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Top 5 Virtual Employee Engagement Activities

Does your team need a pick-me-up? Discover the world of employee engagement and find out how you can lead your team to success! Remote teams deserve a little TLC, and it's time to deliver.

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Why is employee engagement important for remote workers? 🤔

Working from home can feel alienating… without face to face interactions it's easy to space out and lose focus. That’s why it’s never been more important to encourage employee engagement! 

Lucky for you, through simple and fast activities you can get your team engaged and focused like never before!

Your jaw will hang agape when you witness the benefits that come from employee engagement…

  • Improves overall productivity and boosts a strong work ethic 💪
  • Recognizes talent from remote workers who may feel disconnected 👀
  • Increases trust between you and your team 👯
  • Makes mental health and well being a priority 🧠
  • Makes signing in for the day a joy! 🎉

5 Virtual Employee Engagement Ideas 💡

If this all sounds great, but you don’t know where to start — look no further! Here at Confetti we’ve got team building games and activities that are guaranteed to accentuate employee engagement.  

1. Host monthly game nights 🎲

Do you end your last zoom meeting of the day, close the laptop, and feel empty? Mitigate that void with a good time! Playing games is scientifically proven to keep our outlooks positive. ✨ Add a little spark each month with a fun game night! ✨

There are plenty of online games to plan the best game night possible! The most popular include:

Why is this a great idea for keeping remote employees engaged? Games require participation, so this is an organic and fun way to encourage your team to mingle, speak up, and laugh! Toss in a little joy to the work salad and it's a whole new meal!

2. Plan a big quarterly party 🎉

The light at the end of the tunnel keeps us going. Shine that light a little bit brighter! Hosting a company bash each quarter is a reward your team can look forward to when those deadlines start to get a bit tight!

Our shipped kits are always great for quarterly parties! The most popular include:

Why is this a great idea for keeping remote employees engaged? A quarterly party is a tangible and clear way to let your team know their hard work is valued and appreciated. When you host an event with a crafting kit, your team even gets a little talisman of good-time memories to hold on to.

3. Create just-for-fun Slack channels 🤪

Break up the humdrum routine of emails, virtual calls, and boring direct messages. Spice up the virtual workplace with silly Slack channels!

Our favorite fun Slack channels at Confetti include:

  • #yelling, a fun vent channel where speaking IN ALL CAPS is mandatory.
  • #confetti-pets because we love seeing everyone's fur babies!
  • #confetti-memes where our team posts memes specifically related to Confetti shenanigans!
Why is this a great idea for keeping remote employees engaged? A lighthearted space dedicated to making each other laugh is a key way to help your employees stay online and check in with each other. Starting the day with jokes and memes makes the transition into work feel natural and closer to the in-office experience.

4. Start a wellness challenge 🧘

Remote teams spend most of their time sitting down in front of a computer. Get your team up on their feet and moving through a wellness challenge. Start off simple, for example — try to take one meeting a day standing up. If your team vibes with this idea, kick it up a notch and try out one of our classes!

Our Health & Wellness collection features plenty of fantastic events for your wellness challenge. Our most popular include:

Why is this a great idea for keeping remote employees engaged? It's hard to stay engaged if your well being is out of alignment, come on in for a tune up! Remember — a healthy mind supports a healthy body and a healthy body supports a healthy mind. 

5. Celebrate work anniversaries 🕺

Whether it’s the one year anniversary of your startup, or celebrating Joe’s 30 years as CFO — take the time to recognize achievements. This is a deceptively simple way to demonstrate you appreciate your team as individuals, not worker bees.

Read our blog on company anniversary ideas for even more inspiration!

Why is this a great idea for keeping remote employees engaged? Any excuse for a party is bound to put a smile on remote employees. The more hard work = celebration, the more encouraged you are to work hard!

Boost remote employee engagement with Confetti! 🎊

Do you want a team that’s eager to check in every morning with a smile on their face and pep in their proverbial step? Then you need engagement at the highest level. Check out our Diversity and Inclusion team building activities for better remote teams!

Trust Confetti to take you higher. 🥳
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Frequently Asked Questions ❓

What activities increase employee engagement? 🤔

Any activity that sparks conversation is great. From icebreakers to trivia, you can’t go wrong when everyone is involved in the action! 

What creative ideas would you suggest to increase employee engagement virtually? 🧐

The best way to increase engagement virtually is by reaching out to Confetti! We have oodles of events just waiting for you to choose!

How do you increase employee engagement in virtual meetings? 🤨

It’s easy to coast through Zoom meetings on autopilot. Suggest at least one call a day where everyone has cameras on — when your team sees each other ‘irl’ it's easier to feel a connection across screens. Or, try these 5 unique activities to start your meetings with fun.

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