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The 7 Best Team Building Games for Competitive Teams 

Looking for ways to create healthy competition among virtual teams? Find out the most exciting team bonding competitive games that spark healthy contests among employees below!

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How healthy competition helps your team out 🙌

There are different ways healthy competition helps the team to grow. Let’s take a look, shall we? 

  • Great teams create a positive work culture: Who wants to work in a hostile environment? 👀 Absolutely no one! Everyone wants to be a part of a happy, pleasant workforce that lets them be the best version of themselves. And what’s a better way to do this than promote healthy, competitive teams? Doing this makes employees delighted with their work. And when they are happy, they can put their best in their roles and deliver fantastic results! 😊
  • Healthy teams spur personal growth: Healthy competition inspires workers to do their best — not just good enough. What's more? Teammates' success is proof they can achieve similar feats. So, they are motivated to set stretch goals and achieve them. 📈
  • They drive innovation: Looking for new ideas to grow the company? Having a healthy competitive company culture is how to make it happen! It sparks creativity and helps employees solve issues. Creativity is also the go-to approach for employees in a positive work environment. Undoubtedly, every team member will be pumped to put their thinking caps on and come up with fantastic ideas to grow a company they are happy to work with. 🧠
  • Improved collaboration: There's no better way to help employees create helpful bonds than by promoting healthy competition. When teams collaborate, the result is epic! Teamwork is at its best, and so is performance. So, when they set goals as a team, it’s easy to crush them. 🤝
  • Increased engagement: A non-toxic competitive environment creates a happy workforce, and engaged workers move the organization forward. A Gallup study says engaged companies enjoy higher profitability, productivity, and less absenteeism than their competitors. 🤩
  • Great workflow: Workers do more when there’s healthy competition. So, let’s say they regularly go at a reasonably efficient pace; they are likely to work faster and harder in a healthy, competitive environment. Plus, they won’t want to hold the team back from achieving a set goal, so they will play their part and play it well. 💪
  • Promotes learning: Employees will learn from one another when there’s healthy competition. Rather than see the next person as a competition, they see them as helpful. This will help them develop better skills, learn new things, and discover new interests. 📚

7 competitive team building activities 💪

Even if your team hasn't met in person, fun and team-building exercises will help them get along and boost camaraderie. 😇

Here are our top seven picks of competitive team-building activities to enhance teamwork and build engagement among your team. 

1. Coworker Feud 🤼

Eyes on the prize…let the team with the most popular guesses win!

Coworker Feud

Our Coworker Feud is our workplace spin on the classic game show, Family Feud. It is fast-paced, exciting, and helps players think on their feet. 

One player from each team will be presented with a question, and the player with the highest valued answers gets to decide if their team will PLAY or PASS. 

The guessing team will try to guess all the answers on the board. If their answers are correct, they gain all the points for a question. Otherwise, the other team gets a chance to guess and win. In the end, the team that finishes with the highest point wins!

How to get started 👉 Book on our website now for a seamless and thrilling virtual game experience!

2. Virtual Trivia Night 🤓

Time for the team to show folks what they know! 🧠

Virtual Trivia Night 

Engage the team with a healthy mix of easy and challenging questions on a variety of fun topics!

Virtual Trivia Night is the perfect team go-to for a thrilling virtual night hang-out. It consists of four exciting rounds of questions on different topics — pop culture, sports, history, and more! Each team is presented with varying questions across each stage and can answer on the digital sheets provided. 

Points are summed up for every round, and the winning team is declared at the finals. Teams also get sparkle points for witty and funny answers! 

How to get started 👉 Wondering how to make your next virtual trivial night much more fun? It's simple. Visit our website and book the virtual trivia night team-building game. 😊

3. Jeoparty 📺

Category is: competitive! 😤


Jeoparty is a fun, exciting, and competitive game that puts team members on the spot. It states answers without questions and asks team members to figure out what the question would be. Just like the Jeopardy game show!

The Jeoparty game board contains questions from diverse topics, so teams can test their knowledge and learn new exciting things together.

Players puzzle over these questions and buzz in their responses with a digital buzzer, gaining points for their team when they guess correctly. Also, there's a FINAL QUESTION phase with a little twist. Good or bad? We'll let you decide. 😀

How to get started 👉 Book on our website now and get your night of competition started!

4. Pictionary 🎨

Unlock your team's inner artist in a couple of minutes! 🖌


Which of your team members is a super-talented illustrator? Our Pictionary game has the answers.

In this game, you'll test how your team approaches unique methods of communication. Watch team members help their team win as they test their best drawing skills while other group members make the best possible guesses. 

The teams are given a link to a virtual whiteboard. Afterward, selected players draw images while the rest of the group guesses what they are. The correct answer scores points, and the team with the highest points wins. The goal is to boost creativity and collaboration as players create and team up to win!

How to get started 👉 Book the Pictionary game for your next hang-out on our platform. Who knows? You just might discover a Leonardo da Vinci on your team. 😉

5. Taboo 🤫 

Who will guess the forbidden word? 🧐


Taboo is as fun to play as it’s easy to learn! This is a great opportunity to build listening skills while working together.

During each 2-minute round, the game chooses a player to make their team guess a certain word. The twist is players can't use ANY of the forbidden words listed. If the team gets the answers correctly, they move to the next round. 

Try to guess as many words correctly as possible per round! After that, the game selects players from a different team, and the cycle continues. Again, the team with the highest points leads!

How to get started 👉 Book your not-so-secret word game today!

6. Charades 🎭

Test your teams acting skills and up their body language game in Charades! 


Break your teams into small groups for the next virtual hang-out, and let them test their descriptive skills! Players receive different words to describe from the intuitive word generator on our platform and act out the words or phrases. Afterward, the group attempts to guess what their teammate acts out. 

Once the team guesses correctly, they move to the next word and continue to guess as many Charades as possible. In the end, the team with the highest number of guesses takes the trophy!

How to get started 👉 Ready to find out your most Oscar-worthy team member? Then book Charades for your next virtual hang out! 😃

7. Virtual Escape Room 🏃

Unravel mysteries and take your mind on a fun trip! 

Virtual Escape Room

The virtual escape room gets the team brainstorming and solving problems together for escape, just like a scavenger hunt.

Each small team of up to 5 people takes 60 minutes to complete their chosen quest. Players must solve a series of puzzles to move forward in the game! The team that finishes their quest and escapes in the shortest period is the winner.

There are different exciting storylines to choose from Confetti's virtual escape room. We also have a little ice-breaker game to warm players up for the real deal. Let the fun begin!

How to get started 👉 Book your first quest with us and prepare for a thrilling, virtual team adventure. 

Get the competition started with Confetti 🥳

Virtual competitive games are the best way to break the ice with new hires, strengthen bonds, and promote healthy team competition. 

Confetti has the best ideas for companies looking to introduce competitive games and other virtual team bonding experiences. Our team building game collection has the most exciting picks, from games boosting communication skills to those promoting teamwork and collaboration. 

The best part? Our virtual hosts are available to set up and put the team through, so booking is quick and playing is easy — but we can't promise the same for the games; they can get tough, so come prepared with the team! 😅 Check out our Trending Experiences to see what other Confetti customers are loving! 

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

How can healthy competition positively impact team culture and employee satisfaction?

Healthy competition fosters a positive environment where employees feel motivated and empowered to excel. By promoting friendly competition, teams create an atmosphere that encourages personal growth and celebrates individual achievements, which cultivates a sense of fulfillment and happiness among employees, leading to increased job satisfaction. 

How does healthy competition contribute to innovation and creativity within a company?

Healthy competition sparks creativity and innovation by challenging employees to think outside the box and explore new ideas. When teams are encouraged to compete in a supportive environment, it stimulates a culture of experimentation and problem-solving. 

How does promoting healthy competition enhance collaboration and teamwork among employees?

Healthy competition encourages teamwork and collaboration by fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among team members. Rather than viewing each other as rivals, employees learn to achieve common goals and drive success through collaboration. A collaborative spirit strengthens bonds between team members, improves communication, and enhances overall performance. 

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