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Confetti Credits

You can purchase Confetti Credits to make event planning even easier! Every dollar spent towards Confetti Credits can be applied dollar for dollar towards purchasing events on our platform.

Last updated:
December 28, 2021

Benefits of Confetti Credits

1. Budget management

Allocate your periodical budgets and track your event spendings

2. Distributed planning

Invite other planners in the organization to use the credits so they can plan for their own teams

3. Streamlined legal process

Single agreement to cover all your events

4. Premium support services

Culture surveys + custom journey calendars

5. One procurement process

One invoice makes life easier for finance + administration

6. Save money

Take advantage of our free Confetti Credit bonuses!

How to get started with Confetti Credits

Step 1

Purchase Confetti Credits

Once signed in to, either you or your company admin can simply select Confetti Credits in the drop down menu on the top right. Then, click Add Balance and finalize the transaction with a credit card. If your company would rather pay by wire transfer, please reach out to Confetti’s Enterprise Account Manager

Step 2

Receive a free Confetti Credits bonus

Receive a free Confetti credits 5% bonus for every purchase! For additional discounts and enterprise packages, please schedule a meeting with our team.

Step 3

Grant credits access to other event planners in your organization

On the Confetti Credits page, click on Shared Access and add the email addresses of team members who should have access to your company’s Confetti Credits balance.

Step 4

Use Confetti Credits to pay for your team events and experiences

Explore our experiences, customize the ones you like, and add your date & time. On the payment page, you'll have the option to apply credits to make a full or partial payment towards your event.

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