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10 Awesome Hybrid Team Building Activities

At Confetti, we understand how team bonding (or building) activities can benefit your business. In this article, we're bringing you the most engaging hybrid team building activities for your distributed workforce.

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Here's one thing you must know: team building activities contribute to your company's success.  They keep your team members connected and engaged, help with productivity, and boost their overall happiness. So, if you want to bring out the best in your work squad, you already know what to invest in.

But can you do that with a distributed team? We won't leave you hanging: yes, you can!

In this article, we've focused on sharing exciting hybrid team building activities that your distributed workforce is sure to love. 

Let's cut to the chase, shall we? 😌

Top 5 hybrid team building events 🏆

We've got numerous hybrid team building activities you can explore with your colleagues. But these five ideas are the best of the best:

1. Coworker Feud 💪

Coworker Feud

A virtual spin on the classic Family Feud game — only more exciting. A hybrid team building game your whole team can look forward to.

In Coworker Feud, participants must come up with the most popular answers to random questions. The team that guesses the five most popular answers wins points for the whole round. Any group that gets three strikes gives way for the opposing team to answer.

How to get started 👉 Our survey says your hybrid team will have a blast when you book  Coworker Feud with Confetti.

2. Museum Storytelling Tours 🏛

Museum Storytelling Tours

Museum highlights mixed with impactful storytelling? Yeah, this event goes together like bread and butter for your distributed workforce!

Hybrid museum storytelling tours are a fun way to learn more about art, culture, and history with your team. Receptive art and culture guides will share mind-blowing stories with the team during the tour. Your office squad gets to learn about famous world exhibits as they bond.

How to get started 👉 You wouldn't believe how exciting art and culture storytelling can be until you plan Museum Storytelling Tours for your hybrid team!

3. Magic & Mentalism Show 🪄

Magic & Mentalism Show

Are you ready for a moment of awe and amazement from a live magician? We are! 

This Magic & Mentalism Show will surely blow your mind. Our magician or illusionist has an arsenal of engaging magic tricks up their sleeve and will surely give your team a show to remember! It's magic like you've never seen before.

How to get started 👉 Find out what we've got in our bag of tricks with the Magic & Mentalism Show at Confetti.

4. Wine Tasting 🍷

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting happy hours just went hybrid, so here’s a toast to delicious quality time!

Our wine educators will show your group how to taste wine effectively with three delicious wines from your kit. Kits can easily be delivered to the base office or your employee’s front door. 

How to get started 👉 Enjoy the wine tasting experience of your life from the comfort of your home or office. Book our Wine Tasting ASAP! 

5. Classic Trivia

Virtual Classic Trivia

With Confetti Trivia, there's a theme for everyone — from pop culture, to history, to sports, and more!

Your group will be split into teams to spark some friendly competition and lively debates. A lively quiz host will walk you through 3-4 rounds of questions with a final round determining the winning team. But don't worry, if you don't know the answer, you can still gain some ✨ sparkle ✨ points for creative and funny answers!

How to get started 👉 Get the party started for your hybrid workforce and book a game of Trivia today!

5 more ideas to connect your remote & in-person team members 💡

If you love our top five team-building events, there's more where that came from.  For example, a murder mystery event, Water Cooler, and even virtual escape room games are other great ideas for hybrid team building activities!

You can also try these activities to connect your in-person teammates with those working from home:

1. Office awards night 🥇

There are so many benefits to recognizing employees for their fantastic work. And hosting an Office Awards Night is a fun, engaging way to do it! 

An awards night help to build team members' morale and the overall positivity in your workplace. You may even find it can enhance teamwork, productivity, and brand loyalty. Again, office awards night are always fun, and it doesn't have to be expensive.

If you're confused about organizing a hybrid office awards night, the creative team at Confetti can help. Generally, you can start by creating categories that employees can nominate and vote for their choice awardees. Here are a few superlative ideas:

  • 🎙Best Customer Service Voice — this person always sounds pleasant 
  •  💅 Office Fashion Icon — Rihanna and David Beckham have nothing on this team member 
  • 🍜 Office Foodie — knows the best cuisines and is always ready for a happy hour 
  • 🧠 Office Virtuoso — always has the most creative ideas 
  • 🕒 The Early Bird — rumor has it they’re catching the worm. Or, at least showing up first! 
  • 📱 The Influencer—lives for the ‘gram (or perhaps LinkedIn thought leadership?)
  • 👀 Slack Master — always the first one to respond on Slack (and probably drops some pretty great memes)
  • ⌛ Busybee — all work and no play  keeps this person going
  • 🤡 The Comedian — most likely to crack everyone up at the awards night. Perhaps they’re even the office party MC by default.
  • 👫 Office Besties — always giggling together.

You can work with your team to come up with fun reward ideas, like gift cards or other Goodies!

2. Company talent show 🤩

A talent show is one of the best ways to connect your distributed workforce! 

Hosting a talent show helps everyone see different sides of their team members that they may not know! The CS superstar? Maybe she’s an undercover pop diva. The marketing wizard? Maybe they’re secretly Picasso. You’ll never know unless you give them a chance to show off those hidden skills! 

If you've decided to organize a hybrid talent show for your office buddies, this is a comprehensive checklist to tick:

  • A video conference software (we prefer Zoom) and a convenient location for on-site employees (preferably the conference room)
  • Date and time to be communicated to all participants
  • The Host. Ensure that your talent show host is fun and engaging!
  • Find the team members that are ready to showcase their talents and draw up a program of events. Let them know the lineup before the event starts.

3. Movie night 🎬

Movie nights are a fun, low stakes way for your hybrid team to connect! Your team can put their heads together to come up with a film on everyone’s “To Watch” list. Although this event doesn’t focus on boosting soft skills, it’ll still give the team a shared experience, which is just as important for your company culture! 

You can make it a complete movie theater experience by providing snacks for remote and in-person employees!

4. Start a book club 📚

Did you know a book club could be key to driving employee engagement? 

Book clubs offer team members and executives the opportunity to come together to discuss literature that interest them. This could be a curated, work-related nonfiction list to focus on skills and topics important to your team. OR it could simply be for fun fiction! 

When you discuss your readings together, it helps build listening/communication skills in members. And when it comes to enhancing creativity and innovation, few activities stimulate the mind like book clubs!

To ensure that your book club is interesting, select books around participants' interests!

5. Scavenger hunts 🔎

Scavenger hunts are a tried & true classic — and you can easily turn your scavenger hunts into hybrid events!

We recommend turning this into a long-term hunt. Each quarter, start out with a list of things your team should try to find. For example, a funny e-mail typo or a meme from your fun Slack channels. The teams that complete their list by the end of the quarter receive a prize! 

You can also incorporate scavenger hunts into other team building activities. For example, you can have a scavenger hunt list for your book club and have colleagues find words or quotes they find inspirational.

Get your whole team together with Confetti's hybrid experiences 🥳

Have you got some members of your team working remotely while others work in the home office? Then, hybrid team-building activities should be a crucial part of your employee engagement strategy. 

If you're confused about how to go about it, our creative team at Confetti will leave you in awe. We've got the best ideas for fun and productive team-building activities. Book directly on our website or send us an e-mail at [email protected]


What is a hybrid work model? ⚖️

Different companies may adopt different definitions, but generally, a hybrid work model is a flexible working environment that accommodates remote employees, in-office workers, and even folks who prefer to split their time! 

What is a hybrid team building event? 🤔

They combine elements of physical and virtual team building to create an event that everyone will love. In a hybrid team building event, some participants gather in a room while others join them via video conference. 

They’re the perfect way to connect your distributed workforce! Trust us when we say hybrid team bonding activities are just as exciting as virtual or physical team meetings; no one will miss out on any part of the fun. 💯

How do you run a successful hybrid event? ⭐️

Running a hybrid event seems complicated when some members of the squad work from home and others from the office. Fortunately, with Confetti, running a hybrid event has never been easier. See how Confetti helped Goodway Group plan a successful hybrid event for their all-company summit.

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