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About This Experience

Guess the photo and find out if you know your co-workers as well as you think you do!

How it works

Before the Event: The Confetti team will provide you with a submission form to collect photos from participants (for example, baby photos, photos of pets, hobbies, ideal morning, etc.). Your team will have up to a week before your event to complete the form. Then, we'll compile everyone's submissions and turn them into an interactive presentation about your team!

During the Event: Your game will be led by a funny and engaging Confetti host, who will guide your team through the photos of Guess Who. Each participant will be highlighted with up to six personal photos in a presentation. The photos will be revealed one at a time, while everyone tries to Guess Who! After showing all pictures for each participant, the host will reveal the face to match the photo, and ask the participant to share more backstory about their featured photos.

Also Includes

Engaging Host
Customized Game
Submission Forms
Designed Invitation for Participants

Customizations Available

60 Minutes
90 Minutes

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