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5+ Engaging Games to Play at Work with Coworkers

Add a dash of spice to your team and cook up a good time that’s sure to sate the appetite of every employee! Let loose with the best games to play at work with coworkers. 

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Why should you play games with coworkers?

Remote work can seem like a never-ending web of emails, camera-off video calls, and dinging Slack notifications. If that sounds boring to you, it definitely sounds boring to your team.

Playing fun games with your team is an instant way to brighten up everyone’s day and maybe even get a laugh (or two) from Dave in accounting!

Gamifying the workday revitalizes everyone’s spirit and helps balance those heads-down hours in front of sprawling spreadsheets. Start playing games, and you’ll immediately see a change in your team. 

  • Happiness and productivity go hand in hand, so why not add some fun to the day? 🎉
  • Playing games as a group is proven to increase social bonds, which benefits work relationships. 👯
  • You’ll get to know your team more intimately as you socialize outside the office (virtual or physical). 🤝

Top 6 most fun games for work 🏆

1. Face off in Coworker Feud 💪

On top of being an incredibly engaging office game, Coworker Feud is one of our most popular team building activities! Nothing like a little healthy competition to amp up your company culture. Break up into small groups and compete against one another in this fun office game.

Each team member will guess the most common response to a series of survey questions. The winning team secures bragging rights for years to come. 😉

Why is this a fun game for work? 

Name something that brings a smile to every employee’s face. Survey says: Coworker Feud! Go head to head in this Family Feud-style game. This fast-paced game keeps you on your toes and is sure to bring the laughs!

How to get started 👉 Steal points, work together, and battle it out in Coworker Feud!
Virtual Coworker Feud

2. Get searching in an office scavenger hunt 🔍

Arrr, you’re going on a treasure hunt! 🏴‍☠️ Navigate the hallways, sneak into conference rooms, collect items, and complete quests. Break out into two teams or more — the fastest wins.

Why is this a fun game for work? 

Transform the drab office into a playground of imagination. You and your coworkers will love reframing your workday around something unique and fun!

Pro-planning tip 👉 Work remotely? Tailor your hunt to items found within the home, like a childhood picture. You can even up the team bonding by turning it into a baby picture guessing game!

3. Save the Earth with fun environment games 🌍

Want to make a difference while having fun? Every point you win in our mini-games plants trees across Sub-Saharan Africa!  Play ‘Name that Tune,’ decipher picture puzzles, and more, all for a good cause.

Why is this a fun game for work? 

No-stress virtual team building games are perfect for introducing teammates across departments and levels — no prior knowledge necessary.

How to get started 👉 The games might be mini, but the impact is enormous. Play Mini Games now!
Virtual Mini Games

4. Solve fun puzzles with online escape rooms 🧩

This isn't like your typical board games. You’re locked in with your colleagues. The only way out? Working together to solve puzzles and find clues. Escape room fans will love this virtual spin on this popular game.

Why is this a fun game for work? 

Teamwork is key to success in an escape room. This bonding experience will bring you all closer together without even realizing it!

How to get started 👉 Get ready to flex those problem solving skills. Think you have what it takes to conquer Escape Quest?
Virtual Escape Quest

5. Show your niche knowledge in virtual trivia games 🧠

Five heads are better than one! Team to answer rapid-fire trivia questions covering pop culture, history, sports, music, and more!

Why is this a fun game for work?

Everyone's an expert in their niche, so every teammate will get a few minutes to shine in this team building game!

How to get started 👉 Q: What’s a surefire to bring fun into the office? A: Classic Trivia! Play now.
Virtual Classic Trivia

6. Learn about each other in two Truths & a Lie 🤫

Who are you really working with? Uncover the truths hidden within a lie — play this classic party game at your next office event.

Why is this a fun game for work? 

Learn about your coworkers in an engaging way and find out what you all have in common (and maybe a secret or two)! This quick office game is also a fun, low-stakes way to improve the team's communication skills.

How to get started 👉 Play Two Truths and a Lie with your entire group, and you’ll be gasping and laughing at the reveals.

For the most fun office games, choose Confetti! 🥳

Make the office fun! Compete, play, and get to know your team on a deeper level through the power of games!

Ready to be the favorite around the office? Start planning your next game with Confetti!

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

What is a fun game to play with coworkers? 🤔

There are plenty of fun office games to play. Honestly, any game that gets your coworkers into a lively, lighthearted mood is perfect. It’s all about having a good time and forming better connections. Choose a game that will bring people together, not stress them out!

What games do you play while working? 🤨

It's not about 'playing while working.' Workplace games should be PART of the schedule. When your team spends time together through team activities, you're helping boost morale and employee engagement.

Spend an afternoon hanging out with Confetti, and we’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience for your team!

What fun activities can be done office? 🧐

There are plenty of virtual team building activities for the whole office. Set up a time for an icebreaker game session, host a trivia night happy hour, or even start a paper plane competition on your lunch breaks.

Just remember: the best game is the one that gives your team what they want.

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