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What if I have special requests, how do I share those?
What if I have special requests, how do I share those?

Please indicate your requests in the Add Special Requests field when booking.

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We're always happy to accommodate Special Requests when and where possible! When booking your experience, please indicate your Special Requests in the designated “Add Special Requests” field. Our team will review what you’ve added and follow up to let you know if we’re able to make it happen!

Common Special requests we can often accommodate:

  • Giving time during the event for somebody to make an announcement.

  • Acknowledging special projects or members of the team.

  • Stopping a little early to fit a predefined schedule.

With this, sometimes Special Requests may not be the standard form of the experience and with that we cannot guarantee that troubleshooting from our support team will be accessible, accommodating this request won't affect the overall satisfaction of your event, and/or this will uphold our Happiness Commitment.

If you’ve already booked your event, you can still make a Special Request! To do so, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll help you with next steps!

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