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6 Event Ideas to Improve Employee Experience

Employee experience influences the way employees perceive general happiness and satisfaction in their job, work-life balance, and overall identity. Read on for our event ideas on how to improve workplace culture throughout the entire employee life cycle.

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What is the employee experience?

Simply put, the employee experience encapsulates the entire employee journey within an organization. This includes every stage of the employee life cycle: from the hiring process to onboarding to exit interviews, personal relationships, milestone moments, the physical work environment, career growth opportunities, and more.

The employee experience framework plays a pivotal role in how an employee views their company's culture, purpose, and brand.

What impact does the employee experience have on company culture?

Employee experience impacts many areas of company culture, including:

  • Employee engagement: Satisfied employees are more likely to experience increased productivity. Gallup reports that companies with an actively engaged workforce outperform those with disengaged employees.
  • Retention rates and employee turnover: Happy employees are more likely to remain with their organization. High employee retention rates lead to improved work culture and company morale! They have a correlation to customer satisfaction as well.
  • Sense of belonging: When employees have a strong sense of belonging within their companies, such as through DEI initiatives and well-being efforts, they are more likely to be engaged, get along with coworkers, and show greater growth and development.

Ready to create the most enriching and engaging employee experience strategy? Here are some of our top event ideas to make employees feel valued and increase job satisfaction throughout the entire employee lifecycle.


6 event ideas to make a positive employee experience for everyone:

1. Birthday and milestone celebrations πŸŽ‚

Milestones, whether they're personal or job-related, are unique and special times to celebrate your skilled employees. Occasions like start dates, birthdays, and yearly anniversaries should be highlighted in order to celebrate employee performance, their goals and accomplishments, as well as their growth in the company.

Here at Confetti, we have a dedicated Slack channel where our HR leaders shout out employees on their birthdays, and managers can share some words of encouragement and praise on work anniversaries to boost employee morale. Try making a recognition channel for your organization where the whole team can sing their praises for colleagues all year round!

Why is this a great event to boost employee experience? Taking the time to spotlight your employees during birthdays and workplace milestones is an impactful way to boost recognition in the employee life cycle, which plays a key factor in employee retention rates!

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Create a calendar where you can input your whole team's individual milestones so that everyone gets the recognition they deserve!


2. Culture Clubhouse πŸ’¬

You may feel proud of what your company's culture reflects, but do you regularly check in with your team to discover what areas could be enhanced in order to improve an employee's experience? Gather your team for a discussion on personal viewpoints and values in Culture Club: Workplace Community. Through a series of games, exercises, and debriefs, your team can feel empowered to share their perspectives in an employee engagement team building activity.

Why is this a great event to boost employee experience? Regular internal communication and feedback is a great way to ensure your employees feel heard by leadership and that workplace culture reflects their values.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Improve employee satisfaction in Culture Club: Workplace Community!
Virtual Culture Club


3. Relaxation Class πŸ›‹

Investing in employee wellness is an incredible way to boost the experience for your teams. When stressors creep their way into our personal and professional lives, many employees strongly agree that the way managers support mental health has a huge impact on their own productivity and professional development.

Why is this a great event to boost employee experience? A relaxation class teaches techniques your employees can utilize to alleviate physical symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other issues that arrive during stressful times. Also, taking stock of your team's mental health is a great way to avoid employee burnout.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Give your employees a break in a Relaxation Class!
Virtual Relaxation Class


4. Diversity and inclusion events 🀝

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace helps your business attract, and more importantly, retain top talent! Plus, when a work environment is inclusive, it leads to higher employee engagement and innovation, which has a direct impact on your business outcomes.

Outside of happy hours and team building games, make sure that you're filling your company calendar with professional development activities, such as DEI Conversations at Work, which uses role-playing scenarios and icebreakers to confront real-life conflict with empathy and healthy communication.

Why is this a great event to boost employee experience? Healthy communication is a key factor in fostering a positive place to work for your employees, especially when considering your teams' diverse backgrounds.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Improve employee engagement with DEI Conversations at Work!
Virtual DEI Conversations at Work


5. Coworking Sessions πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’»

If you're working in a remote or distributed setting, sometimes it can feel a bit isolating! A great way to foster employee productivity as well as the relationships employees build together is through regular coworking sessions.

Invite your team to hop on a weekly call for a couple of hours of quiet coworking time, where team members can interact face-to-face when needed, hang out, chat about their upcoming weekends, or do whatever they need to foster a greater sense of connection!

Why is this a great event to boost employee experience? For companies that don't have an office, coworking sessions provide employees with a regular chance to interact with their colleagues, which fosters a greater sense of connection and belonging for better remote teams.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Find a time that works best for your employees and put some recurring time on the calendar for optional weekly coworking sessions!


6. Team building games πŸ‘₯

Last but not least, make sure your team has time to let loose from the workday and gather to have some fun! Regular team building games are the perfect way to create laughs and memories with your team. Plus, they encourage better communication and collaboration within teams! That, and a little friendly competition never hurt!

Try a Murder Mystery Party, where your team will be pushed out of their comfort zones and work together to solve a complex case. As one of our most popular experiences, we guarantee it'll be a memorable and positive team building event for the whole company!

Why is this a great event to boost employee experience? Team building games have many benefits, such as encouraging creativity, improving morale, building trust amongst coworkers, and so much more!

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Make memories with a Murder Mystery Party!
Virtual Murder Mystery Party


Create a meaningful employee experience with Confetti πŸŽ‰

From the onboarding process to the end of the employee lifecycle, foster an engaging workplace that creates satisfied employees. Ready to improve the employee experience? Add some regular professional development and team building events to your company calendar to create happy and engaged employees.

Contact [email protected] to get started!


Frequently Asked Questions ❓

What is the one thing that would improve your employee experience on-site?

For those employees that are coming into the office, make sure their space is clean and comfortable. Also, whether or not you're a team of remote workers, make workplace technology accessible so that everyone can enjoy flexible working options when needed.

What makes a good employee experience?

Research from BetterUp suggests that there are six key elements that a good employee experience focuses on: authenticity, optimism, engagement, purpose, meaning, belonging, and social connection.


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