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Virtual Escape Quest

Can you escape in time?

Welcome to Escape Quest, an exciting virtual experience that combines the best elements of an online escape room and a scavenger hunt. This unique fusion is specifically designed to enhance virtual team building and problem-solving skills, creating an immersive adventure for all participants.
Max 160 people
75-90 minutes
How It Works

In our virtual escape room game, your team will collaborate to solve intricate puzzles, uncover hidden clues, and ultimately complete the escape quest. With a thrilling blend of mystery and excitement, players will be fully engaged as they navigate through challenges and work together to unravel the secrets that lie within.

To begin, our game organizer will introduce participants to the game instructions and story. Teams will have one hour to complete their chosen escape quest. For each puzzle, submit the correct answer to proceed to the next clue, and solve the mystery.

The goal is to complete the escape game in the least amount of time possible. If there are multiple teams, stick around for a winner reveal at the end!

This game is for teams looking for a casual, puzzle-solving experience that is not knowledge based.

📋 Want a more detailed breakdown? See the run of show.

💻 Virtual Only: This experience is not suitable for a hybrid format.

⚙️ Tech Level: Some tech experience recommended.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Participants: Broken up into smaller groups of up to 5 people. Teams will play in separate rooms at the same time.

  • Designed Invitation for Participants
  • Confetti Game Organizer
  • Game Link(s)
  • Competition Mode
  • Zoom Link
Required From You
  • Computer (No Mobile or Tablet)
  • Supported Browser
  • Network Access to External Sites
  • Access to Google Drive
  • Ability to Use Zoom (Free)
  • Access to Zoom Chat
This was my first Escape Room of any kind virtual or otherwise and it was an absolute blast! It really got the brain juices flowing and drove full participation from the group. Everyone worked together to get to the end in time! 5 stars!
The Escape Room was a fun, reasonably priced, and relatively short way to gather the team virtually and have some fun. The connection and laughs that we shared were even better.
We had a load of smart engineers in a tough escape room and we were challenged and had a lot of fun! I would do this again!
Michael,GitHub, Inc.
The game was challenging but not impossible and we all finished within 45 minutes - I like that it wasn't so hard only an engineer could figure it out and yet it took some critical thinking and teamwork to finish the game.
(1) It was so easy for us to co-host - Our facilitator was talkative, welcoming and took a lot of the hosting pressure off (2) The game was challenging but fun and it was so great to solve it as a team.
Our host was awesome! Our team had a lot of fun working through this escape room and it was a perfect challenge for us all to laugh about together.
Great fun. Some folks said this was the best virtual escape room they've done. We hesitated to pick the beginner experience with a lot of escape room knowledge, but still found it challenging and satisfying. Thanks!
I had Confetti hosting two events for my team, and my manager heard how much fun we had and asked to do it with other managers. They had a blast! And our host was amazing and super helpful :)
The escape quest was just the event my team needed to unplug from our day-to-day and dive into something intriguing and fun.
We are a group of competitive engineers and software developers, so the Escape Quest was the perfect kind of challenge for our team. It was fun working in breakout rooms so that teams could really get to know one another.
Great experience, puzzles were challenging and fun, really got the team pumped. Love that the activity is just over an hour, makes it easier for more team members to join. We'll definitely book another event soon.
Lisa,Real Ventures
Awesome, interactive event for our remote team! It was a great way for us to bond and have some well deserved time off. The game was great and the host was even better! We've already scheduled another event!
Marissa,Socotra, Inc.
Our team's virtual escape room experience was so much fun! We got to work together to solve the puzzles and it was a great team-building activity to do when the team cannot all be together in person.
We really enjoyed our host's fun energy, the music, and the concept of the escape room. This was a fantastic event to do as a morale and collaboration booster. The challenges themselves were difficult and many of us were completely stumped.
Alizé,The HOTH
Well organized before, during and after the event. Super professional. The team loved it, and said it was more fun and more collaboration than during a live escape room game.
Such a fun event and easy to plan with my team that was located in USA and overseas! The host was wonderful and explained the rules well for those of us who have never done an escape room!
Maya,Zebra Technologies
The virtual Escape Room is personally one of my faves for our interns as it's a brain exercise and also a teamwork lesson. The Atlantis one was decently challenging and everyone who attended gave very positive reviews.
The host was engaging and enthusiastic. Loved having the hints available for when we got stuck! Those who attended are excited to do another of these virtual escape rooms!
The Escape Quest was challenging and fun. The planning process was really straightforward and Confetti was great to work with. We will definitely do another event in the future!
Gabriel,Goodyear Tire
We didn't know what to expect with a virtual escape room, but it was awesome! Our team had a great time!

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