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How to Host a Trivia Night on Zoom

Host a Zoom trivia night and bring some HEAT to your team building! 🔥🔥🔥 Keep reading, and, by the end of this article, we promise you’ll be ready to lead engaging, fun, and thrilling online trivia game.

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Here's what you'll need...

Before you get started, don’t forget the essential requirements! Review our list now to avoid last minute delays to your office’s trivia night.

  • A laptop, PC, or Mac with connection to fast internet 💻
  • A Zoom account or another video conferencing software 🎥
  • Answer sheets (either printed out or online) ✍️
  • Plenty of fascinating, weird, interesting, or silly trivia questions (both difficult and softball) 🤓
  • Eager participants 👯
  • An engaging and bubbly host with a polished presentation 🕺

10 steps for hosting a Zoom trivia night your coworkers will love 🙌

1. Downloading and setting up Zoom 🖥

First things first, you need to get Zoom up and running. Chances are, you already have this done. 💪

Here's a quick refresher on how to set up zoom. 👈

2. Ensure the trivia is creative... 🎨

The last thing you want is boring trivia questions. Shoot for the zany and unexpected! If everyone already knows the answers, the fire will fizzle. Be sure to include a variety of topics, like:

  • History 🌎
  • Pop culture 🧑🎤
  • Sports 🏀
  • Movies 🎬

...and more!

3. ...but also work to make the trivia themes coherent 🧐

Not all trivia questions were created equal. Your marketing team will probably have a different set of interests from your accountants. So you’ve got to tailor your questions and answers so everyone can have a good time! 

For example, designers might have more fun with art questions, and the engineers could be after math puzzles! 🤓

4. Get a great host to lead the games and keep score 🎙

The glue that holds a virtual trivia night together is the host! 🕺

A host is more than someone who asks questions and tallies up the score. Think of your host like the emcee for the evening — fast paced, funny, and interactive.  The host also has to balance keeping score and sticking to the time limit, so recruit someone good at multitasking! 

5. Create invites & other game materials 🖼

You want as many people as possible to join your virtual game night, so be sure to send out an invitation more enticing than a calendar request! Write up a description of the fun night ahead to reel more people in. 🙌

Polish up a slideshow of easy to read questions and finalize your virtual answer sheets before you get started. 

6. Have your host ready in the Zoom meeting before the game begins 🧍

Request your host to arrive at least 15 - 30 minutes before the scheduled start time to set up and prepare for trivia. It’s a smart idea to practice an introduction and quickly run through all the slides to confirm everything is running smoothly. 👌

7. Break the group into teams to maximize fun 💪

Separate your group into teams to add a competitive edge! 🤼

If you’re playing with colleagues from across departments, mix it up and make sure everyone is evenly distributed. Let each team come up with a unique nickname to add even more engagement and collaboration!

8. Introduce the game and explain any rules 🤓

Once all players arrive, let the host take over and begin breaking down the rules and expectations for the evening. Explain your scoring system and how to submit your answers. 💬

If you plan on using breakout rooms for each team to collaborate, make sure everyone is comfortable navigating Zoom meetings. There’s nothing wrong with a little Zoom use recap before you dive in!

9. Play your heart out! 🎉

Once you’ve settled the rules, it’s time to play trivia! Before you know it, you’ll have the buoyant energy of a pub quiz right on your screen! 

Like all trivia events, the most important thing is that everyone is having fun. Keep the event lighthearted and casual, and there'll be more conversation than you’ve ever seen on a work call!

10. Give the group time to catch up in meaningful ways 🫂

Don’t end the Zoom call as soon as the winners are declared! Leave some time at the end for chatting and catching up. Who knows, there might even be a new friendship or two after making it through all those rounds together! And workplace connections are KEY to everyone's success and happiness. 👯

If everyone’s on board — you might even say, “same time, same place, next week!”

Confetti will plan your best Zoom trivia night! 🥳

Playing games on Zoom is always fun, but having to host a trivia night can be a lot of extra work on top of all your other responsibilities! 

Looking for a way to have all the fun without any of the stress? Confetti’s got you covered: we’ll host a virtual game night, provide a confident and experienced host, send out invites, and organize the whole shebang! All you need to do is download Zoom and show up — it’s really that easy! 🙌

You work hard to take care of your team, let Confetti take care of you. Click here to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

Can you throw a Zoom trivia event at work? 🤨

If you can share your screen, you can throw a Zoom trivia event! How creative you want to be is up to you. Take an informal poll and see how many colleagues would be interested, and then just follow the steps above to get the party started!

How do you play trivia on Zoom with a large group? 🧐

The best way to handle a large group on Zoom is by embracing breakout rooms! After each question is asked, give a time limit for teams to discuss questions. Keep them in one room and have them chat over Slack or another group chat, OR let teams brainstorm in breakout rooms before submitting their answer. 

What's the best Zoom trivia game? 🤔

The best Zoom trivia game is one that gets your team talking and collaborating!

One of our faves is Traitorous Trivia, where a few spies are sprinkled among the teams, making deduction & deception just as important as knowledge…

If your team has a specific passion, check out our Custom Trivia — choose from over 30 themes and we’ll present a personalized night just for you! Whether you have gamers who want to test their Elden Ring knowledge (“that’s Morgott, not Margit!”) or members of the Beyhive competing to see who knows her full discography — it’ll be a night to remember!

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