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10+ Heartwarming Random Acts of Kindness Day Ideas to Spread Positivity in the Workplace

Random acts of kindness shouldn't stop when you get to the office. Discover how to ensure your virtual teams feel appreciated and empowered to pay it forward.

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What does kindness matter in the workplace?

Random Acts of Kindness Day is coming up on February 17th. Kindness in the workplace isn't just "nice to have," it's a necessity. Research suggests that a kinder work culture leads to:

While kindness may not seem like that big of a deal, it has significant benefits for employers who make it a part of their team culture. You don’t have to wait until February 17th to get started either. Share a random act of kindness with your employees today!

Spread positive vibes with these random acts of kindness ideas:

Acts of kindness don't have to be for strangers only. Learn how you can boost morale among your employees with a few kind gestures.

1. Introduce yourself to a colleague you don't often interact with

Experts have long held the belief that strong relationships among coworkers are what make high-performing teams. Research shows that forming connections at work increases collaboration, creativity, and productivity while reducing dissatisfaction, burnout, and ultimately, employee turnover.

Building great relationships at work means getting past the initial introduction phase. Although it may feel a little strange to get outside of your normal group of work associates, it will be worth it to make an effort to get to know someone new. Not only does it increase that person's comfort level, but you never know what amazing new knowledge, insight, or even friendship you might gain from interacting with others.

2. Give public recognition for someone's hard work

While most employees understand the concept of being a team player and working toward a collective goal, it still makes people feel good when their contributions are appreciated and recognized as valuable to the team. Public recognition can raise employee engagement, productivity, and performance levels by nearly 15%.

It can also help employers retain their best employees, as 65% of workers report that they would remain in a position with an unappreciative boss if they felt their coworkers noticed their hard work. This serves as proof that a little gratitude goes a long way and can help employees feel happier at work.

How to get started 👉 Book a round of Workplace Gratitude so that everyone receives some love.
Virtual Workplace Gratitude by Confetti

3. Treat your team to a coffee

Everyone knows that coffee acts as a productivity booster. The caffeine it contains can help people shake off their tiredness and gain the energy they need to think clearly and power through their projects. Employers and managers may not realize that they can also use it as a morale booster for their teams.

These days, coffee isn't the low-cost drink it once was — especially if you like it with all the bells and whistles. Making it at home costs both money and time. Treating your team to something that many people enjoy can make them feel truly seen and cared for, especially if their professional plates are full.

4. Give your team members a care package

Have you ever received an unexpected gift or card in the mail? If so, it likely warmed your heart to know that someone was thinking about you and cared enough to show it. Fortunately, it's easy to do the same for your team.

Employee care packages are crucial to building up your team because they remind people that you appreciate them for who they are, not just for the work they do for the company. For it to truly be a care package, remember that the items inside should promote fun and self-care for your team members. This will allow them to have a relaxing experience away from the pressures of the work environment.

How to get started 👉 From gift cards to charcuterie to chocolates and more, Gifting & Swag reminds your team that they matter.
Gifting & Swag by Confetti

5. Share a positive comment with your manager

Just as employees want to be recognized for their work, everyone should remember that managers desire to feel appreciated, too. They're often the ones facilitating connections and making projects easier for everyone else. Don't forget to show them some love as well.

Because managers pour so much hard work into making sure their teams have everything they need, even one positive comment can go a long way. It can certainly help give them a boost during times of self-doubt and remind them that the effort they put in matters to their team and to the overall mission of the company.

6. Gift a colleague your favorite book

Regular reading has the potential to increase brain power regardless of the type of book you read. It can also be a fun and relaxing activity to help someone decompress and take their mind off of work.

Gifting your favorite book to someone you work with accomplishes two things. First, it makes the recipient feel good because they'll know you have been thinking about them outside of work. Second, it helps you build relationships with coworkers because you are sharing a piece of yourself with them. It's a win-win situation and the perfect act of kindness for coworkers to share.

You could even use the shared reading material to spark an upcoming book club discussion!

7. Offer to help a colleague finish a project or task

Everyone appreciates a little help when things get busy at work. Helping one another truly builds camaraderie at work, and this act of kindness makes it more likely that this support will be returned when needed.

In some cases, it will be obvious when a colleague needs help, and you can just jump in to complete a task. However, if a person doesn't ask for help but seems stressed, don't hesitate to check in with them to ask how you can lighten their load, even if just a little.

8. Be a mentor

Mentorship has so many benefits in the workplace. It can enhance your leadership skills, expand your network, and expose you to a plethora of different thoughts and opinions.

However, the number one reason to become a mentor at work is because it helps others. Your mentorship can help someone else overcome problems and flourish professionally. This can bring you a great deal of personal satisfaction while also solidifying your relationships with your teammates.

9. Bond with your colleagues over a group lunch

Taking a break with your colleagues can help boost relationships, mental health, and even productivity. It makes leaders and teams seem more approachable and accessible when co-workers can get to know each other in a more relaxed setting.

Also, eating lunch together can be just plain fun. For those who often find themselves working in silos, it's the perfect way to break out of the professional box and meet others.

How to get started 👉 Share a meal and get to know each other better with a Lunch Party.
Lunch Party by Confetti

10. Play a game with your team

Let's face it: work can get stressful sometimes. Even if you enjoy your job, you may occasionally find yourself using all of your energy just to get through a challenging project or losing morale as you sludge through your least favorite tasks.

Playing a game with your team can be a great act of kindness because it takes the burden off their shoulders and allows them to unwind a bit. From a virtual escape quest to tricky trivia games with a twist, you can have fun while building skills and bonding with others.

How to get started 👉 Let your team take a load off with some team building Games that everyone can play!
Games by Confetti

11. Host a fundraising drive

There's no better way for employees to connect around kindness than to show that same kindness to others. Hosting a fundraising drive allows your employees to come together to support a common cause, building up each other and the community in the process.

Your first step should be to consider a cause you all want to rally around, such as supporting the local animal shelter or helping kids in need. Then, do the legwork for your team to pick a deadline for donations, figure out where and how to donate the money, and maybe even come up with a theme for the drive. Charitable team building is always a win-win for your workplace and community.

12. Throw an arts & crafts event

Crafting at work has several benefits for your team. It not only provides stress relief but also inspires creativity, promotes happiness, and gives your team some much-needed time to spend together without talking about work or projects.

Your arts and crafts event doesn't have to be complex. You can enjoy something simple and relaxing, like painting or learning how to create origami. Consider gifting your finished creation to a friend or family member to keep the random acts of kindness going.

How to get started 👉 Create some memories while you craft something cool with an Arts & Crafts activity.
Arts & Crafts by Confetti

Practice random acts of kindness all year long ❤️

It's important to realize that kindness in the workplace not only helps employees but can benefit your company, the community, and the world at large. Consequently, you'll get the best results by not limiting acts of kindness to just one day.

Although it's great to gather Random Acts of Kindness Day ideas, it's an even better idea to help your employees build a positive culture of kindness. This way, you'll encourage each of them to consistently look for ways to help each other and ensure that your company becomes a place where everyone can find care and community.

Celebrate random acts of kindness by surprising your employees with a team building activity from Confetti. Contact [email protected] to get started!
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