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12 Office Party Ideas for Summer

Planning the perfect summer office party? Discover 11 creative and fun ideas that will bring your team together and make your corporate event unforgettable.

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Why throw a company summer party? 🎉 

Summer is here again, and its refreshing warmth makes it the best season for parties. If you have a remote team, throwing a virtual summer work party is a great idea.

With Q3 being a little slower (well, at least not Q4 fast) summer's a great time for a corporate party at your organization. But why else throw one in the first place? We'll tell you:

  • It's the perfect way for your company to engage employees in one place regardless of how globally distributed the team is 
  • Virtual summer parties promote healthy, friendly competition among team members
  • Parties help coworkers bond, kill boredom, and improve their communication skills 
  • Summer office parties make employees happy, and happy employees stay motivated 
There are more ideas where these came from 👉 Dive into the fun with Confetti’s Summer Party collection!
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Check out these office party ideas for summer 🥳

1. Terrarium Workshop 🌱

The terrarium workshop is where creativity, fun, and beauty come to party.

Green thumbs or not, your team members will learn to create their own mini-plant environment while bonding and having fun.

They'll learn exciting plant fun facts as a botanical expert guides them on terrarium and decoration-making. Virtual terrarium workshops are also great for helping your team burn some steam in summer.

How to get started 👉 Ready to make fun memories? Follow the Confetti map to the Terrarium Workshop and start planning!
Terrarium Workshop by Confetti

2. Office Awards Night 🏅 

Transform your summer office party into an unforgettable Office Awards Night. Celebrate your team's hard work and achievements with fun and creative awards like "Best Team Player" or "Office Comedian."

Encourage everyone to dress up and roll out a virtual red carpet for added glamor. This event not only recognizes individual contributions but also boosts morale and strengthens team spirit.

3. Summer Water Cooler 🌊 

Beat the summer heat and keep your team connected at the Summer Water Cooler.

In each session, participants will enjoy some light-hearted icebreakers geared around the season. Our engaging hosts will facilitate the icebreakers, ensuring everyone feels included and the atmosphere remains upbeat.

This experience is perfect for maintaining strong connections within remote teams, promoting open communication, and injecting a bit of summer fun into the workday. It’s an excellent way to boost morale and keep your team engaged and energized throughout the season.

How to get started 👉Take a vacation from work at the Summer Water Cooler
Summer Water Cooler by Confetti

4. Summer Talent Show 📺 

Showcase your team's hidden talents with a Summer Talent Show. Whether it's singing, dancing, comedy, or unique skills, this event provides a platform for employees to shine outside of their work roles.

Organize it as a live virtual event or have everyone submit recorded performances ahead of time for a fun screening party. It's a fantastic way to celebrate diversity and creativity within your team.

5. Virtual Field Day 👟

What could be more refreshing than a day of friendly team building competition and outdoor fun, even if it’s all happening virtually?

Our Virtual Field Day offers a variety of engaging activities designed to get your team moving, laughing, and working together. From a group fitness class to brain-teasing trivia and more, there’s something for everyone. Each event is facilitated by our energetic hosts who ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

This activity is ideal for fostering team spirit, promoting physical wellness, and creating memorable summer moments.

How to get started 👉 Let your employees relive the joy of a Field Day while building stronger connections and having loads of fun.
Field Day by Confetti

6. Movie Nights 🎬 

Bring the magic of cinema to your office with a series of Movie Nights. Choose a selection of popular films or classics and set up a virtual screening room where employees can watch and chat together in real-time.

Provide drink and snack boxes for an added touch of fun. This laid-back activity is perfect for winding down and enjoying some light-hearted entertainment as a team.

7. BYO Jam Making Class 🍓

Nothing says summer quite like the sweet, tangy taste of homemade jam.

In this class, participants will learn the art of selecting the best fruits, the perfect balance of sweetness, and the techniques for cooking and preserving delicious jams. No previous experience is needed—just a love for good food and fun.

This activity encourages creativity and collaboration as team members share their favorite jam combinations and memories of summer harvests. It’s a wonderful way to bond over the joys of homemade treats and the satisfaction of creating something delicious together.

How to get started 👉 Preserve the memories in a BYO Jam Making Class
BYO Jam Making Class by Confetti

8. Scavenger Hunt 🤯

Turn your office space or virtual meeting rooms into an adventure with a Scavenger Hunt. Create a list of items or clues that participants need to find and solve within a set time frame. This activity can be tailored to fit your office environment or conducted entirely online.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and a bit of healthy competition.

9. Summer Mixology Class 🍹

Get your team fired up this summer with fun and fruity cocktails from our Summer Mixology Class.

Here, participants will learn the basics of making summer-inspired cocktails. From mastering mixologist techniques to creating their custom summer cocktails, your team members will become expert mixologists.

This team bonding activity culminates in a Q&A session to ensure you’ve learned all the best bartending tricks. 

How to get started 👉 Cool off with a Summer Mixology Class!
Summer Mixology Class by Confetti

10. Create a Summer Party Playlist 🎤 

Get your team grooving to the beat of summer with a collaborative Summer Playlist. Invite everyone to contribute their favorite summer songs to create a diverse and energizing soundtrack that reflects the unique tastes and personalities of your team.

Whether it’s classic beach tunes, upbeat pop hits, or relaxing acoustic melodies, this activity encourages participation and sparks conversation about music preferences and memorable summer moments. Once the playlist is complete, share it during breaks, virtual meetings, or company events to keep the summer vibes alive.

11. Summer Cookie Decorating 🍪 

Imagine how to ice and decorate summer-themed cookies in the most friendly and fun environment. 

Our expert baker will instruct the team on basic decorating techniques on a batch of pre-baked summer cookies with shapes like popsicles, sunglasses, etc. It also includes fun cookie decorating challenges to help participants stay engaged.

How to get started 👉 Confetti's expert baking instructors are ready to take you on some summer baking fun. Meet them up at Summer Cookie Decorating to get started!
Summer Cookie Decorating by Confetti

12. Trivia Kickball 🧠

This unique team-building activity merges brain power with friendly competition, creating an engaging and entertaining experience for everyone.

Participants will tackle trivia questions covering a variety of topics, earning points for their team with each correct answer. The twist? Correct answers also move their virtual kickball players around the bases, adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement. Our lively hosts keep the energy high and ensure everyone stays involved and entertained.

Trivia Kickball is perfect for promoting teamwork, sparking friendly rivalries, and infusing your summer events with laughter and camaraderie. 

How to get started 👉 Step up to the plate for a round of Trivia Kickball
Trivia Kickball by Confetti

Bonus: fun corporate office party themes for work 🥳

You and your team will love these party themes for your summer office get-togethers:

Decades 🕺

Transport your virtual team to another era with decades-themed office parties and open their minds to the wonders of their imagination.

Our favorite decade themes are the 80s and 90s, with music, pop, decor, and fashion remakes that everyone can relate to. Retro-decade-themed events are always so much fun.

Summer Camp 🏕

A summer camp-themed party with lots of games, food, drinks, and decorations is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy unlimited fun. Our creative team at Confetti can help you pull this off.

Garden Party 🌾

Almost everyone loves a garden event in summer, and a virtual garden-themed party could be the fantastic break everyone needs.

People can dress in their favorite floral clothes and decorate their backgrounds with beautiful summer plants and flowers. Participants can also have a happy hour with garden-friendly drinks and meals. It'll be so much fun!

Tropical Theme 🌺

Nothing screams summer and celebrates natural beauty like a fun tropical-themed corporate summer party.

Participants will look lovely in bright-colored outfits and floral prints. Team members can prepare their favorite tropical party foods before the event starts.

But, what theme is best for a summer office party? 🤔

The perfect summer corporate party is any theme everyone will enjoy. So, be sure to ask the team for the best ideas.

Celebrate the summer with Confetti 🎈 

From summer cocktails to virtual field days and more, summer just got more fun at the virtual office. These ideas are sure to create memorable moments and strengthen your team’s connection. 

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