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A Guide to Corporate Gift Giving

Looking for corporate gift ideas and tips for your employees? Check out our ultimate guide to corporate gift giving.

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By Lee Rubin, CEO & Founder of Confetti

Corporate gift-giving is serious business. 👩‍💼 The B2B world is well-versed in spoiling clients with all things luxe, but what about something special for the employees? 

💭 Gifting your employees with the right things should take even more thought and consideration. They’re the main reason your clients stick with you (although those all-expenses-paid trips to Vegas do help). 

Read our handy corporate gift ideas guide below to learn more about giving to your employees. 


Determine best times to give 

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be associated with the winter holidays. Workplaces are full of diversity, and holidays like Christmas have a religious connotation not everyone celebrates or relates to. 

At Confetti, we have two major gift days - a person’s work anniversary and birthday and then little ones sprinkled throughout the year. 🎁 These dates allow for individual recognition of our team members, while holiday gifts (although appreciated) just feel less personal. 

Determining your company’s giving days and what you give is entirely up to the business! But we recommend finding days exclusively for each individual, as it provides a personal touch. 

Knowing what to give

Even as a fearless company leader, you may not know what a team member wants as a gift. 😲 That’s okay! Chances are, someone else can help determine the perfect present. 

Confetti likes to go to a person’s closest coworker for gift ideas. We’d much rather get a gift a person genuinely wants than give for the sake of giving. We’ll have this friend pass along the suggestion to our People Ops team, who then sources it. 

Enlisting help guarantees we’re getting something great. 👯‍♂️ If you’d like even more advice in this area, check out our guide on finding the perfect present

Of course, this doesn’t have to be your exact system. We’ve just found it to be the most organized for us so far. You can have anyone order the gift - managers, HR, coworkers, so long as it works with your company card policy.


Nail down your internal gifting policies 

Having gift-giving guidelines helps streamline the process and makes preparation so much easier. As mentioned above, we’ve cemented specific gifting dates unique to each team member and a way to guarantee they’ll feel seen. 

Our gifts are also always signed off as The Confetti Team because we want to remind a person that our whole company recognizes them and appreciates their hard work. 

And, of course, we have a budget allocated. One-year anniversaries are celebrated with $1,000 cash 🤑, while birthdays are celebrated with tangible gifts and have $100 budgets. 

We’ve found our current budget presents (pun intended) the opportunity for team members to exchange gifts with one another, too. As a result, we’re building out a $30 per month per employee policy. 

If a team member notices someone needs a pick-me-up or simply wants to say thanks for a job well done, they’ll be able to do so on the company’s dime! If you haven’t noticed, we’re all about camaraderie at Confetti. 🎉

To build out solid gifting policies, work with your HR leaders and People Ops to determine what makes the most sense for your company. But feel free to use our little summary for inspiration. And keep an eye out for future detailed blogs from us on cultural policy building… 👀

Need more corporate gift ideas for your employees this holiday season?

We’d love to help! Confetti is in the art of creating memorable employee experiences, and we’re eager to do so for your team. Consider throwing a holiday party in January and start the year off with a bang! 
Check out our explore page for inspiration, or reach out to [email protected]. We’re so excited to have you.

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