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11 Fun Online Games for Remote Team Meetings

Improve your remote team’s engagement with these easy-to-implement and super fun games that are perfect for your next remote team meeting!

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As companies continue to grow and move more of their workforce into remote positions, the need for engaging remote team meetings, fun virtual happy hours and online team building games becomes increasingly important. 

When team members are working from home all over the globe, it can be difficult to build camaraderie and trust. A simple video call or Slack channel ping isn’t super engaging, nor is it fun. That's where these virtual games come in! 

How do you host virtual team building games for remote employees?

First off, here are some tips for you to get started. 

Choose the right platform for your team 💻

Do you need functionalities like a whiteboard, screen sharing, or networking capabilities? Then a virtual networking tool like Remo might be best. If all you need is to present a slide deck or discuss, then a Zoom or Teams meetings might work out great as well.

Using different tools from the regular Zoom can also visually bring a lot more excitement to your remote work meeting and motivate everyone. Having a floor plan where people can actually walk around and talk with each other naturally is something different and unique compared to the standard "windows with faces" your team is used to in their video conference calls. 

Networking capabilities can really upgrade your meetings tremendously. 

The important thing is to make sure the tool you choose offers all the capabilities you need for your meetings, including feature like online screen sharing.

Plan your virtual games in advance ✍

Some of the activities require very little preparation, while others may take a bit more time and effort, so make sure you prepare these meetings ahead of time. (Or use Confetti, so we can plan the event for you. 🤷) Also, make sure you think about themed meetings for the holidays, Halloween, summer vacations, and more.

So, without further ado, here are some virtual games and activities for your remote team!

Choose the right games for remote team meetings

1. Scavenger hunt 🔎 

This is a fun activity that can be done virtually or in person. Split your team into groups and give them a list of items to find or tasks to complete. For example, you can put a timer for 2 minutes, and ask everyone to go find something blue, then eliminate anyone who didn’t complete the hunt until there’s only one person left. Discovering stuff around your coworker's house is way more interesting than your standard icebreaker questions.

2. Pop quiz ❓

Create a quiz about the company, products, or services. Teams can compete against each other to see who can get the most correct answers. Consider offering rewards to winning teams, like paying for their lunch. 

If you’d rather have gaming professionals set up a “quiz” about your company, consider Custom Trivia.

3. Charades 💁

This classic game is perfect for remote workers. One person acts out a word or phrase and the rest of the team has to guess what it is. And don’t worry about setting themes up yourself, we have a rousing game of Charades ready to book. 

Virtual Charades

4. Hangman 💀

Similar to charades, this game involves one player guessing a word letter by letter while everyone else tries to prevent the hangman from being drawn. Make sure you pick a virtual event platform with an interactive whiteboard, like Remo, to make it a lot more fun.

5. Word ladder 🪜

A game where players take turns making a new word using the last letter of the previous word. If your group is feeling extra creative, you could even do a story ladder, where players each say one word and try to build a story with one another. 

6. Spot the difference 👀

Find differences between two pictures. Why not take a funny picture related to work and change a couple of things?

7. Virtual escape room 🗝

Have a team of expert problem solvers wanting to test their skills? Or maybe your crew loves a bit of friendly competition? Then take your team on a riddling adventure with a Virtual Escape Quest.

Virtual Escape Quest

8. Virtual Bingo 👵

You can easily find virtual bingo cards generators online and have a fun bingo game remotely with your team. Or you can treat your team to something a little more glamorous, like Drag Queen Bingo. 👯

9. Virtual superlatives🏆

Who always dresses the best? Who’s the all-around MVP, the most helpful, most funny, or most organized of the group? Who’s most likely to start a random dance party or host a book club? Let everyone vote and give little prizes to winners of each category. 

10. Online Freecell 🃏

In Freecell, the objective is to move all 52 cards to the foundation piles, arranging them by suit from Ace to King. In Freecell, having partners can be beneficial as they can provide a fresh perspective, offer alternative solutions, and collaborate in strategizing moves. Discussing different approaches and working together to solve the challenging layouts can lead to a fun and team building experience, making it an excellent game to share with in remote meetings and physical meetings alike.

11. Hearts card game ♥️

Hearts is an excellent team game because players form partnerships and work together towards a common goal. The objective of Hearts is to avoid taking any cards with hearts or the Queen of Spades, as they carry penalty points, while trying to force opponents to accumulate those cards. In this way, players must communicate and strategize with their partners to succeed as a team and achieve a low collective score.

Get started!

Virtual team building activities are important for remote teams, as they help build trust and rapport among team members who may not otherwise be able to meet in person very often. 

By using some fun games during your virtual meetings, you can help improve your remote team engagement and work more effectively together, regardless of where everyone is located.

So don’t waste any more time in boring meetings, choose your favorite team building activities on the list, and get started! 

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