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Top 6 Communication Exercises for Teams

Communication is a crucial skill for any team. And you can help nurture that skill with these 6 communication team building activities! Read to learn more.

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We’ve all been there: you’re re-hashing a disagreement with a team member only to realize that you were actually on the same page all along. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, there was a communication breakdown. 

Was the rest of the team not good at active listening? Did you fail to serve as an effective communicator? Were both parties simply failing to practice empathy towards one another? In most workplaces, communication breakdowns result from a combination of the above and more. However, all hope is not lost! The fact is that good communication is a muscle that only gets stronger the more that you work it. 

Luckily for you, at Confetti, we offer virtual games and experiences focused on beefing up those communication muscles.

How team building activities improve communication 🤔

Team building exercises are any activity that engage members of a team in a fun and educational way while encouraging team-wide communication. 

Under the veil of a good time, teams develop the communication skills needed to increase productivity, build trust, improve leadership skills, engage in problem-solving, and reduce conflict in the workplace. 

A group that can stand in a circle and works towards a common goal is much more equipped to understand each team member’s strengths and growth opportunities.

What is a good communication exercise?

TL;DR - Top 4 team building activities for better communication skills 🏆

Regardless of the number of people on a team, important messaging can get lost in translation. 

Communication exercises are exercises in which a team focuses on the efficacy of its exchange of information. Through intentional communication exercises, teams can mitigate misinformation and messaging delays.

When we say “team building activities to improve communication in the workplace,” chances are you’re picturing a small group standing in a circle writing their two truths and a lie on index cards. But we cannot stress enough — it’s SO much more than that!

So, let’s paint communication exercises for teams in a new light:

6 communication team building activities & ideas 📣

1. Asking Better Questions 🙋

Asking Better Questions

There are no dumb questions. But some questions are a little better than others. 

This interactive workshop focuses on communication skill-building. And, if you couldn’t tell by the title, this activity hones in on the power of questioning. 

Here your team will develop better questioning techniques to create more productive conversations and build powerful connections between team members. This event highly encourages participants to engage throughout the session. In the end, we’ll follow up with key takeaways from the experience that your team can use well into the future!

How to get started 👉 Start practicing your questioning skills right here! 

2. Empathy at Work 💙

Empathy at Work

“I want to know my co-workers better. I just don’t know where to start!”

In this activity, team members are randomly matched with a colleague and given turns to answer and hear their colleagues’ answers to empathy-focused questions like “When are you overwhelmed at work?” and “what are your non-verbal warning signs that you wish others knew?” 

Once team members have heard these answers in small randomized groups in breakout rooms, they are encouraged to share what they’ve learned about themselves and their colleagues with the entire team in the main room.

How to get started 👉 Learn the things about your co-workers that matter to them

3. Think Faster. 💨

Think Faster

“Wait, I thought the only way to listen actively was to slow down?”

Brush up on your verbal communication skills through activities led by professional improvisers. These quick-thinking, problem-solving activities are tailored to your team’s specific growth opportunities and company culture. Past groups have used these skill sets as guideposts for addressing:

  • Improving communication
  • Sharpening problem-solving skills
  • Encouraging adaptability and flexibility

Oh, and did we mention this experience was created by Shannon O’Neill? The former Artistic Director of Uprights Citizens Brigade, the same company where Amy Poehler kicked off her career? 

Yeah, it’s pretty legit. 

How to get started 👉 Ready to think fast and laugh heartily?

4. Navigating Tough Conversations 💬

Navigating Tough Conversations

What’s an effective way to address conflict through communication? This is. 

Here, two professional educators will lead your group through the Forum Theatre technique to practice conflict resolution. Your crew will serve as both spectators and actors in the real-life scenarios this workshop takes you through. 

This course blends diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives with professional development. In it, you can expect: 

  • An intro & icebreaker game to foster unity and community before diving into the main focus of the experience
  • A dynamic performance scene about diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Open reflection and discussion about potential solutions & even about feelings the scene evokes
  • A re-enactment of the earlier scene where your team can participate and apply the previously discussed solutions

How to get started 👉 Start tackling tough conversations & challenges together – right here. 

5. Ice Shaker 🧊

 Ice Shaker

“It’s like speed dating. Only you can win.”

Want to provide a little variety for the different ways your team communicates but are a little pressed for time? Select two or three games and customize this event to reflect your team’s unique dynamic. You can choose from Speed Puzzler, Shark Tank, Rogue Gallery, and more!

How to get started  👉 Let’s shake things up

6. Murder Mystery Party 🔍

Murder Mystery Party

“Wait a minute. Am I a suspect?!”

A mysterious cast of characters will set the scene for your team over Zoom. Then, your team members will be divided into breakout rooms to interrogate subjects that rotate from breakout room to breakout room. 

Finally, after gathering evidence and clues, everyone will be brought back into the main room to share who they think committed the crime and find the true culprit! 

This is a fun experience, perfect for honing those active listening skills! 

Here’s a tip if you’re eager to come out on top (and alive) at the Murder Mystery Party: the active listener catches the culprit.

How to get started 👉 Ready to solve this Whodunnit?

Build communication skills with Confetti 💪

At Confetti, unforgettable team building activities are the name of the game. With the help of our virtual activities, teams can come together to improve their communication skills and have a good time.

P.S. Need help planning the best event yet? Reach out to or message us directly on our website!

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

What are communication games? 🧐

Communication games are games in which teams must practice active listening skills and conversation skills to be successful. Our communication games emphasize the importance of communication while being fun and engaging.

What is a good communication exercise? 🤔

A good communication exercise is any exercise in which team members focus their efforts on achieving the most effective and efficient exchange of information.

What is the best communication game for Zoom? 🤨

Gone are the days of the whole team huddling around a single piece of paper and tallying the final scores in a team building game. Instead, play Virtual Taboo with your team to celebrate what Zoom is capable of.

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