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Summer Party

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Tie Dye Workshop
This interactive workshop will virtually guide participants on how to tie dye from the comforts of their own campsite, uh - I mean, home.
Mixology Class
Learn how to whip up cocktail favorites from home - because it's always happy hour somewhere!
Tequila Tasting
Enjoy a virtual tequila tasting with the rest of your team. It's worth a shot!
Wine Tasting
Enjoy a virtual wine tasting with the rest of your team, right from the comfort of your couch.
Beer Tasting
Lagers, ales, pilsners, and IPAs... We’ll be hopping right into beer specifics in this Virtual Beer Tasting!
Terrarium Workshop
Spruce up your living space with your very own plant terrarium!
Hand Pie Baking Class
Learn how to bake sweet & fruity hand pies from scratch. Converting childhood favorite Pop-Tarts into a gourmet dream!
Donut Baking Class
It's time to make donuts with this easy, fryer-free baking class.
Acrylic Painting Class
Get creative with acrylic paints in a class led by expert art instructors.
Watercolor Painting Class
Create a watercolor masterpiece with guidance from expert art teachers.
Cookie Decorating Class
Learn to ice and decorate cookies like a pro!
Cupcake Decorating Class
Learn to ice and decorate cupcakes in this virtual class.
Composting Class
Turn your waste into fertilizer for happy plants, and get composting!
Pretzel Baking Class
Make sweet or salty pretzels with your own unique twist!
Cheesemaking Class
This interactive workshop will guide your group through the art of cheesemaking from the comforts of your own kitchen.
BYO Cheese Tasting
Sharpen up your palate. Learn how to taste, talk, and think about all things cheese!
Deeply Rooted in Hospitality
Our dedicated coordinators will help plan your experiences free of charge, allowing you to focus on your to-do list, while we handle the heavy lifting.
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