15+ Virtual Team Building Games to Boost Employee Engagement

Ready to get your game on? Read on for tips on the best virtual team building games that will get your team bonding, thinking, and collaborating in new ways.

15+ Virtual Team Building Games to Boost Employee Engagement

Team building games provide team members with the opportunity to think together and problem solve in a non-work environment. Working towards a shared goal can help your team collaborate better and increase trust, all while having a blast!

If you're ready to unleash your competitive side, read on for a list of our top 15 virtual team games:

List of the best 15 virtual team games

1. Virtual escape rooms

Escape rooms are usually seen as a strictly “in-person” activity. But they’re a good time, and even remote workers deserve the chance to escape the room and solve the mystery in record time. Escape rooms are the ultimate problem solving, teamwork-based game to play with your remote team. You have to work together to beat the clock, which translates into better communication and collaboration skills in the workplace.

In Confetti’s Escape Quest games, teams work together to either escape the tomb or figure out who has been posting embarrassing memes of them on the internet (no coworkers will be embarrassed in the process) and try to solve puzzles and set the record escape time. 🏃‍♀️

escape quest

How to get started 👉 Do you have what it takes to escape the room? Find out in the Virtual Escape Quest!

2. Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie is a classic for a reason. The ultimate test of whether or not you really know your team members, two truths and a lie asks players to submit three things about themselves: two true, and one false. 🤥 It’s then up to your team members to find the fib and get to know you in the process. 

There are things about your coworkers that you might be surprised to know. Where have they traveled? What celebrities have they met? What celebrities are they related to? In this game, you get more insight into the people that you work alongside every single day. 

Aside from just creating some great conversation starters, two truths and a lie is a chance for teams working from home to form deeper bonds just by getting to know each other! This leads to an increased sense of trust and belonging within the company culture, which translates into a higher quality of work and a team that knows how to get the job done. Plus, it’ll make for some great conversations in the Slack channel.

two truths and a lie

How to get started 👉 What’s your lie going to be? Better make it a good one! 

3. Virtual trivia party

Online trivia games are a great way for your teams to flex their knowledge and show off their skill sets. 🧠 Splitting off into groups, teams will be pitted against each other to answer the most questions correctly and receive the highest score. What’s best, though, is that this gives each member of the team a chance to shine.

Someone might have extensive sports knowledge to showcase, while someone else is a pop culture buff. A virtual trivia party gives employees the chance to show off their hidden strengths and work together to win.

Plus, who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? It’s good for the soul. After the trivia party is over, teams will be more skilled in handing off tasks to one another based on their strengths and will have a renewed sense of closeness and camaraderie. They will be able to communicate more effectively and work well under pressure.

What feels like a fun game in the moment is actually your secret weapon for creating teams that love to work together.

trivia game

How to get started 👉 Put your knowledge to the test with virtual trivia!

4. Coworker feud

In the ultimate battle of the brains, teams will go head-to-head guessing the most popular answers to fun, random, and insightful questions that the engaging and entertaining host presents. Team members must guess the top 5 survey results to win points for the round. 

This twist on a beloved classic allows your team members to get in on the action by jumping in and guessing what they think the most popular answers may be! But be warned: silliness is almost guaranteed as they fight for first place. 🤼

Coworker feud is the perfect game for teams that love fast-paced gameplay and are ready to jump in with their answers. As a benefit to your business, this game encourages thinking on your feet and working together as a team. Plus, you’ll have plenty to talk about as you debrief after the game…

Karen from finance said what??? 😂

coworker fued game

How to get started 👉 Welcome to Coworker Feud

5. Charades

Another classic that translates perfectly onto the virtual stage. You don’t have to be in a room with your friends to enjoy the hilarity that a game of charades provides. In this game, two teams battle it out to guess the word, phrase, or title with no speaking allowed! 🤫The player at turn will jump up and try to act out their given word while their teammates try to guess what the heck they’re doing!

All in all, charades is certainly good for a laugh, but it’s also an amazing team bonding game. Working together against the clock brings your teams together and helps them learn to make quick decisions under pressure. Consider it practice for go-time in the office, without the stakes of a project deadline looming over their heads.

charades game

How to get started 👉 What are they doing? Your guess is as good as mine.

6. Virtual charity games

If your team or company is looking to combine philanthropy with fun, look no further. Through virtual charity games, your team can win points that make an actual difference in the world. Talk about incentive!

In these mini games, teams play brain games like Name that Nonsense (where gibberish has to be translated into words), Name That Tune (guessing the song based only on a snippet), and more! Points turn into trees planted, money donated, and a feel-good funny time for all.

The brain teaser nature of these games test teams’ critical thinking skills and help them sharpen their deductive reasoning, which in a workplace setting, can be the basis for a lot of great ideas and innovation. 💡

mini games game

How to get started 👉 Give back while you get down with our Mini Games!

7. Virtual bingo

Bingo isn’t just for your grandma anymore! In fact, we gave it a whole new look. In a fun twist on this easy classic game, a drag queen hosts a raucous game of bingo where the winner takes all! Following the game, teams will be treated to a fabulous performance by our resident drag queen, making this game of bingo the most exciting you’ll ever play! ✨

Sometimes, all your team needs to bond together and refocus on their work is the chance to let off some steam. If your team isn’t super competitive, but still wants a little competition thrown in the mix, bingo is the perfect option. Play a round of virtual drag queen bingo to celebrate pride month, or just to shake up your next virtual happy hour. This game is sure to leave a smile on everyone’s faces!

drag queen bingo

How to get started 👉 Think you can get 5 in a row? Find out at team building bingo!

8. Team scavenger hunt

Planning a virtual scavenger hunt with your remote employees is an easy and fun way to shake up the workweek. Let’s face it, everyone has hidden gems scattered around their home that they’ve been looking for the opportunity to show off. Well, now’s their chance to shine.

This activity is completely free. All you have to do is create a list of items for employees to find and send them on their way with a time limit.

Here are a few things that you can include on the list:

  • A box from an online order
  • A wedding, prom, or fancy dress
  • A stuffed animal (bonus points for whoever has the biggest one)
  • A souvenir from a vacation
  • A $2 bill or piece of foreign currency

The first person to bring back everything on the list wins! For an extra surprise, throw in a real prize for the first, second, and third place winners. Something small like an extra long lunch break or piece of company swag. That’s how you make your next conference call fun.

Pro-planning tip 👉 Allow each member of your team to submit one item for the scavenger hunt list to make it a more interactive experience from start to finish!

9. Jeoparty

Based on the beloved game show with a similar (but less party-filled name), this ultimate battle of the brains tests your team’s knowledge on a variety of different topics ranging in difficulty level. In another major twist, Jeoparty presents players with the answer, and they have to present the question, making this backwards party game a brain-teasing good time! 🧠

This game is fast-paced, interactive, and tons of fun for teams. It’s a great chance to flex your knowledge and think on your feet. Plus, it introduces a little friendly competition into the mix, which is always a fun time.

jeoparty game

How to get started 👉 We’ve got answers, but do you have the questions?

10. Pictionary

Put your team’s creative skills to the test in this silly party game! In this game, players are presented with a random word to draw on a virtual whiteboard. Then, their team members have to guess the word based on their drawing. What ensues is an hour of hilarity as your drawing skills come under fire in this fast-paced game. Make sure you get the graphic designer on your team! ✍️

This game gives teams the chance to let loose and hang out together in a silly environment, easing the stress and tension of the work week through fun and games. Because it’s a fast-paced communication game, players also get the chance to learn more about each other and think on their feet. Making this the perfect game to keep the team engaged, especially those that have to act fast under pressure in the workplace.

pictionary game

How to get started 👉 Feeling creative? Get started with Pictionary!

11. Guess who

Guess which coworker submitted facts and photos of themselves and learn more about the people you work with every day! In this game, players are asked to submit facts and photos of themselves beforehand, and then are presented anonymously in a presentation by a host. Team members then have to guess which facts and photos go with which coworker. 🤔

This get-to-know-you game might surprise you! There’s a lot to be learned about your coworkers. After a round of Guess Who, team members will feel closer to one another and have a lot more to talk about at the next video meeting or company party!

guess who game

How to get started 👉 Learn the most about your teammates in Guess Who!

12. Virtual murder mystery

There’s been a murder in the Zoom chat! Someone has been tragically murdered, and it’s up to you to find out who. Unless you’re the murderer… then you better keep your identity hidden and put the suspicion on someone else. 🕵️

In this virtual “whodunnit,” you and your coworkers have to gather clues, ask questions, and figure out who committed the crime! With fun themes, the chance to get into character, and the opportunity to have fun with your coworkers, a virtual murder mystery party is the perfect way to shake off the everyday and let loose with your team while sharpening your communication skills. 

murder mystery party game

How to get started 👉 Is your team savvy enough to solve the murder? Find out at our Murder Mystery Party!

13. Traitorous trivia

Work together to answer trivia questions, but beware… there are traitors in your midst. In this fun twist on a classic, teams have two minutes to discuss and come up with an answer. However, there is one person on the team who is trying to steer the team in the wrong direction, getting a point for every incorrect answer. Will you let the traitor win?

Like a classic game of trivia, this game allows team members to embrace their strong suits and show off their skill sets. But, in an added layer of collaboration, they have to learn to trust their gut and let their voices be heard against the traitor.

traitorous trivia game

How to get started 👉 Put your sleuthing skills to the test in Traitorous Trivia.

14. Werewolf

Speaking of traitors… Werewolf is a classic game of deduction and deception. In your midst is a werewolf and night after night, he or she has been picking off your teammates one by one. The goal is to figure out who the werewolf is and exile them from the village. Can you work together to figure out who among you is a werewolf? 🐺

This game encourages deductive reasoning, teamwork, trust, and collaboration. All of which are skills that we’re sure you’d love to see shine in the workplace.

werewolf game

How to get started 👉 Can you banish the werewolf from the village in time? Check out Werewolf to find out.

15. Taboo

Just like its namesake board game, Taboo requires the player to get their team member to guess the word at the top of their card without saying any of the “taboo” words listed underneath. This game of communication and understanding is an easy-going and easy to play virtual team building experience that everyone will love.

Taboo encourages understanding, critical thinking, and helps build communication skills between your team members… even with certain words off limits. 🤫


How to get started 👉 Don’t say that word! Start the fun with Taboo.

Find the best team building games at Confetti

At Confetti, we take fun seriously. Our virtual team building games and unique team bonding activities are designed to be a great time for everyone, while building valuable workplace skills. With games, classes, workshops, and more, there’s something for every team member to get excited about.

For more tips and ideas on virtual team building, check out our ultimate team building guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best platforms for playing virtual games?

You can play online team building games on just about any virtual meeting platform. Some things to consider are the number of participants you'll be hosting and breakout functionality. In the end, it's all about what your team is comfortable with using! Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype are all great options for hosting your next virtual game night.

How do you make team meetings fun virtually?

Virtual team meetings don’t have to be boring. To maximize the fun, we always encourage participants to be fully present, turn on their cameras, and engage.

In addition, having an engaging host to facilitate the event can help keep the energy up! Pro-tip: This role is best for someone who’s good at maintaining a fun vibe with banter and commentary.

What games can you play virtually with teams?

You can adapt tons of games to play with teams. Games like Jeopardy, Taboo, and Trivia are all great for teams to play while adding an element of competitiveness and fun.

What types of virtual team building games are most effective for boosting employee engagement?

Some popular games for increasing employee engagement include virtual escape rooms and scavenger hunts, online trivia, and virtual icebreaker games. The key is to choose games that align with your team's preferences, goals, and communication styles.

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