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Health & Wellness

Promote healthier and happier teams with virtual wellness activities that will have your employees feeling their best.

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Health & Wellness
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Virtual Candle Making Class
Candle Making Class
Make a naturally scented candle in a guided virtual candle making class.
Virtual Sound Bath Meditation
Sound Bath Meditation
Experience the power of sound and meditation in an extra soothing sound bath workshop. Calm your team's thoughts away mid-week or during wellness week!
Virtual Bootcamp Class
Bootcamp Class
Challenge your team to reach new limits, and motivate them to keep up with the workouts at home in this virtual bootcamp class.
Virtual Sketch and Stretch
Sketch and Stretch
In this virtual drawing and movement class, your team will combine an artistic practice with yoga poses to increase relaxation and boost creativity while having a ton of fun! Book now for January 5th and onwards!
Virtual Mindfulness Class
Mindfulness Class
Inspire your team to build healthy habits and a better work-life by learning about mindfulness in a group setting.
Virtual Tea Tasting
Tea Tasting
Find your inner zen as you relax and taste at least 3 unique types of tea.
Virtual BYO Healthy Cooking Class
BYO Healthy Cooking Class
Learn how to use nutritious ingredients and healthy cooking techniques to make a delicious and sustainable meal.
Virtual Kombucha Making Class
Kombucha Making Class
Missing your office's on-tap kombucha while working from home? Learn how to make enough kombucha for yourself and your friends in this hands-on brewing class.
Virtual Workplace Mental Health Workshop
Workplace Mental Health Workshop
An interactive lecture-based workshop to help your team get started on the conversation about mental health in the workplace.
Virtual Stress Management Workshop
Stress Management Workshop
This stress reduction workshop aims to help your team pinpoint specific workplace and personal stressors, and create a toolbox for handling stress in their daily lives.
Virtual Eating for Immunity
Eating for Immunity
Reduce the need for sick days while maintaining a happier and healthier team! Learn how to boost your immune system through making good food choices and implementing positive lifestyle practices in an online nutrition class.
Virtual Strength Training Class
Strength Training Class
Led by a certified fitness instructor, this virtual strength training class focuses on shaping and toning all the major muscle groups, and will help get your team feeling their best.
Virtual Yoga Class
Yoga Class
Improve employee wellness by integrating mindfulness practices into your team's routine. Start with a yoga class designed for all levels, and deep dive into yoga poses and meditation techniques.
Virtual Pilates Class
Pilates Class
Strengthen your muscles and improve posture, balance, and flexibility in a virtual pilates class. This low-impact, mind-body experience builds strength and is a terrific addition to your team's fitness and well-being circuit.
Virtual Kickboxing Class
Kickboxing Class
Unleash your team's inner fighter and melt their worries away with a martial arts-inspired total body workout. Using a combination of kicking and punching techniques, this kickboxing class helps participants build speed, agility, and coordination.
Virtual Tai Chi Class
Tai Chi Class
Destress with your team through gentle stretching and exercises in this online tai chi class. Using a combination of breath and energy work, each pose flows into the next and promotes joint mobility and circulation.
Virtual Bollywood Workout
Bollywood Workout
Get inspired by South Asian music and dance! Influenced by traditional Indian dance moves, this Bollywood fitness class makes for a lively and feel-good cardio workout.
Virtual Zumba Class
Zumba Class
Move and groove with your team in a virtual Zumba class! Our instructor will lead you through a fun and high energy workout to get your heart rate up and pumping.
Virtual Asian Dance Class
Asian Dance Class
Experience culture through dance! Learn a traditional Southeast Asian dance along with a bit of history.
Virtual Vision Board Workshop
Vision Board Workshop
Envision and manifest your goals and dreams in an interactive, reflective workshop.
Virtual Holiday Elixir Making Class
Holiday Elixir Making Class
Enjoy a unique and inclusive way of celebrating the holidays! Destress, socialize, and learn how to make festive holiday elixirs with a holistic nutritionist.
Virtual Nutcracker Barre Class
Nutcracker Barre Class
Unleash your team's inner Clara and holiday cheer with our limited edition Nutcracker virtual barre class! Learn simple barre techniques and exercises along to the glorious music of The Nutcracker.
Virtual Deskercise Class
Deskercise Class
Has working from home got your body feeling stressed? Loosen up with guided exercises from the comfort of your desk.
Virtual Laughter Yoga
Laughter Yoga
Connect with your inner child through the power of laughter and joy. This laughter yoga class is designed for relieving stress and feel good team bonding!
Virtual Meditation and Relaxation Classes
Meditation and Relaxation Classes
Nama-stay in tune with your body by experiencing the benefits of relaxation through meditation or other practices. Learn how to integrate these techniques into your daily practice for better mental health and mindful living.
Virtual Aromatherapy & Oils Class
Aromatherapy & Oils Class
In this essential oils 101 class, an instructor will demo how to experiment with essential oil blending and give an overview of how to best use oils to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
Confetti 2022. All rights reserved.
Confetti 2022. All rights reserved.
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