stronger & bring them closer through experiences that get them talking, listening, thinking, creating, and laughing together.


Deliver a fantastic employee experience, starting from your new hireโ€™s first day. With our creative onboarding activities, your new employees will immediately get a taste & see the value of your company culture.

Professional Development

Develop soft skills & align on professional goals through lecture-based workshops & interactive experiences designed to help your team grow and learn together.


Engaged employees are 44% more likely to stay with a company. Raise your retention rates with our interactive experiences, meant to boost morale & help employee happiness soar!


Promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion through fun cultural and educational experiences covering a variety of DEI topics. Educate, uplift, and create a greater sense of belonging within your teams.

Employee Engagement

Get employees invested in the workplace with the power of engagement. Help teams connect & form stronger interpersonal relationships as they create memories together โ€” and then watch their productivity skyrocket.

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