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7 Virtual Celebrations for Employees

If your team works remotely, it might feel like you’re missing out on those special in-person occasions. Bring everyone together, no matter where in the world they are, through a virtual celebration!

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What's the best time for virtual celebrations?

Right now! Tomorrow! Next quarter! You don’t need an excuse to throw a party. When’s the last time you turned down the chance to celebrate? Events and celebrations should be a normal part of your team culture, all year round.

Start celebrating unexpected days like World Mental Health Day or throw a virtual summer party. There are plenty of special occasions worth getting your team together for. (If you're looking for more reasons to celebrate, check out the Confetti HR calendar.)

Your remote employees are putting in the hours day in, day out — why not surprise them with a lively online celebration! Don’t forget that in today’s remote world, fun activities can be fully remote!

Plus the benefits go far beyond just having a good time… 

  • Team bonding (and having fun) is proven to boost camaraderie and employee engagement 🙌
  • Getting to know your remote team’s personal and professional lives beyond emails and virtual conference calls 🤝
  • Highlighting and celebrating milestones like promotions, birthdays, retirements, and company anniversaries makes your employees feel a sense of belonging 🫂
  • Learning how each remote employee performs in a relaxed environment will help you tailor your work culture to their style 💪

5 virtual team celebration ideas 💡

When it comes to virtual celebration ideas, we've gotcha covered. 💪 Here's our list of online celebrations that'll help your team bond and have a whole lot of fun.

1. Host an online Office Olympics 🏆

No arenas required! Bring your team members together and test their knowledge with Jeoparty, or enjoy a game of Mini Games. Compete, play, win, and laugh with your favorite classic Confetti games.

Why is this a great team celebration? 

This is a fun activity that gives every team member a chance to shine, show off their trivia knowledge, and flex their online gaming muscles 💪. Plus a little friendly competition is the best icebreaker out there.

How to get started 👉 Go nab our Office Olympics event and give it shot!

2. Put your heads together in virtual escape rooms 🧩

Mystery… suspense…  puzzles! Turn 5 heads into 1 and look for a way out of a virtual escape room. Solve problems in virtual teams and search for freedom — before the time runs out!

This interactive virtual game requires patience and collaboration, perfect for teams who work closely. And an especially fun way for teams to learn to work closely. 😉

Why is this a great team celebration? 

Your team will love working together toward a common goal. Plus there’s no trivia required, everyone starts on the same level — perfect for pairing groups across departments and levels.

How to get started 👉 Think you can find the one way out? Begin your Escape Quest today!
Virtual Escape Quest

3. Create art together 🎨

Have a low-key, relaxing, and creative celebration by letting those artistic juices flow. Put brush to canvas and let your imagination do the rest. 

Why is this a great team celebration? 

Discover a different, sensitive, side of your team. Share artwork and appreciate everyone’s unique style. Plus, you'll have a lovely painting to help you remember your virtual celebration for years to come!

How to get started 👉 Celebrate with a peaceful Painting Class now.
Virtual + Kits Painting Class

4. Remote team gift exchange 💝

Who doesn’t love receiving a thoughtful gift? 🎁 Set a budget for your team and have everyone gift a random colleague a small present. Even the smallest gift can make a team member’s day brighter!

Why is this a great team celebration? 

Bring a little bit of unwrapping joy into everyone’s home and spread joy during your next online celebration. 

How to get started 👉 Need some ideas for fun Goodies? We’ve got you covered!
Virtual Gifting

5. Say cheers at a virtual happy hour 🍻

Forget the BYOB virtual happy hours and have a tailored tasting night! The conversation will flow as freely as the drinks and you’ll forget it's all happening over Zoom!

Why is this a great team celebration? 

Trust us, this is a celebration your team will be clamoring to sign up for. From a whiskey tasting to mixology course, there’s bound to be a good time! Laugh, tell stories, and turn your home into a bar with any of these virtual events.

How to get started 👉 Dive into our Virtual Happy Hour collection and start sipping!
Virtual Happy Hour

6. Get down with a dance party 🕺

Don’t worry — no dance circles necessary. But if you want to boogie on Zoom — no one is going to stop you! This is a time to share your favorite musicians and songs in a big shared playlist. Invite team members to add their own song choices to create a virtual party that's totally yours.

Why is this a great team celebration? 

Learn everyone’s favorite genre and make suggestions to expand the playlist beyond a one night celebration. You never know who else is a secret country fan, or underground hip hop fanatic — at least until you ask!

How to get started 👉 All you need is a free Spotify account and you can start making playlists now!

7. Discover new tastes in a virtual cooking class 🍳

Ever make cheese from scratch in your home over Zoom with your fellow team members? What about crafting dumplings from scratch? Or even preparing a delicious vegan meal?  Turn that fantasy into a reality with a virtual cooking night!

Why is this a great team celebration? 

Follow along with an expert chef and taste your creations alongside your team members! Nothing brings people together like a home-cooked meal. Out of all the virtual party ideas, this one is the tastiest. 😋

How to get started 👉 Turn on the heat and start Cooking Together with Confetti today!
Virtual Cooking Together

For the best virtual team building activities, choose Confetti! 🥳

Virtual team celebrations should be as diverse as your team members are! From cooking, to games, to art, we’re guaranteed to offer a virtual team celebration that will put a smile on everyone’s face!

Turn a video call into a video party and celebrate virtually with Confetti!
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