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5 Notable Corporate Event Trends in 2023

The events industry is constantly changing. Whether you're planning in-person events or virtual events, here are five important corporate event trends to keep in mind to throw the most engaging events for your team.

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Why should you keep your finger on the pulse of corporate event trends? 🧐

In the fast-paced world of event planning, staying informed and up-to-date is key to creating memorable and impactful experiences for your team. It's important to ride the wave of corporate event trends because doing so ensures your events are:

  • Innovative: Following event trends allows you to infuse fresh ideas and innovative concepts into your events. It helps you stand out from competitors and create unique experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees. πŸ’‘
  • Providing guests with the best experience possible: Event trends often focus on enhancing the attendee experience. By staying on top of these trends, you can implement strategies and ideas that improve engagement, networking opportunities, learning outcomes, and overall attendee satisfaction. πŸ€—
  • Adaptable to changing expectations: Whether it's incorporating sustainable practices, integrating virtual or hybrid components, or embracing interactive platforms, keeping up with trends helps you align your events with the expectations of your audience.
  • Utilizing technology: Technology plays a significant role in smooth event planning and execution. Being aware of event technology trends allows you to utilize the latest tools, platforms, and apps to streamline event processes, enhance attendee engagement, and deliver a seamless and positive event experience!


Making the most of your recurring corporate team building events πŸ™Œ

Building a strong and cohesive team is essential for the success of any organization, and that's where recurring team-building events come in! These events provide valuable opportunities for your team members to connect, collaborate, and grow together. To make the most of recurring corporate team-building events, companies, and event planners can consider the following strategies:

  1. Provide opportunities for reflection: Incorporate time for reflection after each team-building event. Allow team members to share their experiences, insights, and key takeaways. Encourage open discussions about what worked well, areas for improvement, and how the lessons learned can be applied in the workplace.Β 
  2. Foster a culture of continuous learning: Treat team-building events as part of an ongoing learning process. Build upon previous events and continually seek opportunities to reinforce and expand upon the skills and lessons learned. Incorporate team-building elements into regular team meetings or ongoing professional development initiatives.
  3. Measure and evaluate impact: Implement mechanisms to measure the impact of team-building events. This could involve conducting surveys, gathering feedback, or tracking key performance indicators related to team effectiveness. Use this information to assess the effectiveness of the events, identify areas for improvement, and define future goals.
  4. Emphasize long-term team building: While recurring events are valuable, remember that team building is an ongoing process. Encourage regular team interactions, collaboration, and relationship-building beyond the formal events. Foster a positive company culture that supports continuous team building and recognizes its importance in achieving organizational goals.

By implementing these strategies, companies can maximize the impact of recurring corporate team-building events, strengthen team dynamics, and create a positive and productive work environment.

Let's dive into five of the latest corporate event industry trends in 2023:

1. Data-driven event planning πŸ“‹

Data-driven events leverage insights and analytics to enhance the attendee experience, optimize event logistics, and measure the event's success. Here are some reasons why data-driven event planning is popular:

  • Improved attendee engagement: Data-driven events focus on optimizing attendee engagement and satisfaction. By analyzing data on attendee engagement, feedback, and session attendance, organizers can identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to enhance engagement throughout the event.
  • Data-informed decision-making: By collecting and analyzing data, event planners gain valuable insights that inform decision-making processes. They can identify trends, preferences, and areas of opportunity to optimize event design, schedule, content selection, and resource allocation.
  • Measuring event impact: Data-driven events provide the means to measure the impact and success of the event. Through data analytics, event organizers can track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as attendee satisfaction, session attendance, networking interactions, and post-event outcomes. This enables them to assess the event's effectiveness and make data-driven improvements for future events.
How to get started πŸ‘‰ Our CEO made you an Event Planning Survey Template to create the most effective pre-event strategy!


2. Personalization for event attendees πŸ’Œ

No one wants a cookie-cutter experience. Personalization recognizes that attendees have diverse preferences, interests, and needs, and aims to provide guests with personalized content and interactions which leads to:

  • Enhanced engagement: Personalized experiences capture attendees' attention and foster higher engagement levels. By tailoring event content to match attendees' interests, companies can ensure that participants are more likely to be actively involved, ask questions, and participate in discussions.
  • Happier participants: Personalization shows that companies value their attendees as individuals. By catering to their specific preferences and needs, companies create a more satisfying event experience.
  • Networking opportunities: Personalization can facilitate networking by connecting attendees with individuals who share similar interests or goals. By leveraging attendee profiles and preferences, event organizers can suggest potential connections, schedule follow-up networking sessions, or facilitate introductions. This fosters meaningful interactions and relationship-building among attendees.
How to get started πŸ‘‰ Let your guests choose their own adventure at Confetti Pub, a team building event where guests can mingle with coworkers, enjoy live entertainment, play trivia games, and more!Β 
Corporate Event Trends: Virtual Confetti Pub by Confetti

3. Offering hybrid events πŸ’»

Even as people return to the office, hybrid events have become a corporate event trend due to their ability to combine the benefits of both in-person and virtual experiences. Hybrid events offer:

  • Increased reach and accessibility: Attendees can participate remotely from anywhere, reducing travel costs and logistical barriers. This accessibility broadens the event's reach and increases engagement.
  • Flexibility and convenience: Hybrid events offer flexibility for attendees to choose their preferred mode of participation. Some may feel virtual event fatigue and prefer to attend in person, while others can join virtually. This flexibility accommodates various schedules, time zones, and individual preferences, making the event more convenient for your guests.
  • Brand innovation: Adopting a hybrid event approach demonstrates a company's innovative and adaptive mindset. It showcases the organization's commitment to providing cutting-edge experiences and staying ahead of industry trends, which can differentiate the brand in a competitive landscape.
How to get started πŸ‘‰ Browse team building experiences that work for distributed teams in our Hybrid collection!
Corporate Event Trends: Hybrid Team Building by Confetti


4. DEI and accessibility-minded 🌎

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and accessibility awareness have become popular corporate event trends due to the increasing recognition of the importance of creating inclusive and accessible workplaces. Companies are prioritizing these initiatives to foster diverse and equitable environments, ensure equal opportunities, and address barriers that may prevent full participation. Here are some reasons why DEI and accessibility awareness are trending in corporate events:

  • Social responsibility and reputation: Companies are expected to be socially responsible and inclusive. By prioritizing DEI and accessibility, organizations demonstrate their commitment to creating diverse and equitable workplaces. This enhances their reputation and helps build trust among employees, customers, and the broader community.
  • Talent attraction and retention: Inclusive workplaces that prioritize DEI and accessibility are more attractive to diverse talent. Companies that showcase their commitment to these values through events can better attract and retain employees from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Examples of DEI and accessibility awareness at corporate events include:

  • DEI workshops and training: Companies organize workshops or training sessions to raise awareness about unconscious biases and their impact on decision-making. These events educate employees about recognizing and mitigating biases to create more inclusive and equitable work environments.
  • Employee Resource Group Events: ERGs focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion organize events to raise awareness, celebrate cultural or identity-based observances, and promote dialogue. ERG events can include panel discussions, networking sessions, or educational activities.

As far as the event planning process goes, this includes hiring minority speakers and vendors and making sure the events and activities are accessible, like offering closed captions and ASL interpreters.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Explore our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion collection to plan an educational team building experience!
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by Confetti


5. Corporate Social Responsibility ♻️

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a corporate event trend due to the growing importance of sustainability, social impact, and ethical business practices. CSR-focused events align with the values and expectations of stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, and the wider community.

The 2023 Global Meetings and Events Forecast recently reported that 80% of survey respondents said their organizations take sustainability into account when planning meetings and events. Three-fourths of this group already reported they have sustainable events and strategies in place. The latest corporate event expectations are that organizations will try to reduce their event carbon footprint through sustainable practices, including:

  • Choosing venues and destinations that promote sustainable practices
  • Incorporating recycling into events and reducing the use of single-use products
  • Giving out eco-friendly incentive gifts or swag bags

Examples of CSR-focused corporate events include:

  • Volunteer Days: Companies organize events where employees dedicate their time and skills to support local nonprofit organizations or community projects. These events can involve activities like environmental clean-ups, mentoring programs, or providing assistance to underserved communities.
  • Educational Workshops: Companies organize workshops or training sessions to educate employees and stakeholders on topics like ethical business practices, diversity and inclusion, or responsible supply chain management. These events promote awareness and foster a culture of corporate social responsibility.
How to get started πŸ‘‰Book an experience from the Charity Team Building collection and Confetti will make a donation on your team’s behalf!Β 
Corporate Event Trends: Charity Team Building by Confetti


Book your virtual and hybrid events with Confetti 🎊

Keeping up with trends can be overwhelming, especially when you're already juggling a hefty to-do list. That's where Confetti comes in! Our team at Confetti is passionate about planning exceptional corporate team building events that incorporate the latest trends and leave a lasting impression on attendees. Let us take the stress off your shoulders and create a customized event experience that aligns with your goals and reflects your brand. Say goodbye to the worry of staying on top of trends and let Confetti handle the details.

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