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Team Building Trivia Games

Let's get quizzical! Experience the fun of playing trivia while learning something new.

7 Unique Ideas
3 people sitting on top of a pile of books for Team Building Trivia Games
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An employee in front of his computer holding his hand up to answer a question for Confetti's Virtual Team Trivia for Remote Teams
From $500 USD
Classic Trivia
In our online trivia game for Zoom, your team will have the opportunity to put their brains together and tackle a wide range of captivating questions. From pop culture to history, sports to science, our classic version of virtual team trivia covers an assortment of fun and random topics for everyone.
2-500 people
Typically 60 minutes
A Black Drag Queen in an aqua sequined dress striking a pose for Confetti's Virtual Drag Trivia
From $1,500 USD
Drag Queen Trivia
Flaunt your brains in our classic version of Drag Queen Trivia, featuring an assortment of fun & random questions from history to pop culture. Hosted by a fabulous drag queen who'll slay the house with laughter. It's like watching Drag Race, except you're the one competing!
2-300 people
Typically 60 minutes
A dog wearing a sweater and a crown at a desk sitting in an office chair at a desk with a trophy for Confetti's Virtual Work Trivia Games
From $525 USD
Topdog Trivia
Players choose the category for each question in this knowledge-based game. Each game of Topdog Trivia is unique as teams try to stump one another and pick categories that they're most familiar with.
5-295 people
Typically 60 minutes
A scheming employee sitting at their desk next to a spooky skull, wearing a deceiving mask of another employee's face for Confetti's Virtual Fibbage Online
From $175 USD
Traitorous Trivia
Prepare for a hilarious and mind-bending trivia experience with Traitorous Trivia! Gather your teammates for an unforgettable game where your team must work together to answer questions while deciphering the truth from the traitors' lies.
4-50 people
30-45 minutes
A man posing with his foot on a stack of books while a blue furry monster runs the diamonds on a kickball field in the background for Confetti's Virtual Online Team Trivia
From $495 USD
Trivia Kickball
Step up to the plate and answer correctly in order to advance your runners to the base in a rousing game of Trivia Kickball.
4-20 people
Typically 60 minutes
Lime green retro boom box (preview)
From $495 USD
Boom Box
Attention all audiophiles, band geeks, and diehard music fans! Get ready to amplify your team building experience with interactive music games that will test your team's knowledge on their favorite songs, albums, and bands.
2-295 people
Typically 60 minutes
Movie film clapboard, 3d glasses, popcorn, and admission ticket for Seen It? (preview)
From $495 USD
Seen It?
Bring the magic of the movies to your team with our spin on the classic game "Scene It?" In this movie trivia game, participants will put their film knowledge to the test, competing for points on questions featuring movie favorites, actors, and soundtracks.
4-295 people
Typically 60 minutes
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