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Identify goals and learn soft skills that will empower your team to grow and succeed.

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Man sitting a chair working on his laptop for Professional Development
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A notebook that says "goals" next to a cup of coffee, thumbtacks, a pen, and a pair of glasses for Confetti's Virtual Goal Setting Activities
From $450 USD
Vision Board Workshop
Vision boards are powerful tools for visualizing and manifesting goals. Help your team gain insight into their personal, professional, and company goals in an interactive, reflective vision board workshop.
Max 495 people
Typically 90 minutes
A pink water cooler in front of speech bubbles with a heart and a brain inside for Confetti's Virtual Empathy Team Building Activities
From $295 USD
Empathy Water Cooler
Get to know and understand your team better with an empathy team building activity. Deep and thoughtful questions designed to get everyone talking, sharing, and practicing empathy.
4-75 people
45-60 minutes
Man with speech bubbles showing low energy, confusion, and sadness for Confetti's Stress Management Workshop for Employees
From $480 USD
Stress Management Workshop
This stress management workshop aims to help your team pinpoint specific workplace and personal stressors, and create a toolbox for handling stress levels in their daily lives.
Max 495 people
60-75 minutes
A person holding a big heart on their shoulders in front of a rainbow and a smiling sun for Confetti's Virtual Mental Health Workshop for Employees
From $550 USD
Workplace Mental Health Workshop
An interactive lecture-based workshop to help your team get started on the conversation about mental health in the workplace.
Max 100 people
Typically 60 minutes
A giant alarm clock behind an employee holding up a big lightbulb for Confetti's Virtual Corporate Team Building Exercises
From $600 USD
Think Faster
Empower your team to become better listeners, collaborators, and colleagues with quick-thinking exercises to get your team working together and building off of each other's ideas.
Max 24 people
Typically 60 minutes
Three 3D cartoon employees sitting around and talking for Confetti's Virtual Culture Workshop
From $425 USD
Culture Club: Work Community
Join us in the Culture Clubhouse for a series of mini exercises to get your team talking about workplace culture and community.
4-20 people
Typically 60 minutes
Three 3D cartoon employees sitting around and talking for Confetti's Virtual Imposter Syndrome Class
From $425 USD
Culture Club: Self-Doubt to Confidence
Join us in the Culture Clubhouse for a series of mini exercises to get your team talking about ways to boost your confidence when that feeling of self-doubt creeps up.
4-20 people
Typically 60 minutes
Three various shaped speech bubbles with dots and lines, held up by a hand in a suit for Confetti's Virtual DEI Workshops
$44 USD
 / person
DEI Conversations at Work
In this interactive DE&I training workshop, explore how you can better connect to other human beings despite conflicts and differences in mindsets. Using realistic scenarios and activities, we help your team reflect on implicit biases and solutions to misunderstandings in the workplace.
3-100 people
Typically 90 minutes
An outstretched hand holding hearts themed in various colors and one like a Pride flag for Confetti's Virtual Diversity Equity and Inclusion Training
$40 USD
 / person
Diversity & Inclusion Workshop
Explore the basics of diversity, equity and inclusion! In this workshop, a DE&I expert will guide your team through the essentials of building a supportive and inclusive workplace.
Max 100 people
Typically 60 minutes
Two big speech bubbles with question marks for Confetti's Virtual Communication Workshop
From $850 USD
Communication Skills Workshop
How do you spark an interesting conversation? And what makes for a "good" question? Build communication skills focused on effective questioning techniques while connecting with your team in this interactive workshop.
3-300 people
60-90 minutes
A raised fist in front of a big rainbow for Confetti's Virtual Allyship Workplace
$50 USD
 / person
LGBTQIA+ Allyship in the Workplace
Let's create a more inclusive workplace! Our trained host will create a safe space for you to explore your own views and implicit biases while learning more about your team, the LGBTQIA+ community, and how to promote allyship in the workplace.
3-149 people
Typically 90 minutes
A business man sitting cross-legged with a tree sprouting out of his head, wearing a cape and floating in the clouds for Confetti's Virtual Leadership Workshop
From $480 USD
Mindful Leadership Workshop
Develop mindful leadership skills that will help you become a more present, attentive, and focused leader.
Max 495 people
Typically 90 minutes
An anonymous silhouette surrounded by hearts, gifts, speech bubbles, and thumbs up for Confetti's Virtual Team Recognition
From $350 USD
Workplace Gratitude
What happens when we share, experience, and accept gratitude? Anonymously let your coworkers know how much they mean to you and what you admire most about them in an interactive presentation!
6-15 people
Typically 60 minutes
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