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20+ Team Building Virtual Events for Companies

No matter who you are, there will be an activity you can resonate with. We listed below some of our absolute favorite activities categorized under any type of office personality.

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‍Are you planning your company's next virtual corporate event? Step into Confetti's virtual world of team building!

πŸ“Œ Take a look at these virtual event ideas.

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πŸ–₯ P.S. All of these events are video conferencing platform-friendly.

πŸ‘€ Happy browsing!


🎯 For the competitive spirit

If you enjoy ticking clocks, competitions, and being crowned a champion, try these interactive games...

  • Escape Quest: Get your teams collaborating in a mash-up between a virtual escape room and a scavenger hunt.
  • Virtual Charades: Everyone will enjoy this virtual spin on the classic game.
  • Online Poker Games: Online casino nights are a great way to incorporate some competition and friendly socialization.
  • Top Dog Trivia: Players choose the category for each question in this knowledge-based game.
  • Traitorous Trivia: Your team must work together to answer questions while deciphering the truth from the traitors' lies.
  • Coworker Feud: Get your buzzer fingers ready as we take the fun of Family Feud to the virtual realm!


πŸ“š For the resident nerds

If you love puzzles, trivia, or if learning about history and art sounds like a treat...

  • Virtual Museum Tours: Explore some of the world’s greatest museums without the hassle of navigating around other museum-goers.
  • Virtual Jeoparty: A digital spin on the classic game show.
  • Team Trivia: Get to know your team with the help of some classic trivia.
  • Cultural Impact Classes: Learn about the cultural impact of various communities through music, art, and politics.


🎨 For the artistic & creative

If you love flexing your creative muscles and your imagination knows no bounds...

  • Virtual Pictionary: A virtual spin on the classic game.
  • Origami Class: Learn how to fold unique origami designs from the comforts of your own home.
  • Pottery Painting Class: Design your own abstract mug or planter in a pottery painting class with your team.
  • Painting Class: Enjoy live virtual and easy-to-follow demos, learn basic techniques, as well as how to experiment with the medium.
  • Virtual Terrarium Workshop: Host a virtual garden party for your team and create a terrarium from the comforts of your own home.
  • Wood Burning Class: Create timeless wood-burned coasters as a team.
Arts & Crafts by Confetti


πŸ’ƒ For the social butterflies

If you look forward to getting to know your teammates more and making new friends, try these virtual social event ideas...

  • Virtual Lunch Party: We all could use some lunch buddies in this time of lockdown and working from home. And what’s better for morale than free food?!
  • Guess Who...: Find out if you know your co-workers as well as you think you do!
  • Two Truths & A Lie: The classic icebreaker that we all know and love.
  • Show and Share Watercooler: Break the ice using prompts of items around the home, sort of like a mini virtual scavenger hunt!
  • Plug and Play Mixer: Unplug from work and plug into some fun getting to know you micro games with your team.


🌱 For the lifestyle gurus

If you want to maintain a healthy work life balance even while working from home...

  • Virtual Fitness Classes: Motivate yourself and teammates to keep up with their workouts at home by joining online fitness classes as a team.
  • Virtual Laughter Yoga: Promote wellbeing and relieve stress with your team.
  • Deskercise Class: Loosen up with guided exercises from the comfort of your desk.
  • Meditation Class: Clear your mind by learning the benefits of a meditation practice.
  • Mindfulness Class: Incorporate better work-life balance with these mindfulness exercises.
  • Zumba Class: Throw a virtual dance party to let loose with your team!
Health and Wellness


🍷 For the happy hour enthusiasts

Virtual happy hours will never get old, especially with these creative team building experiences...

  • Beer Tasting: Kick back in a beer tasting where you'll explore lagers, ales, pilsners, IPAs and more!
  • Wine Tasting: Who doesn't want to end their day with a virtual wine tasting? Learn how to drink like a sommelier.
  • Mixology Class: Skip the bar and learn how to make your favorite cocktails from the comfort of your home.
  • Confetti Pub. Enjoy a virtual concert from a live musician, some trivia, conversation rooms, and more!


🧁 For those seeking new hobbies/skills

If you enjoy acquiring new skills and learning from experts, try an engaging virtual event idea in the kitchen, like...

Cooking Classes by Confetti


There's more where that came from πŸ₯³

We have plenty more fun virtual corporate events where these came from. For more team building ideas, explore our website!

If you have other questions or event suggestions, send us a message πŸ‘‹ at [email protected]. We're here (and happy) to help you find the perfect experience for your team.
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