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Answering your questions about Confetti

What is Confetti?

Confetti empowers event planners, office admins, and HR leaders to quickly discover, plan, and book engaging team events. From team bonding games and happy hours to DE&I and professional development workshops, Confetti provides hundreds of virtual experiences that optimize corporate culture and professional growth.

What can I use Confetti for?

Confetti helps employees connect with company culture through memorable shared experiences.
Our customers use Confetti for…

🧩 Team building: Build stronger, more effective teams through experiences that get team members communicating, laughing, and working together.

👋 Onboarding: Deliver a fantastic employee experience, starting from your new hire’s first day.

👪 Employee engagement: Help your team connect and form stronger bonds as they create memories together.

🤝 Retention: Raise retention rates with our interactive experiences, meant to boost morale and help employee happiness soar!

❤️ DE&I: Educate, create a greater sense of belonging, and celebrate diversity on your team.

📚 Professional development: Help your team grow and learn together through developing soft skills and aligning on professional goals.

Do I need to sign up for an account? Are there any membership costs?

While there are no membership costs or subscription fees to browse or receive a quote for a team event, you will need to create a FREE account in order to book your experience. (It only takes 5 seconds, promise!)

For more information on the booking process, see our resources page.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of participants for each event?

Each experience has specific headcount requirements. While browsing, take a look at the purple headcount icon at the top of the page to determine if that event has minimum or maximum headcount specifications. These requirements are pre-determined and vetted to ensure the best possible engagement for all participants.

Do you have demos available for experiences?

We offer monthly demos through our hello&demo series, where customers can learn more about Confetti, try out snippets of our experiences, and meet other customers in the Confetti community. To sign up for a hello&demo event, please schedule a meeting.

Are taxes included?

Taxes are only applied for experiences that have a physical component. The price you see after inputting your details on the event page is the price you pay. 💪
If you have selected anything with shipped kits, the tax breakdown will be shown on the payment page:

Policy image

What payment methods are accepted?

There are three ways to pay:

1. Credit card - preferred for instant booking!

2. ACH/wire transfer - generate an invoice for yourself directly from the platform. (Please note: generating an invoice does not reserve your booking; payment in full must be received in order to confirm your event.)

3. Confetti Credits - shared credits that make booking even easier

For more information on the booking process, see our resources page.

What are the event cancellation terms? Is there a cancellation fee?

Each experience on our platform has its own Cancellation & Rescheduling policy listed at the bottom of its page.

For example:

Policy imageCancellation policy

What is the process if we need to change the event date?

Each experience on our platform has its own Cancellation & Rescheduling policy listed at the bottom of its page.  To reschedule your booking, simply open your event from the My Events page, and then navigate to the event menu via the three dots in the upper right corner. From there, you'll select Reschedule which will prompt you to input your desired new date(s) and/or time(s) and process any rescheduling fees, when applicable. Please note that some dates may require additional confirmation from your coordinator. Your event will remain on the calendar for your currently scheduled time until this step is complete.

Once you've done that, we'll update your event information and follow up with you! Let me know if you need any assistance with this.

Please note: If you are rescheduling an event with perishable items, kits may need to be reordered in full if your new event date is past the expiration date of your items. Confetti cannot accommodate deliveries of partial orders.

Do you offer a discount if I plan a bunch of events at once?

If you plan on booking multiple experiences, we recommend purchasing Confetti credits. In addition to streamlining the event planning process, you’ll receive a free Confetti credits top-up bonus for every purchase!

For additional discounts and enterprise packages, please schedule a meeting with our team.

Do I need a Zoom account?

Our experiences are optimized to run on Zoom (web or browser). Confetti provides the Zoom link — all you need to do is log on at the start of your event! You do not need an account or license to join a Zoom meeting.

Can I change my headcount?

As long as you are within the approved deadline, you can increase it yourself by going to the My Events page. You can find the deadline by opening the experience from your event, under the headcount input. From there, you’ll be able to increase the headcount field and be prompted to make any additional payment. Headcount decreases are not currently supported on our platform.

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