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The Best 15 Minute Team Building Activities

Halt the hustle-bustle. Rein in the rat race. Temper the tedium. All it takes is 15 minutes to reframe your team’s mind, focus and have a good time! Discover the best rapid-fire games now!

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Why make time for quick team building activities?

Spare 15 minutes to sprinkle in a little joy to start off your work day. Increase focus, get a couple of chuckles in, and share some positive affirmation faster than it takes to bake a cake in an Easy Bake oven! 

Team building is a key way to oil up your team before the gears of work start grinding away!

  • Starting with positivity extends good feelings through the whole day 🤩
  • A connected team is an organized and purposeful team 🤝
  • Team building activities are key to constructing a house of trust 🔑

15 Minute Team Building Activity Ideas 💡

1. A quick icebreaker quiz 🧊

Break the ice and get those brain muscles moving with a small quiz to start your day. You can cover trivia, short riddles, or brain teasers. Tailor your quiz to the passions of your team!

Why is this great for team building? 

A quiz is a fun way to learn each team member’s area of expertise. Get to know each other and pick up a few fun facts on the way!

How to get started 👉 Brainiacs unite! Take a sip from the Water Cooler and start quizzing!

2. Two truths and a lie 🫢

This simple game is a fun way to learn more about your teammates through the subtle art of trickey. Each person goes around and says three facts about themself — but here’s the catch — one of the facts is a lie! Everyone else has to guess the truth from fiction!

Why is this great for team building? 

Bond greenhorns and veterans by diving a little deeper. This low-stakes game is a great way to spark conversation between your colleagues!

Looking for a longer version? 👉 Confetti is the place for a good time. Your team will yawn at this game. Games are a workout for the brain.  Can you figure out these Two Truths and a Lie?

3. Word association 💬

You can play this game either just for fun, or as a way to solve a tricky problem at the office. Give a prompt, whether “Jumbo Shrimp” or “Fiscal Year Deadlines” and have each team member say the first word that comes to their mind. Then you can all mull over the responses and get a discussion going.

Why is this great for team building? 

It can be difficult to spark a conversation out of thin air, using prompts and structure will actually loosen up your team and make working through a problem easier!

4. Group counting 💯

This mind-melding game is perfect for starting your day with focus and teamwork. Everyone closes their eyes and a random person says “one” and then another person says “two” and so on up to twenty. If two people speak at once, you start over — are you up for the challenge?

Why is this great for team building? 

This game only succeeds with patience, a quality any team can benefit from.

5. Three-headed expert 🙂🙂🙂 

Four players. One is asking deep questions to a master in their field, the only thing is — that expert has three heads! Three players can only speak one word at a time, but still have to make sense and speak in complete sentences. 

Why is this great for team building? 

Are three heads really better than one? You be the judge! See how your team works together to overcome an obstacle!

6. Timed scavenger hunt ⏰

Ready. Set. Hunt! Send your team around the office looking for items and completing tasks as fast as possible. Whoever brings back a photocopy of Laura’s Garfield coffee mug or three staplers of different colors — wins!

Why is this great for team building? 

The best part of this game is that it gets your team up and moving. Pumping the blood stimulates the brain — this is a great fix for that 3:00 slump!

7. Group meditation 🧘

Deep breath in, deep breath out. You’d be surprised how much that fresh oxygen brings peace to the mind and calm to the body. 

Why is this great for team building? 

Taking a moment to check in on ourselves is crucial to self aware thinking. The more you can be in tune with yourself, the more you can relate with the emotions of your team.

Looking for a longer version? 👉 If your team loves meditating, sign up for our hour long Meditation Class and experience a zen experience. Namaste!

Find more quick team building ideas with Confetti!

There might not be enough minutes in the day for a team round of Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, or Stratego. But there is always time for a 15 minute bonding session! 

Do you care about strengthening your team’s connection? Need to do it fast?? Want even more options?

Confetti has you covered! Book from our collection of quick team building activities!
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