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Connection in the Remote World:

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Team Building

Learn the importance of team building & how to plan events your employees will love.

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What Virtual Team Building
Should Look Like
Learn why and how to approach virtual team building differently depending on your company, your values, and your team members.
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Why Remote Teams Need
Fun Ways to Connect
From creating a sense of belonging to employee retention, discover all the benefits team building brings your remote employees.
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The Best Remote Team
Building Tips & Ideas
Find out the top ways to cater your team building strategy to your employees. Including types of events, event ideas, and more.

Table of contents

1. The challenges of connecting remote employees
2. Defining virtual team building
3. Benefits of team building for remote teams
4. How to team bond virtually
5. Five tips and ideas for virtual team building
6. Six types of virtual team building activities
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Looking for new and fun ways to help your remote team come together?

Our unique offerings bring your team closer together, helping strengthen their connections, their careers, and your company overall.

Team Building

Make your team stronger & bring them closer through experiences that get them talking, listening, thinking, creating, and laughing together. 🀝


With our creative onboarding activities, your new employees will immediately get a taste & see the value of your company culture. πŸ‘

Professional Development

Develop soft skills & align on professional goals through lecture-based workshops & interactive experiences


Raise your retention rates with our interactive experiences, meant to boost morale & help employee happiness soar!


Promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion through fun cultural and educational experiences covering a variety of DEI topics.

Employee Engagement

Help teams connect & form stronger interpersonal relationships as they create memories together β€” and then watch their productivity soar. πŸ™Œ

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