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How to Throw a Virtual Summer Office Party

If you're brainstorming office party ideas for summer, you know we've always got you, right? We'll also help you plan your office party from scratch so you don't overwhelm yourself. Come on, bestie; let's show you how it's done!

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Why throw summer office parties? 🎉 

Summer is here again, and its refreshing warmness makes it the best season for parties. If you have a remote team, throwing a virtual or hybrid summer office party is such a great idea.

So, you know that summer's a great time for a corporate party at your organization. Q3 is slower (well, it's not Q4 fast). But why else throw one in the first place? We'll tell you:

  • It's the perfect way for your company to engage your remote and hybrid team in one place regardless of how globally distributed the team is 
  • Virtual summer parties promote healthy, friendly competition among team members
  • Parties help coworkers bond, kill boredom and improve their communication skills 
  • Summer office parties make employees happy, and happy employees stay motivated 

Top 6 fun activities for your corporate summer parties 🥳

These summer party ideas for work are so much fun, you wouldn't want to stop:

1. Terrarium Workshop 🍀

The terrarium workshop is where creativity, fun, and beauty come to party.

Green thumbs or not, your team members will learn to create their own mini plant environment while bonding and having fun.

They'll learn exciting plant fun facts as a botanical expert guides them on terrarium and decoration-making. Virtual terrarium workshops are also great for helping your team burn some steam in summer.

How to get started 👉 Ready to make fun memories? Follow the Confetti map to the Terrarium Workshop and start planning!

2. Water Cooler 🌊 

We know it's summer, but you can ditch the boring weather conversations for a genuine ice breaker courtesy of Water Cooler.

Participants will be divided into small groups or paired one-on-one to answer unique icebreaker questions in breakout rooms. Then, everyone converges in the main room for new questions and teammates for the next rounds.

After five games or more, the teams meet again to share their most fun or weird fact about someone else. 

How to get started 👉 Let's talk about fun stuff as we hop on the ride to schedule a game at Water Cooler, shall we? 

3. Hand Pie Baking  🥧 

There's something about sweet and fluffy hand pies that go so well with hot seasons, don't you think?

Our pie expert will provide your team with basic kits for hand pie baking. Participants will learn to make a pie dough using premixed batter and water, mix, roll, and cut the dough, bake the pie, and everything in-between.

This activity will help employees bond as they relay sweet summer memories over a crisp hand pie.

How to get started 👉 Head on to Hand Pie Baking Class on Confetti for a baking experience as easy as pie.

4. Murder Mystery Party 👺 

Now's your team's chance to become super detectives in their own murder mystery thriller.

Participants will long on to a Zoom call where professional actors set the scene of a hardboiled murder case. Team members are to solve the crime and bring the killer to justice by deciphering riddles, interrogating suspects, and gathering evidence.

In the end, everyone will come together to reveal the suspect….or else…(jk). 😜

How to get started 👉 Showcase your detective skills when you book a Murder Mystery Party with Confetti. 

5. Summer Mixology 🍹

Get your team fired up this summer with fun and fruity cocktails from our Summer Mixology Class.

Here, participants will learn the basics of making summer-inspired cocktails. From mastering mixologist techniques to creating their custom summer cocktails, your team members will become expert mixologists.

This team bonding activity culminates in a Q&A session to ensure you’ve learned all the best bartending tricks. 

How to get started 👉 Sip your Piña Coladas without getting caught in the rain in this fun Summer Mixology Class with Confetti. 

6. Summer Cookie Decorating 🍪 

Imagine how to ice and decorate summer-themed cookies in the most friendly and fun environment. 

Our expert baker will instruct the team on basic decorating techniques on a batch of pre-baked summer cookies with shapes like popsicles, sunglasses, etc. It also comprises fun cookie decorating challenges to help participants stay engaged.

How to get started 👉 Confetti's expert baking instructors are ready to take you on some summer baking fun. Meet them up at Summer Cookie Decorating to get started!

5 more office summer party ideas 🤯

Did you think we've run out of office party ideas for summer? Certainly not! We've got five more corporate summer party ideas to bring your team together and boost employee engagement this season:

1. Office Awards Night 🏅 

An office awards night is one of the most effective ways to increase workers' retention and engagement. 

Rewarding employees for their excellent service to the organization is always a good idea — it spurs them to do better. They can invite their friends and loved ones to witness the moment.

2. Summer Talent Show 📺 

Organize a virtual or hybrid summer show to showcase team members' hidden talents. It reveals more about participants and helps employees to know themselves better.

While planning a summer talent show can be an overwhelming activity, the fun is sure worth the effort. Plus, you can enjoy the event without lifting a finger when you let our expert team at Confetti do the heavy lifting.

3. Movie Nights 🎬 

Like an outdoor cinema, a virtual movie night is an excellent way to make your employees enjoy a fun activity together. Complete with their favorite snacks, this team bonding event is a sure way to boost staff morale.

4. Create a Summer Party Playlist 🎤 

Have fun creating a summer party playlist for an office karaoke. Participants don't have to be excellent singers; the idea is to have fun hearing everyone's voice.

If you're having challenges creating a playlist that everyone can vibe to, then give people playlist prompts to see what your team is feelin'!

5. Scavenger Hunt 🤯

Thumbs up to whoever invented the scavenger hunt! Your workplace can organize one by grouping participants into small teams and using items already in the office.

Each team will get a list of things to find and written clues to help track them. Everyone in your diverse group can play this game.

Bonus: fun corporate office party themes for work 🥳

You and your team will love these party themes for your summer office get-togethers:

Decades 🕺

Transport your virtual team to another era with decades-themed office parties and open their minds to the wonders of their imagination.

Our favorite decade themes are the 80s and 90s, with music, pop, decor, and fashion remakes that everyone can relate to. Retro-decade-themed events are always so much fun.

Summer Camp 🏕

A summer camp-themed party with lots of games, food, drinks, and decorations is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy unlimited fun. Our creative team at Confetti can help you pull this off.

Garden Party 🌾

Almost everyone loves a garden event in summer, and a virtual garden-themed party could be the fantastic break everyone needs.

People can dress in their favorite floral clothes and decorate their yards with beautiful summer plants and flowers. Participants can also have a happy hour with garden-friendly drinks and meals. It'll be so much fun!

Tropical Theme 🌺

Nothing screams summer and celebrates natural beauty like a fun tropical-themed event.

Participants will look lovely in bright-colored outfits, enamel jewelry, and floral prints. Team members can prepare their favorite tropical party foods before the event kickstarts.

But, what theme is best for a summer party? 🤔

The perfect summer theme party is any theme everyone will enjoy. So, be sure to ask the team for the best ideas.

Celebrate the summer with Confetti 🎈 

From happy hour to murder mysteries and many more work party ideas, summer just got more fun at the virtual office with Confetti's team building activities

Host your own virtual event or have us do the heavy lifting and head to our home page or reach out to [email protected]. You can trust us to plan and host your virtual events much better than you dreamed of. 

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