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Summer Party

Cool down with our hottest summer experiences, designed just for your team.

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Summer Party
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21 unique ideas for your team

Virtual Water Cooler
Water Cooler
Speed meet your way through the office with quick, virtual team icebreaker questions!
Virtual Summer Cookie Decorating
Summer Cookie Decorating
Anything is popsicle when you have icing and cookies. Enjoy some summer baking fun, and learn how to ice and decorate summer themed cookies.
Virtual Summer Mixology Class
Summer Mixology Class
If you like Piña Coladas, then you will love our Summer Mixology Class! Learn how to mix fun and fruity cocktails that will get you in the mood for summer.
Virtual Fruit Butter & Jam Making Class
Fruit Butter & Jam Making Class
Sweeten up the season with homemade fruit butter and berry-licious jam.
Virtual Nostalgic Prom
Nostalgic Prom
Remember prom? That one magical night where everything seemed possible? Host this throwback experience and re-live your greatest prom memories — this time with your work team! Includes live music, conversation rooms, and games.
Virtual Mean Queens Murder Mystery
Mean Queens Murder Mystery
In this virtual murder mystery with a professional actor, prod, investigate, and grill suspects as you come face to face with the dark side of Greek life.
Virtual Murder Mystery Party
Murder Mystery Party
Can your team crack this hardboiled case? In this virtual murder mystery with professional actors, gather your team to decipher riddles, solve the crime, and bring the killer to justice!
Virtual Tie Dye Workshop
Tie Dye Workshop
This interactive workshop will virtually guide participants on how to tie dye from the comforts of their own campsite, uh - I mean, home.
Virtual Tequila Tasting
Tequila Tasting
Taste tequila with your team from the comforts of your home. It's worth a shot!
Virtual Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting
Calling all wine lovers — experience elevated team happy hour with virtual tastings, right from the comfort of your couch.
Virtual Kombucha Making Class
Kombucha Making Class
Missing your office's on-tap kombucha while working from home? Learn how to make enough kombucha for yourself and your friends in this hands-on brewing class.
Virtual Beer Tasting
Beer Tasting
Lagers, ales, pilsners, and IPAs... We’ll be hopping right into beer specifics in this tasting experience at home.
Virtual Terrarium Workshop
Terrarium Workshop
Spruce up your living space with your very own plant terrarium.
Virtual Hand Pie Baking Class
Hand Pie Baking Class
Learn how to bake sweet & fruity hand pies from scratch. Converting childhood favorite Pop-Tarts into a gourmet dream!
Virtual Donut Baking Class
Donut Baking Class
It's time to make donuts with this easy, fryer-free baking class.
Virtual Boba Tea Making Class
Boba Tea Making Class
Satisfy your milk tea cravings and make an Instagram-worthy boba tea.
Virtual Cupcake Decorating Class
Cupcake Decorating Class
Less baking, more decorating! Learn to ice and decorate cupcakes in this virtual class.
Virtual Pretzel Making Class
Pretzel Making Class
Make sweet or salty pretzels with your own unique twist!
Virtual Cheese Making Class
Cheese Making Class
This interactive workshop will guide your group through the art of cheese making from the comforts of your own kitchen.
Virtual Cheese Tasting
Cheese Tasting
Learn how to taste, talk, and think about all things cheese in this tasting class.
Virtual Charcuterie Board Making Class
Charcuterie Board Making Class
Become the perfect host and learn how to build your own charcuterie board with an expert charcutier!
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Confetti 2022. All rights reserved.
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