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Employee Appreciation Day

Have fun with your team this Employee Appreciation Day! Show gratitude for all of your team's hard work with unique gifting and engaging experiences.

28 Unique Ideas
Man holding a trophy in front of a desk for Employee Appreciation Ideas
Already Loved By Thousands of Companies
Three 3D cartoon employees smiling for Confetti's Virtual Family Feud Online Game with Teams
From $450 USD
Coworker Feud
Experience our twist on the beloved game show, Family Feud, for an exhilarating and engaging team building activity. Get your buzzer fingers ready as we take the fun of Family Feud to the virtual realm!
4-40 people
Typically 60 minutes
A finger held up to a statue head in a silencing gesture for Confetti's Virtual Taboo Game
From $150 USD
Get ready for a thrilling virtual word-guessing adventure with our captivating online Taboo game. Can you guide your team to guess the hidden word before the clock runs out? It's time to find out!
4-160 people
Typically 60 minutes
An employee in front of his computer holding his hand up to answer a question for Confetti's Virtual Team Trivia for Remote Teams
From $500 USD
Classic Trivia
In our online trivia game for Zoom, your team will have the opportunity to put their brains together and tackle a wide range of captivating questions. From pop culture to history, sports to science, our classic version of virtual team trivia covers an assortment of fun and random topics for everyone.
2-500 people
Typically 60 minutes
Businesswoman winning Virtual Jeopardy for Team Building (preview)
From $450 USD
Calling all trivia enthusiasts and Jeopardy fans! Embark on an exciting team building journey as you bring the excitement of the classic game show into your team's homes.
2-30 people
45-60 minutes
Drag queen in silver gown posing with her arm raised (preview)
From $1,050 USD
Drag Queen Bingo
Make remote work more exciting with a fun-filled game of virtual drag queen bingo. Hosted by a fabulous drag queen who'll bring the thrills and laughs!
Max 300 people
Typically 60 minutes
Various salads, grain bowls, and sushi bowls for Confetti's Virtual Team Lunch
From $32 USD
 / person
Lunch Party
It's lunch time! Gift your team vouchers to order their favorite food while working from the office or from home.
All group sizes
Supplies for a Cocktail Class, including bar tools, cocktail ingredients, and glass (preview)
$98 USD
 / person
Mixology Class
Are you ready to shake, stir, and sip your way to a virtual team building extravaganza? Gather your remote team as we embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of mixology. With the magic of virtual cocktail classes and handy mixology kits, we'll unlock the secrets to creating delicious cocktail favorites.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
Three 3D cartoon faces laughing for Confetti's Virtual Laughter Yoga Online
From $350 USD
Laughter Yoga
Connect with your inner child through the power of laughter and joy. This laughter yoga class is designed for relieving stress and feel good team bonding!
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
Grapes, a wine glass, and a wine opener for Confetti's Virtual Wine Tasting Team Building
From $60 USD
 / person
Wine Tasting
Calling all wine lovers — experience elevated team happy hour with a virtual tasting event, right from the comfort of your couch.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
Lime green retro boom box (preview)
From $495 USD
Boom Box
Attention all audiophiles, band geeks, and diehard music fans! Get ready to amplify your team building experience with interactive music games that will test your team's knowledge on their favorite songs, albums, and bands.
2-295 people
Typically 60 minutes
Desk with a laptop and office supplies against a pink background (preview)
From $250 USD
Deskercise Class
Has working from home got your body feeling stressed? Loosen up with guided chair yoga exercises from the comfort of your desk.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
A dog next to a question mark (preview)
From $325 USD
Guess Who...
Welcome to the ultimate icebreaker game, Virtual Guess Who! Get ready to uncover fascinating facts about your coworkers as you navigate through their submitted clues. With an added twist of anonymity, this game will be sure to keep your team engaged and entertained.

6-15 people
Typically 60 minutes
A business man in lotus position with papers and leaves flying behind him for Confetti's Virtual Meditation Classes
From $250 USD
Meditation Class
Clear your mind by experiencing the benefits of meditation. Encourage your team to adopt a regular meditation practice to reduce stress and promote better mental health.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
Microphone in dim light with blurred background (preview)
From $3,600 USD
Confetti Pub
Wind down with a drink at the Virtual Confetti Pub, where a professional musician will be playing live music. In between songs and sips, play games or mingle with teammates in conversation rooms.
Max 975 people
60-120 minutes
3 hands in sporty tracksuits holding gold, silver, and bronze olympic medals (preview)
From $1,840 USD
Office Olympics
Jam pack all of your favorite Confetti games into a virtual office olympics event! This exciting experience includes 3 of our most popular party games as well as additional game selections and Team HQs.
4-488 people
90-120 minutes
A Black Drag Queen in an aqua sequined dress striking a pose for Confetti's Virtual Drag Trivia
From $1,500 USD
Drag Queen Trivia
Flaunt your brains in our classic version of Drag Queen Trivia, featuring an assortment of fun & random questions from history to pop culture. Hosted by a fabulous drag queen who'll slay the house with laughter. It's like watching Drag Race, except you're the one competing!
2-300 people
Typically 60 minutes
Brown frosted donuts in mid-air for Confetti's Virtual Baking Courses Online
From $89 USD
 / person
Donut Making Class
It's time to make donuts with this easy, fryer-free baking class.
Max 495 people
60-90 minutes
Dumplings in a bowl next to chopsticks and soy sauce for Confetti's Virtual Asian Cooking Classes
$110 USD
 / person
Dumpling Making Class
Learn how to make homemade dumplings from scratch in this virtual dumpling making class.
Max 495 people
Typically 90 minutes
Two people dressed in athletic wear doing a squat for Confetti's Virtual Bootcamp Class
From $250 USD
Bootcamp Class
Challenge your team to reach new limits, and motivate them to keep up with the workouts at home in this virtual bootcamp class.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
Glass of whiskey and vanilla bean against a blue background (preview)
$87 USD
 / person
Whiskey & Bourbon Tasting
Lift your team's spirits with a virtual whiskey & bourbon tasting at home.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
A full glass of beer for Confetti's Virtual Beer Tasting Events
$90 USD
 / person
Beer Tasting
Lagers, Ales, Pilsners, and IPAs... We’ll be hopping right into specifics in this virtual beer tasting experience.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
A purple laptop's computer screen showing an online gift card, surrounded by confetti for Confetti's virtual gift cards for employees
From $35 USD
 / person
Online Gift Card
Give your team the gift of choice with virtual gift cards for employees. A quick & easy option for celebrating and rewarding your team with exactly what they want!
All group sizes
A tie dyed t-shirt surrounded by colorful ink dropper bottles and a paint brush for Confetti's Virtual Tie Dye Class
$95 USD
 / person
Tie Dye Workshop
This virtual tie dye workshop will virtually guide participants on how to tie dye from the comforts of their own campsite, uh - I mean, home.
Max 495 people
Typically 60 minutes
Mexican tacos with chicken and vegetables (preview)
From $95 USD
 / person
Mexican Cooking Class
Immerse yourself in Mexican cuisine and culture while sizzling up delicious tacos, churros, or chilaquiles.
Max 495 people
60-75 minutes
A glasses, stationary, and a pen for a hand lettering class (preview)
$78 USD
 / person
Hand Lettering Class
Stun friends and family with hand drawn lettering after this lettering class.
Max 495 people
Typically 60 minutes
Glasses of red wine and white wine, bottles of wine, and grapes (preview)
From $58 USD
 / box
Bottle of Wine
Cheers to your team for all of their hard work! Thank your employees by sending them a bottle of wine.
All group sizes
A briefcase resting on a black water cooler flanked by two big puzzle pieces for Confetti's Networking Icebreakers
From $195 USD
Networking Water Cooler
Liven up the conversation at your next virtual networking event with icebreaker questions to help you form connections with like-minded professionals.
4-75 people
30-45 minutes
An anonymous silhouette surrounded by hearts, gifts, speech bubbles, and thumbs up for Confetti's Virtual Team Recognition
From $350 USD
Workplace Gratitude
What happens when we share, experience, and accept gratitude? Anonymously let your coworkers know how much they mean to you and what you admire most about them in an interactive presentation!
6-15 people
Typically 60 minutes
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