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Workday Update
Make a company trip announcement or introduce a new employee hire in a fun way.
Guess Who...
Guess the photo and find out if you know your co-workers as well as you think you do!
Team Hunt
Share fun facts about yourself, guess outside-of-the-box trivia about your teammates, and see who knows each other the best.
Two Truths and a Lie
The classic icebreaker that we’ve all played — but virtual!
Drag Queen Bingo
Join us for a fun-filled game of virtual bingo, hosted by a fabulous drag queen who'll bring the thrills and laughs!
Museum Storytelling Tours
Have you ever wondered about the true stories behind the world’s most treasured artifacts and historical pieces of art? Spend an hour with our expert art & culture guides while they share mind-blowing and immersive stories about world famous exhibits!
A digital spin on the classic Jeopardy quiz show. Offering Black History, Women's History, and other inclusive options to celebrate diversity and learn more about your team!
Halloween Jeoparty
A spooky spin on the classic Jeopardy quiz show. Play if you dare!
Coworker Feud
Our virtual spin on the classic game show. Get your buzzer fingers ready!
Halloween Coworker Feud
A spooky spin on the classic game show. Survey says: ahhh!
Terrarium Workshop
Spruce up your living space with your very own plant terrarium!
Origami Class
This relaxing workshop will virtually guide your team on how to fold amazing origami designs from the comforts of their homes.
Chocolate Tasting
Virtual chocolate tasting is a fun and interactive experience that will change the way you taste and think about this delectable treat.
Meditation Class
Learn about the benefits of meditation and how to integrate these practices into everyday life for better health and well-being.
Tour: Plague Doctor of Prague
Go back to the time of the Black Death and the 18th Century Plague in Prague with this virtual tour!
Deeply Rooted in Hospitality
Our dedicated coordinators will help plan your experiences free of charge, allowing you to focus on your to-do list, while we handle the heavy lifting.
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Confetti 2021. All rights reserved.
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