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How to Give Back with Corporate Social Responsibility and Charity Team Building Events

For most businesses, the main goals are to gain market share and maximize profits. Still, a growing number of companies are refocusing their missions around corporate responsibility programs. Read on to learn about CSR and charitable team building activities!

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The importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities 🌎

Corporate social responsibility plays an important role in today's business landscape. Why?

  • It allows businesses to adopt sustainable practices that positively impact the environment. In turn, this creates a better world for all people over the long term.
  • It increases a company's engagement with its stakeholders. This helps to create trust and loyalty with both employees and customers. It also enhances and differentiates the brand in the minds of the general public.

Unfortunately, many businesses delay starting initiatives because they think it's too hard. But your company doesn't need a big campaign to engage in practical activities that benefit your community and the world. There are simple ways to exercise social responsibility right now. For instance, you could give time to a local nonprofit or raise money for charities.

No matter what activity you choose, the goal is the same: use your influence to care for others. It's time for all businesses to look beyond profits and leverage their corporate status for the greater good.

What are the 4 types of CSR initiatives? πŸ€”

1. Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is all about installing corporate policies and practices that are safe for the environment. Companies may go about achieving environmental stewardship in many ways, including:

  • Reducing or stopping practices that are harmful to the environment
  • Environmental initiatives such as committing to lowering their energy consumption
  • Figuring out how to offset the negative impact of current practices

Though these tasks may sound daunting, they don't have to be. Reducing harmful practices can be as easy as deciding to reduce water consumption. You can also limit single-use plastics around the office or use equipment that decreases pollution. Another way to reduce energy use is to buy from companies that use recycled materials in their manufacturing.

In addition, you can take steps to offset the negative impacts of any current practices. For instance, consider:

  • Planting trees with your employees
  • Raising money to fund research
  • Donating to causes that affect your customer base

These simple steps can help you establish a more sustainable company.

2. Ethical responsibility

Ethical responsibility measures whether an organization's leaders act in a way that is fair toward all parties. This includes:

  • Executives
  • Investors
  • Suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Employees
  • Customers

Business leaders sometimes focus on the aspects of ethical responsibility that make them look good to the outside world. That said, ethical behavior starts from within. Recent research found that almost half of customers trust businesses that think of employee wellbeing. And 22% of consumers reported that they have switched brands because of a lack of employee safety protocols.

Fortunately, a business can achieve ethical responsibility in many ways. For instance, you can do so by paying employees a livable wage. You could also ensure that none of your supply chain partners take part in labor exploitation. These smaller tweaks can add up to big results and even larger profits.

3. Philanthropic responsibility

Philanthropic responsibility is all about an organization's commitment to charitable work. Businesses should find ways to support the communities that sustain them. While part of this involves being ethically and environmentally responsible, it should also be more hands-on than that.

For example, businesses should donate money to nonprofit organizations. They should also disclose those donations and encourage public support.

Also, your company can support employees' charitable efforts by providing opportunities to volunteer in their local communities during work hours. While your company can certainly be charitable without doing so, some business leaders choose to start their own nonprofit arm as well.

4. Economic responsibility

Economic Responsibility refers to businesses making financial decisions that prioritize positive social and environmental performance over the sole pursuit of maximizing profit. This branch of CSR recognizes that businesses have an obligation to consider the broader impacts of their economic decisions on stakeholders and society as a whole.

Examples of economically responsible business operations may include:

  • Choosing to work with suppliers using green initiatives and sustainable materials, even if it means being more costly.
  • Going against historic pay disparities based on gender or race and implementing a transparent salary system that fairly compensates all employees.

A great way to start bringing the spirit of CSR into your office is through charity team building activities!


Here are 6 charity team building activities for socially responsible companies 🎊

To make your charity team building success, here are some tips before you get started:

  • Increase attendance by pledging a donation to your charity of choice per attendee πŸ’²
  • Keep it non-political and research the legitimacy of the charity beforehand πŸ”
  • Align your charity with your company’s industry 🀝


1. Plan volunteer days

This activity will take a little legwork on your company's part, but it will be worth it in the end. Your job is to choose a local nonprofit organization to volunteer with. Then, provide an opportunity for employees to volunteer together on company time.

Are you worried about downtime? If so, consider having employees volunteer in rotating groups. This way, you can offer your chosen nonprofit organization even more help.

You could even offer skills-based volunteering or mentorship programs, such as helping students strengthen their reading and writing skills, going over resumes, and more. That said, any charitable organization will benefit from your efforts. Try serving meals at a shelter, beautifying a local park, or devoting tutoring hours to a local public school.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Search for local nonprofit organizations with missions that align with your own. Choose your top three, and ask employees to vote on which of them to volunteer with. Choose a coordinator and have them set the dates. They should also create announcements and recruit employees to participate.


2. Throw a charity step challenge

Here at Confetti, we love a step challenge! Organizing a charity step challenge promotes fitness, camaraderie, and a sense of purpose! To get started, set clear goals for the challenge. Define the charity or cause that your team will be supporting, and make sure it's a charity that resonates with your team's values to create motivation and enthusiasm among participants. Set a goal for the number of steps you'd like to hit and decide on a monetary donation per a set of steps.

Next, you'll want to select a duration for the challenge, whether it's a week, a month, or some other custom timeframe. Create a user-friendly tracking system, which could be through a mobile app or fitness tracker. (We've loved using Reaction Club to track our steps!) Encourage friendly competition by forming teams within your group or allowing individuals to participate. Share regular updates, leaderboards, and progress reports to keep everyone engaged and excited as the challenge progresses.

Finally, when the challenge concludes, celebrate the achievement and donate the pledged funds to the chosen charity, reinforcing the team's sense of accomplishment and their positive impact on the world.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ First, send a poll to your employees gauging their interest in various charities that you can support with your step challenge so everyone gets to give their input!


3. Make a Plant a Tree Donation

Confetti's Plant-a-tree Donation program is a philanthropic initiative that aims to combat deforestation and support environmental sustainability. For each person who participates, Confetti pledges to plant 10 trees, contributing to the global effort to reforest the Earth. This initiative operates in partnership with Trees for the Future (TREES) and focuses on creating Forest Gardens in nine countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Participating in the Plant a Tree Donation program is a simple yet impactful way for individuals to make a positive difference in the real world. By making a donation, you not only support reforestation efforts but also have the opportunity to engage in charitable activities as a team, fostering a sense of collective responsibility for our planet. As a token of appreciation, Confetti will also send you an official certificate to acknowledge your contribution.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Add to your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives with a Plant a Tree Donation in your team's name!
Virtual Plant a Tree Donation by Confetti


4. Play Confetti Mini-Games

Confetti Mini Games spark friendly competition, promote collaboration, and inspire laughter amongst your team in a virtual setting. These carefully crafted mini puzzles and brain teasers let your team show off their knowledge and various skill sets in an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere that encourages team members to work together.

What's the charity component you ask? Points earned in these games contribute to giving back to charities all over! From planting trees in Sub-Saharan Africa to donating meals to communities in need, every right answer donates to a cause. By playing a round of Mini Games, your team can create lasting memories and strengthen bonds while making a real difference.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Browse the Mini Games collection! Choose from our many seasonal and holiday-themed versions for a charity team building activity any time of the year.
Virtual Mini Games by Confetti


5. Create care packages for communities in need

Gathering to assemble care packages for your local community is a meaningful and impactful charity team building event. Here are some examples of charitable care packages your team can put together:

  • Hygiene kits: These can include items like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorant, and other personal hygiene products.
  • Backpacks with school supplies: Donate backpacks filled with school essentials such as notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, and other supplies to help students in need.
  • Food packages: Create food packages that contain non-perishable food items, such as canned goods, rice, pasta, and cereal, to help families facing food insecurity.
  • Warmth kits: As the colder seasons approach, provide warmth kits with blankets, gloves, scarves, and hats for the homeless or those in need. Here’s a fun idea: take our Chunky Knitting Class and donate your handmade blanket!Β 
  • Houseless care packages: Include essential items like socks, hats, gloves, water bottles, non-perishable food, and personal hygiene products in care packages for those experiencing homelessness.

If your team is distributed remotely, encourage everyone to jump on a shared video call to socialize and enjoy each other's company as they assemble their care packages. This is a great way to turn this activity into a team building event that boosts team spirit and a sense of community.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Decide which type of care package your team will be donating, and send out a list of supplies that employees can start collecting!


6. Visit the Confetti Pub

The Confetti Pub is an excellent idea for a charitable team building activity! This fun and interactive environment combines games, live entertainment, and charitable giving.

Enjoy live music, conversation rooms, and pub trivia. Having a variety of activities to choose from caters to different interests and personalities within the team, and ensures that everyone can find something enjoyable and engaging.

What makes the Confetti Pub a great way to give back is its integration of charity into the games and activities. When answering correctly, participants can attribute their points in pub trivia to a charity, and the charities with the most points will receive donations in the company's name!

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Bring your team together for a happy hour at the Confetti Pub.
Virtual Confetti Pub by Confetti


Add charity team building to your company culture πŸ“

Embracing CSR initiatives and charity team building within your company culture is not just about giving back, but also about building a stronger, more engaged, and purpose-driven team. By weaving these elements into the fabric of your company culture, you not only contribute to meaningful causes but also foster a sense of unity and shared values among your employees.Β 

This impact reaches far beyond the office, making a positive difference in the world and enhancing your company's reputation. So, don't hesitate – start the journey towards a more socially responsible and compassionate workplace today!

Build a culture of social responsibility and book a charity team building activity with Confetti today!
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