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10 Office Virtual Happy Hour Ideas Your Team Will Love

Would it surprise you to learn that happy hours can be an excellent way to connect? Probably not. But what will surprise you is how many cool virtual happy hour events we have! Read about the top Zoom happy hour experiences below!

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6 virtual happy hour activities you need to try

Virtual happy hour, Zoom happy hour, online happy hour — whatever you want to call it — can be the perfect social event. Its aim is to help team members unwind and build strong interpersonal relationships even when they're physically apart.

1. Wine Tasting 🍾

Wine Tasting

Who doesn't love the taste of sweet, refreshing wine? Nobody!

Our wine educators start the wine tasting class by giving the team a rundown of effective wine tasting. Next, they'll lead your team to taste three wines from their kit and teach about grape type and region. 

Confetti's wine tasting class will teach your group to differentiate wines' tastes, smells, and looks while drawing lasting flavor profile conclusions. But, of course, there will be plenty of room to chat & relax, too! 

How to get started 👉  Come along with your empty glasses and tantalize your taste buds in Confetti's Wine Tasting class.

2. Mixology Class 🍹 

Mixology Class

Sip on this, my friend. 

This virtual cocktail-making class teaches participants the basics of mixology to help them make custom cocktails. It starts with lessons on bartending skills and mixologist techniques. Then, it concludes with a Q/A session after teaching them to pair ingredients and flavors.

How to get started 👉 Be the champion of delectable experiences as you hit the road to our Mixology Class now 

3. Beer Tasting 🍺

Beer Tasting

Now beer with us…

In this class, our expert beer taster will instruct your team on the characteristics of 4 unique beers. Team members will learn techniques for examining beer's look, smell, and taste while evaluating each flavor profile. There's also a non-alcoholic beer option for teammates that don't drink alcohol!

How to get started 👉 Don't worry, beer happy in your virtual Beer Tasting happy hour!

4. Tequila Tasting

Tequila Tasting

Here's your free forecast for today: 100% chance of tequila!

Here, teammates will have a detailed tasting of three tequilas (blanco, añejo, and reposado). Our tequila pro will guide them in experiencing each sample's look, smell, and taste. The session ends with a tequila question-and-answer session. 

How to get started 👉 It's raining tequila in Confetti's Tequila Tasting; see you there!

5. Whiskey and Bourbon Tasting 🌼

A fun adventure powered by Whiskey and Bourbon!

This whiskey and bourbon tasting class is worth a shot! Here, participants will learn to experience the unique characteristics of each whiskey & bourbon in their kit. As always, this class ends with an intriguing question-and-answer session. Perfect for a relaxed Zoom happy hour for any office occasion! 

How to get started 👉 Book a sophisticated virtual happy hour with our Whiskey and Bourbon Tasting!

How to turn any team event into a virtual happy hour 🍸

Who says you can't infuse happy hour into any virtual event? We'll show you how to spice up your remote meetings with these fun office virtual happy hour ideas:

1. Beer box 🍻

 Beer Box

The best beers are the ones we drink with work buddies! 

Are your team members hopheads or lager lovers? Regardless of the types of beer drinkers in your team, Confetti's beer box has something for them.  Our beer box contains 1 IPA, wheat beer, brown ale, and pale ale.

Where to get it 👉 Send the gift of a Zoom happy hour straight to your teams’ doorsteps with our Beer Box!

2. Whiskey & snack box 🥃

Whiskey & Snack Box

It’s whiskey business — not risky business.

Whether your group has whiskey novices or enthusiasts, our whiskey box doesn't discriminate. It comes with three different kinds of whiskey and:

  • 50 ml samples of bourbon, rye, and single malt scotch
  • 1 tulip glass to enjoy your whiskey (try it neat or on the rocks!)
  • 1 savory snack like nuts or chips

Where to get it 👉 We’re whisky-ing you the best happy hour with our Whiskey Box.

3. Bottle of wine 🍷

Bottle of Wine 

It's time to wine down! 

Send your team a bottle of wine to appreciate their efforts. With a bottle of red wine, white wine, or sparkling wine, your employees will love you for your thoughtfulness. Our wine experts will select the best premium wines for delivery at their doorsteps.

Where to get it 👉 Send a bottle of premium wine straight to your doorstep when you order our Bottle of Wine goodie!

3 more tips for throwing the best team building virtual happy hours

These office virtual happy hour ideas/best practices can be the difference between a regular happy hour and an extraordinary one:

1. Include virtual happy hour games 🎉

Aside from being so much fun, playing games is an excellent way to improve your employees' morale. It teaches team spirit, encourages creativity, and promotes a positive remote team culture.

These are some of the best virtual happy hour games for team building: 

And any of of these you can turn into drinking games! 😉

2. Make it a themed virtual happy hour 😎

If there are two things you're sure not to find at a themed event: boringness and its cousin, lifelessness. A themed virtual party makes your happy hour memorable and sets the perfect mood for nostalgic fun.

Some of best themed virtual happy hour ideas revolve around the decades, like 80s or 90s! You can curate the vibes through a playlist or play decades games, like 80s Boom Box, a fun musical trivia, or Totally 90’s Trivia

3. Ask your team for feedback 📝

Asking your team for feedback after your event will help you gauge how successful and fun it was. It also gives you vital insights to help plan a more exciting happy hour in the future.

Plan your Zoom happy hours with Confetti 🥳

We're so thankful for video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, etc. They've opened us up to the world of remote work and virtual team events that we love so much. Now, social distancing has got nothing on us, and we can explore office virtual happy hour ideas without limits.

However, more than just having a virtual platform, you must put effort into planning your team building event to make it worthwhile. But oops— you're busy and don’t always have enough time to plan!

Don't worry; our expert, fun-loving team will help you plan and host your Zoom happy hours excellently. With Confetti, you can relax knowing that your happy hours are in the hands of the most competent planners. Hit us up for a remarkable virtual team experience now. 

A virtual happy hour FAQ just for you

We know you've got questions, and we're happy to answer them below:

How do you plan a Zoom happy hour for work?

Just like your virtual meetings, you can host a fun virtual happy hour over any video conferencing platform of your choice. 

Hosting a corporate Zoom happy hour requires a video conferencing platform, time, goodies, and an organized program. Trust us when we say it can be an overwhelming activity. That's why it's always a wise idea to involve the happy hour pros at Confetti in your planning.

How do you make a virtual cocktail party fun?

Fun is whatever you make it out to be, so verify your team's idea of fun and implement it. For example, a teammate who drinks alcoholic beverages will have a different view of fun from non-drinkers.

How many people can join a work Zoom happy hour?

The number of participants at your Zoom happy hour will depend on the event or experience you're planning. Also, remember that Zoom limits the number of persons on a call depending on your subscription plan. The maximum number is 1,000 team members, and that's only possible with the "Large Meetings" add-on plan.

How do I know my Zoom happy hour was successful?

There's no better way to evaluate your Zoom happy hour's success than asking for feedback. Feedback will help you determine how fun and engaging your event was. It'll also ensure that you know all you need to do to make the next one more exciting.

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