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8 Virtual Game Show Team Building Ideas for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Zoom! Camera! Action! Bring the thrill of a game show to your remote team. Host a fun and engaging team building party that will get your squad cheering in their seats!

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What is a virtual game show? 👀

A virtual game show is a twist on your favorite games from TV and beyond. With the help of our pumped-up host on Zoom your team will participate in trivia, bingo, Coworker feud, or any of our super fun game nights. 

These team building activities are perfect for both remote teams and hybrid teams coming back to the office!

How do you host a virtual game show for team building? 🤔

All you need to do is reach out to Confetti and let us know you're down to clown! We’ll arrange the rest and tailor an unforgettable event that’ll leave your colleagues in stitches!

Our only request is for each player to come equipped with a few tools:

  • A computer with high-speed internet
  • A Zoom account (or other video conferencing app)
  • An eager and excited attitude!
Want to take on some more responsibility and host on your own? Learn how to host a virtual trivia night on Zoom!

Top 8 virtual game shows for team building 📺

1. Coworker Feud 🤼

We surveyed 100 people and asked them what their favorite team building event is. Let’s check the board for the most popular answers! Coming in at No.1… survey says: Coworker Feud! 

Why is this a great virtual game show? 

Separate into teams and experience the glory that is our Family Feud-inspired game. You’ll be chortling and chuckling when you hear the guesses from the other players! We’ve got everything save for a very long thin microphone!

How to get started 👉 Let Coworker Feud begin! Sign up today!
Coworker Feud

2. Classic Trivia 🤓

All hail the mighty Quiz Master! Hail! In this lively pub trivia-inspired game, teams will compete against each other on any topic our Quiz Master so desires — expect pop culture, history, sports, science, video games, and of course, the unexpected!

Why is this a great virtual game show? 

Everyone on your team will have a chance to shine when their fave topic comes up! Plus we’ll even toss ya a couple of sparkle points if you can make the Quiz Master giggle.

How to get started 👉 Play Classic Trivia, find out how much you really know!
Classic Trivia

3. Jeoparty 🎉

We did it. They said we couldn’t but we finally did it. We put the “party” in Jeoparty! 

In this game the answers come first, and you provide the questions! Here’s an example… A: This R&B singer songwriter is the younger sister of Beyonce. Q: Who is Solange?

Why is this a great virtual game show? 

Jeoparty comes equipped with a digital buzzer, so the fastest click gets the first shot at each question (just like a similarity titled show on NBC). Our game is specialized for remote play, but after a few rounds you’ll feel like you're live in the studio!

How to get started 👉 This popular virtual team building activity brings the whole crew together. What is Jeoparty? Find out!

4. Boombox 📻

Crank the bass! Maybe raise the treble a bit. Why not adjust those mids while you’re at it… Audiophiles unite in this music-themed trivia game! Your team will play ‘name that tune’, identity album artwork, and unscramble famous songs.

Why is this a great virtual game show? 

Music knows no bounds. Including Zoom! This online game is perfect for teams scattered around the country. 

How to get started 👉 Turn it up to 11. Enter the boom boom room. Play Boombox now.

5. Traitorous Trivia 😏

Even your most trusted colleague could have a trick up their sleeve… This twist on classic trivia inserts spies into each team, spies with the answers who can only win if their team loses! Deliberate, delay, decide, and hope for the best!

Why is this a great virtual game show? 

The game show has an extra layer of sly fun to it. Perfect for teams who don’t mind a little spice in their salad!

How to get started 👉 No one can be trusted. The time for the Traitorous Trivia trial starts now!

6. Codeword 🤐

Hairy… Baby… Whiskers… Kitten!!! Congratulations, you deduced the Code Word! Each team will guess a secret code word based on single-word clues, it’s a battle of wits and the clock is ticking!

Why is this a great virtual game show? 

This party game gets loud, and fast! Everyone is eager to give a clue, and the hints will get crazier and crazier as the code words get harder. Let loose and play Codeword on Zoom!

How to get started 👉 Only those with the password can play Codeword — start guessing!

7. Office Olympics🕹

Confetti’s Office Olympics is the ultimate company kickback. Play games, have a drink, chill with different departments, whatever your team feels like. We set up a number of virtual rooms that everyone can wander in and out of, having a good time at each stop!

Why is this a great virtual game show?

We always recommend this game to big remote groups. It takes all the pressure off you to host a single big event. Just picture it like a virtual game night, full of tangents, diversions, drinks, and trivia!

How to get started 👉  Office Olympics is everything you want, wrapped up in a single package. Give it a shot!

8. Drag Queen Bingo 💃

Bingo. That’s the game they play at retirement homes right? Not ours!!! Drag Queen bingo inserts a dynamic Queen with that plus ultra attitude at the helm. Pay attention — make a bad call and she will drag you, honey. 

Why is this a great virtual game show? 

If you’re serious about comedy, drag, and number/letter combinations, this game is a match made in heaven. Plus, it’s all on Zoom so everyone on your remote team can participate!

How to get started 👉 Pay respects to the Queen and play Drag Queen Bingo today!
Drag Queen Bingo

Play the best virtual team building game shows with Confetti! 🥳

A game show is about more than points, it's a time to celebrate camaraderie and bring us all closer together. 

Have an event coming up at work? Try one of our fun game shows and make it a night to remember!

Here at Confetti, we’re ready! Reach out today and let’s start planning!
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