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7+ Activities to Celebrate National Caregivers Month at Work

November is the month national family caregivers are in the spotlight for all they do to support others. Family caregiving is no easy task, so let's do all we can to raise awareness and increase support for these special people in our lives!

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Plan team building activities that support family caregivers!

National Caregivers Month recognizes and honors the crucial role that caregivers play in the lives of individuals who need constant support, and is a way to educate communities on their hard work and needs.

Did you know between 13 and 22% of employees juggle work and caregiving responsibilities? More than half of those employed caregivers work full-time! Planning National Caregivers Month activities for the office can be a meaningful and beneficial way to support caregivers and working parents within your organization. By honoring family caregivers, you create a company culture of understanding and support, since caregivers often face unique caregiving issues while balancing work and responsibilities for their loved ones. ❀️

Plus, team building activities let your team relax and unwind, which improves caregivers' (and employees' in general) mental health and productivity. These family-friendly activities promote enhanced communication, collaboration, and a sense of belonging, which can be especially beneficial for caregivers who may need more flexibility or understanding from their colleagues. Plus, those who have little ones around are welcome to have them join in!


Spend November celebrating family caregivers with fun-filled experiences that everyone can enjoy:

1. Pottery Painting Class

No kilns are required in this Pottery Painting Class! Participants will receive a ready-to-paint mug or planter along with acrylic painting materials in their kits, making it easy for all skill levels, without lots of prep work. The step-by-step demonstration encourages caregivers to paint fun abstract designs while allowing room for creative expression. This class can be done from the comfort of your own home instead of a fancy studio. At the end of the class, you'll have a lasting memento to remind you of that year's National Caregivers Month celebration! πŸ–ŒοΈ

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Let your team express themselves in a Pottery Painting Class!
Virtual Pottery Painting Class by Confetti


2. Chunky Knitting Class

It's November - so who doesn't want an extra cozy, homemade blanket? In a Chunky Knitting class, you'll learn finger knitting techniques (that's right, no needles needed!) making it easy for everyone to join in, even those with no prior knitting experience. Your friendly instructor will walk you through the steps to creating your own chunky knit blanket while your team relaxes and enjoys some social time. The multiple check-ins throughout the workshop provide opportunities for everyone to show off their progress and enjoy some laughs in the process.Β 

Here's an idea: use the hand-knitting techniques you learn in this class to make handmade gifts for the upcoming holiday season! 🧢

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Make warm memories in a Chunky Knitting Class!
Virtual Chunky Knitting Class by Confetti


3. Pizza Making Class

Bring caregivers and their loved ones together to bond over the joy of homemade pizza making! With the expert guidance of a pizza-making pro, participants can follow along as they learn to craft a classic pepperoni pizza recipe. Your team will make their own fresh dough from the provided kit, mix and match their favorite toppings, and come up with some ultimate pies!

The best part is that no prior cooking experience is necessary, making it an accessible and enjoyable activity for all. With the recipe yielding 2+ servings, your caregivers and their families can create delightful pizza masterpieces to help them save some meal prep work for later in the evening! πŸ•

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Make some food for the soul in a Pizza Making Class!


4. Cupcake Decorating Class

Celebrate National Caregivers Month with the sweet vibes of a Cupcake Decorating Class! With the guidance of an expert icer, you'll learn classic cupcake designs and icing techniques to help everyone decorate the perfect cupcake for any occasion. Whether it's adding intricate details, colorful swirls, or personal touches, caregivers and their loved ones can bond over this sweet and fun activity, turning simple cupcakes into delectable masterpieces.🧁

If you have a bunch of baking whizzes on your team, check out our baking classes to start from scratch!Β 

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Let your caregivers know they're sweet with a Cupcake Decorating Class!


5. Terrarium Workshop

A Terrarium Workshop encourages caregivers to relax, unwind, and explore their creative side, making it a perfect way to foster togetherness and celebrate National Caregivers Month. By the end of the session, everyone will have made their terrarium to showcase in their offices or homes, infusing their living spaces with the tranquility and beauty of nature.

Whether caregivers choose to share this experience with their children, other family members, or colleagues, the workshop encourages collaboration, creativity, and the joy of nurturing a living plant. 🌱

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Help your team tend to their garden in a Terrarium Workshop!
Virtual Terrarium Workshop by Confetti


Empower caregivers with a team building experience centered around health and wellness:

6. Yoga Class

A slow-flow Vinyasa yoga session offers a holistic approach to well-being, focusing on physical and mental aspects. With basic breathing techniques, a series of yoga poses, and guided meditation, participants can strengthen and stretch their bodies while prioritizing mindfulness. Whether they're a beginner looking to learn fundamental yoga poses at an easy pace or a seasoned yogi aiming to perfect their practice, this Yoga Class provides a welcoming and inclusive space for all.

Caregivers often face unique challenges, and yoga's emphasis on breath and mindfulness can help caregivers manage stress and maintain their emotional well-being. By celebrating National Caregivers Month with a Yoga Class, you not only show appreciation for their dedication but also provide them with a valuable opportunity for relaxation, self-care, and solidarity. 🧘

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Treat your caregivers to a rejuvenating Yoga Class!
Virtual Yoga Class by Confetti


7. Wellness Elixir Making Class

Bring your caregivers in the office together for an elixir-making class! Your team will learn how to craft three delicious and healthy plant-based elixirs, like the Good Mood Tea, Spiced Elixir, and Uplift Elixir. This experience not only nurtures caregivers' physical health but also fosters a sense of community, allowing them to bond over shared wellness pursuits and celebrate their commitment to caregiving.

Caregivers often dedicate themselves to the health and happiness of others, and this class provides them with the tools and knowledge to prioritize their own wellness, too. πŸ§‰

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Raise a glass to your caregivers in a Wellness-Elixir Making Class!
Virtual Wellness Elixir Making Class by Confetti


8. Candle Making Class

A Candle Making Class is an ideal team building activity to celebrate National Caregivers Month. Your team will learn how to make two soy wax candles using fragrance oils mixed in their own unique scents. The choice of fragrance allows participants to customize their candles to their liking, and make seasonal candles throughout the year. As caregivers explore their creative sides and make beautiful candles, they can also reflect on the warmth and light they bring to the lives of those they care for.Β 

Candle Making Class provides caregivers with a therapeutic and creative outlet, promoting self-care and stress relief, which are essential for their well-being. Crafting candles can be a soothing and meditative craft, allowing caregivers to unwind and recharge. πŸ•―οΈ

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Light up your caregivers' month with a Candle Making Class!
Virtual Candle Making Class by Confetti


9. Stress Management Workshop

A Stress Management Workshop gives caregivers the opportunity to learn helpful stress management information and techniques that can benefit both their personal and professional lives, such as:

  • The physiological causes and effects of stress and how to identify key stressors
  • How to recognize symptoms of distress and typical stress responses
  • Mental health tips and tricks to take control of their emotions and stress responses

Caregivers often face significant emotional and psychological challenges, and this workshop not only equips them with the necessary tools but also reinforces a sense of unity and mutual support within the caregiving community. πŸ’—

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Learn how to care for yourself and others in a Stress Management Workshop!
Virtual Stress Management Workshop by Confetti


10. Calm and Create

This virtual creative wellness workshop combines meditation or yoga techniques with artistic expression, promoting mental health and creativity. While painting or drawing, your team will craft at least three pieces of art, allowing caregivers to tap into their creative potential and unwind in this therapeutic experience.

Make it a happy hour activity and encourage your team to bring a beverage of their choice! This class can be a great meditative and expressive outlet, as well as a more social happy hour activity. ✏️

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Let your caregivers explore their creative side in Calm and Create!
Virtual Calm and Create by Confetti


Honor family caregivers with Confetti! 🎊

Don't hesitate to book a National Caregivers Month team building celebration today. If you loved these experiences, there are plenty where that came from. Check out our Family Friendly and Health & Wellness collection for more ideas.

Need help finding the perfect experience? Contact [email protected] to get started!
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FAQ: What is the history of National Family Caregiver Month?

The concept of honoring caregivers was initiated by the National Family Caregivers Association (now known as the Caregiver Action Network) in the early 1990s. In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed the first presidential proclamation recognizing National Family Caregivers Week, which was observed in November.Β 

In 1997, President Clinton signed the National Family Caregivers Month proclamation, which began promoting national recognition throughout the month of November to honor and recognize family caregivers, as well as professional and volunteer caregivers.

This yearly observance serves as a reminder of the selfless dedication of caregivers and the challenges they face while encouraging communities, organizations, and policymakers to provide the necessary support and resources for caregivers to continue supporting the well-being of their loved ones.Β 


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