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28 unique ideas for your team

Virtual Caramel Apple Decorating Class
Caramel Apple Decorating Class
Have fun dipping and decorating caramel apples with your team!
Virtual Museum Storytelling Tours
Museum Storytelling Tours
Have you ever wondered about the true stories behind the world’s most treasured artifacts and historical pieces of art? Spend an hour with our knowledgeable art & culture guides while they share mind-blowing and immersive stories about world famous exhibits!
Virtual Laughter Yoga
Laughter Yoga
Connect with your joyful inner child through the power of laughter. This laughter yoga class is designed for relieving stress and feel good team bonding!
Virtual Cupcake Baking Class
Cupcake Baking Class
Learn how to bake and decorate delicious cupcakes from scratch.
Virtual Chunky Blanket Knitting Class
Chunky Blanket Knitting Class
Learn how to knit a cozy and chunky blanket that you can use as a throw.
Virtual Painting Class
Painting Class
Create an artistic masterpiece in this painting class at home. For beginners and experts alike!
Virtual Rainbow Bagel Making Class
Rainbow Bagel Making Class
Learn how to bake your own bagels... and then dye them!
Virtual Italian Cooking Class
Italian Cooking Class
Unleash your inner chef and learn how to prepare one of three Italian-American dishes.
Virtual Cookie Decorating Class
Cookie Decorating Class
Decorate delicious sugar cookies using a ready to decorate cookie kit.
Virtual Mexican Cooking Class
Mexican Cooking Class
Immerse yourself in Mexican culture while sizzling up delicious tacos and chilaquiles.
Virtual Dumpling Making Class
Dumpling Making Class
Learn how to make, fill, and wrap homemade dumplings (or jiaozi in Mandarin) in this virtual dumpling making class.
Virtual Chocolate Truffle Making Class
Chocolate Truffle Making Class
Chocolate gets a makeover in this fun and interactive virtual chocolate truffle making class.
Virtual Cookie Baking Class
Cookie Baking Class
Bake up some fun with your team in this virtual cookie class.
Virtual Hand Pie Baking Class
Hand Pie Baking Class
Learn how to bake sweet & fruity hand pies from scratch. Converting childhood favorite Pop-Tarts into a gourmet dream!
Virtual Origami Class
Origami Class
This relaxing workshop will virtually guide your team on how to fold unique origami designs from the comforts of their homes.
Virtual Hand Lettering Class
Hand Lettering Class
Stun friends and family with hand drawn lettering after this masterclass.
Virtual Cupcake Decorating Class
Cupcake Decorating Class
Less baking, more decorating! Learn to ice and decorate cupcakes in this virtual class.
Virtual Boba Tea Making Class
Boba Tea Making Class
Satisfy your milk tea cravings and make an Instagram-worthy boba tea.
Virtual Thai Cooking Class
Thai Cooking Class
Spice up your culinary experience and learn how to cook an authentic Thai dish in an online cooking class.
Virtual Fruit Butter & Jam Making Class
Fruit Butter & Jam Making Class
Sweeten up the season with homemade fruit butter and berry-licious jam.
Virtual Tie Dye Workshop
Tie Dye Workshop
This interactive workshop will virtually guide participants on how to tie dye from the comforts of their own campsite, uh - I mean, home.
Virtual Terrarium Workshop
Terrarium Workshop
Spruce up your living space with your very own plant terrarium.
Virtual Pretzel Making Class
Pretzel Making Class
Make sweet or salty pretzels with your own unique twist!
Virtual Hot Chocolate Bomb Making Class
Hot Chocolate Bomb Making Class
Delight your taste buds with handcrafted chocolate bombs.
Virtual Chocolate Bar Making Class
Chocolate Bar Making Class
In this online chocolate making class, a chocolate expert will guide participants through the process of how to make chocolate bars with the provided kit.
Virtual Donut Baking Class
Donut Baking Class
It's time to make donuts with this easy, fryer-free baking class.
Virtual Chocolate Tasting
Chocolate Tasting
Virtual chocolate tasting is a fun and interactive experience that will change the way you taste and think about this sweet treat.
Virtual Magic & Mentalism Show
Magic & Mentalism Show
A live and highly interactive magic performance, brought right to your home.
Confetti 2022. All rights reserved.
Confetti 2022. All rights reserved.
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