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10 of the Best Outdoor Team Building Activities

Fun outdoor team building will make your winning team stronger. Read on for a list of outdoor team activities you can throw with large and small groups!

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Now that summer is approaching, encourage employees to explore something new outdoors instead of the traditional team building activity in the office. Why? Getting outside allows employees to unplug from work and connect in a more dynamic and stimulating environment. Plus, we've all experienced the ways vitamin D can lift our mood, along with other health benefits. ☀️

An outdoor team building game encourages team members to step out of their comfort zones, overcome obstacles together, and develop a deeper sense of trust and friendship. 

Let's explore the benefits of outdoor team building, as well as some simple activities your team can get out and enjoy together! 

What are the benefits of outdoor team building activities? ☀️

The best outdoor team building activity offers more than just a few laughs and a break from answering emails. It's also a chance to strengthen relationships between team members. Benefits of fun outdoor events include:

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone. Outdoor activities can push you to try something new that you may not have considered before. Any event beyond the office walls encourages participants to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new experiences.
  • Knowing your colleagues better. A team is a complex organism where people develop close relationships with some, and stay isolated from others. This is natural for larger workplaces. Outdoor team activities change this, where colleagues from different departments can interact and develop team chemistry
  • Developing new skills. Corporate events in a new, open setting encourage you to master various skills that may not be needed in your daily work routine. These may include anything from problem-solving to creativity. New knowledge contributes to a well-rounded team dynamic.

Here's what Nikki Herzog, Event Manager at BoomPop, has to say about the ways outdoor team building events can expand the possibilities of team building:

"Have you ever been in school and the teacher decided on such a beautiful day to take your class outside for lessons? And all of a sudden your mind began to expand and put together new and creative ideas based on what was happening in front of you? Ideas that never seemed possible within the confines of a room? That is exactly how we feel about outdoor activities with your colleagues. Whether you usually are on Zoom together or in an office, changing your environment changes the way you identify and bond with one another. When you move your body outdoors, it feels natural and begins to break down the literal walls we are normally so hidden behind.”

Let's explore some of the activities you can use for some easy connection-building with your employees. (Some of these activities can be thrown in outdoor and indoor settings, so have some fun come rain or shine!)

Try these 10 activities with your team:

1. Capture the Flag 🚩

Capture the Flag is a great outdoor team building event for those who love friendly competition. Split everyone into two teams, each with its own territory and flag. Players will work together to defend their flag while trying to steal the opposing team's flag. This all requires strategic thinking and communication. The first team to successfully make it back to their territory with the opposing team's flag wins! 

2. Relay Race 👟

There is no greater equalizer of the human experience than a good, old-fashioned relay race. The best part? You don’t even need to include any running! Set up 5-10 “stations” at your outdoor venue (or around the office) and make the teams race to complete tasks.

See who can sink the bean bag in the cornhole board, staple two pieces of paper together 10 times the fastest, complete a kid's puzzle the fastest, etc. This is a great way to get lots of people involved and you can tailor the number of tasks that need to be completed to the group size.

3. Elevated Egg Drop 🥚

Elevate the classic egg drop game with a skillful twist! How? Maybe you play a stacking game but in order to get each piece to add to the stack, you have to balance the egg on a wooden spoon. Maybe it’s a nimble obstacle course. Maybe it’s something else entirely! Either way: take the egg drop game to the next level.

4. Grab a Frisbee 👋

This one's simple: literally, just grab a frisbee. If you’re outside, any frisbee will do. If you’re in the office, a soft frisbee is HR-approved for indoor horseplay. Tossing the disc around is a great way to pass the time at a company offsite or to transition between events. Want to spice it up? Have the Farthest Toss Contest to see who can sling the frisbee the greatest distance!

5. Trash Can H-O-R-S-E 🏀

If you don't have a basketball court to play the traditional way, here's a creative spin: All you need is a ball (soccer or volleyball size will do) and a trash can. Set the can up in a central location, and then try to make the most difficult shot possible.

The next team member has two chances to recreate the same shot. If they don’t, they get a letter! The first person to spell H-O-R-S-E (or any other fun word around the office) loses, but gets to pick the next game! 

6. Minute to Win It ⏱️

Minute to Win It is a fun game that requires participants to complete a task within 60 seconds. There are tons of creative tasks you can use, but we’re a fan of using chopsticks to transfer the most M&Ms into a container in under a minute!

7. Scavenger Hunt 🔍

Scavenger hunts are one of the best team building activities because they combine adventure, problem-solving, and teamwork in a thrilling outdoor setting. Teams work together to decipher clues, find hidden treasures, and complete challenges, fostering communication and collaboration along the way. Whether exploring a local park, a historic neighborhood (or even your office building on a rainy day), scavenger hunts offer endless opportunities for creativity and fun.

8. Human knot 🪢

This is a great team building game that builds trust, active listening skills, and cooperation. Participants stand in a circle and reach across to grab the hands of two different people not right beside them. Then, they must untangle themselves as a group without letting go of each other's hands.

This task requires effective communication, as all members must coordinate their movements and find one solution to undo the knot.  

9. Hiking ⛰️

Hiking is a fun outdoor group activity that boosts morale without having your teams compete. If your budget can't handle a hut-to-hut hiking Switzerland tour, get out on your local hiking trails!

The shared experience of overcoming obstacles and reaching the final destination creates bonds and builds team spirit amongst colleagues. Hiking also lets employees enjoy open dialogue and build connections with their colleagues along the way. And don't forget about the well-being element – hikers will be disconnecting from technology, enjoying nature, and reducing stress in the process.

10. Yoga 🧘

Team building outdoors doesn't have to be a game of friendly competition. Boost employee well-being with an outdoor yoga session! This peaceful activity encourages relaxation, mindfulness, and a feeling of stress relief for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. In the warm season, an outdoor yoga session can turn into an enjoyable day for the entire team!

Wrapping up 🎉

No matter what you choose, outdoor team building games and activities provide a welcome change from the usual office routine. Employees get a chance to connect and strengthen team bonds while getting some fresh air in the process.

So, don't hesitate to step outdoors, brighten your team's day, and encourage a fun-filled company culture with a new team building activity!

If you need more indoor team building ideas where that came from, browse the experiences Confetti has to offer! Contact [email protected] to find the perfect experience for your company culture goals.  
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