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4 Administrative Professionals Day Gift Ideas

Appreciation has a major impact on employee engagement and talent retention in any organization. This Admin Professionals Day, recognize your staff's hard work with memorable gifts with a personal touch. Read on for ideas that make perfect administrative professional day gifts.

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What is the history of Administrative Professionals Day? πŸ“…

Due to World War II, the decreased post-Depression era birth rate, as well as the boom of post-war business, the labor force saw a shortage of administrative professionals. In response, the National Secretaries Association was formed in 1942 to recognize the many contributions administrative professionals made to the economy, support their future development, as well as attract more workers into the administrative field.

National Administrative Professionals Day, formerly known as National Secretary's Day or Admin Day, was first marked as a celebration in 1952 by U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Charles Sawyer, during the larger celebration of National Secretaries Week.

In the year 2000, the week-long observance was renamed Administrative Professionals Week, to include the wide variety of administrative assistants, human resources professionals, office managers, and more titles that fall under the administrative umbrella. It is now celebrated annually during the last full week of April in many countries, such as the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and more.


What does an administrative professional do? πŸ€”

Whether an administrative assistant or an office manager, administrative professionals are the backbone of many organizations. They are responsible for providing support to executives, managers, and other employees by handling a wide range of tasks that keep the organization running smoothly, such as:

  • Organizing and managing information πŸ“‚
  • Communication and correspondence πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»
  • Event planning and coordination 🎈
  • Financial and budget planning πŸ’±
  • Technology support and software management πŸ”§

Without the support of administrative professionals, many businesses would struggle to operate efficiently and effectively. Whether they are managing a busy executive's schedule or planning a company-wide event, administrative professionals are an indispensable part of any team.


How should you celebrate Administrative Professionals Day? πŸ₯³

Don’t let Administrative Professionals Day fly under the radar. This is an important day to recognize the hard work of the admin employees in your organization. Here are some great gift ideas to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day with your remote or hybrid office:

  • Gift Cards: Pick a gift card to their favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or store, so they can treat themselves to something special.
  • Professional development opportunities: Invest in your employees' growth by offering to cover the cost of a workshop, conference, or online course related to their role or interests.
  • Personalized desk accessories: Treat them to items like engraved pens or custom notebooks with their name or initials.
  • Virtual appreciation party: Host a virtual celebration where you can take a moment to spotlight your admin professionals and their hard work. If you'd like to make it a memorable celebration for the entire office, invite the whole team to join in and play some unique team-building activities! 🎊
  • Personalized video messages: Here's an affordable and virtual-friendly idea, ask your departments to make a personalized video message to express their gratitude for the work of your organization's administrative team! Compile them together for a heartwarming video montage to share with your admin team and put a smile on their face. πŸ“Ή

This is the perfect day to treat your administrative professionals to a special gift. Here are some more unique gift-giving ideas that you can use to reward your hard-working team this April.


4 more thoughtful and unique gifts for administrative team members:

1. Thank you cards πŸ’Œ

A personalized thank you card is a heartfelt way to express your gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and dedication of administrative professionals. It shows that you have taken the time to think about them individually as team members, their strengths and contributions, and that you value their work.Β 

With virtual offices becoming more common, it's easy to send a personalized thank you card to an administrative professional. You can create a card online and have it printed and mailed directly to the recipient, or you can send an e-card that can be delivered instantly. Add on an online gift card so your employees can treat themselves to a coffee and treat, or lunch!

Why is this an excellent gift for Administrative Professionals Day? When an administrative professional receives a personalized thank you card from the whole virtual office, it shows that everyone in the office cares about them and appreciates their work, even those with whom they may not get to work directly. It's a powerful message that can boost morale and create a sense of belonging.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ The perfect gift comes from the heart. Create some beautiful thank you cards using free templates with Canva!Β 


2. Personalized gift basket

Give your administrative assistants and professionals a gift they'll get some use out of, like a personalized gift basket! Cozy blankets and custom hoodies are perfect for chilly office environments, while insulated tumblers keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Who doesn't need a large canvas tote bag for carrying their work essentials?

Personalized gifts are always appreciated. By customizing the gift with each team member's name or your company logo, you show that you've put that extra step of thought and care into the gift. It's a wonderful way to show your team that you appreciate their hard work and dedication.


3. Spring Wreath Making Class 🌱

If you're looking for a creative and hands-on gift idea for Administrative Professionals Day, consider a Spring Wreath Making Class. A Spring Wreath Making Class is an interactive activity that allows participants to get creative and use their hands to create something beautiful to enjoy. Plus, it's a great way to break up the monotony of the workday and provide a unique experience for your administrative team members.

Why is this an excellent gift for Administrative Professionals Day? A Spring Wreath Making Class is a great team building activity. It allows your employees to learn new skills together, building camaraderie and strengthening relationships among team members. By the end of the class, your team will have a beautiful spring wreath to display in their homes or offices. But the gift doesn't stop there! They'll also learn wreath-making skills that they can use to create their own festive and floral arrangements all year round.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Spruce up your admin employees' day with a Spring Wreath Making Class!
Virtual Spring Wreath Making Class by Confetti


4. Deskercise Class

A Deskercise Class offers a unique blend of modern yoga exercises tailored specifically for the seated position, making it convenient to integrate into your employees' daily routine. Kicking off with a short meditation session, our skilled instructor will lead you through gentle desk stretches and movements designed to alleviate tension and rejuvenate both body and mind.

Why is this an excellent gift for Administrative Professionals Day? This class promotes physical well-being through movement, which is especially important for anyone who spends long hours at their desk. It also is a fun and interactive way to break up the monotony of the workday and give your employees a much-needed recharge. This activity shows your commitment to the team's health and wellness and helps improve productivity and focus by giving employees a well-deserved mental and physical break.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Help your employees stretch out the stress in a Deskercise Class!
Virtual Deskercise Class by Confetti


Give Administrative Professionals Day Gifts with Confetti πŸ’“

It’s never a bad idea to show your gratitude to the employees who keep our business operations running smoothly. After all, showing your employees appreciation whenever you can is key to retaining happy employees throughout the employee experience and maintaining a healthy, connected company culture.Β 

Need some more thoughtful gift ideas for your administrative staff? Check out our National Admin Day collection!
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