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4 Ways to Celebrate Working Parents' Day

The best way to celebrate National Working Parents' Day is to implement policies and build a company culture that supports employees' needs and makes working parents feel celebrated. Read on to learn how!

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What is National Working Parents' Day? 💭

Working Parents' Day is a day for recognizing and appreciating the hard work and dedication of parents who balance their professional careers with their responsibilities as parents, which is also a full-time job.

Many parents often face unique challenges in juggling their job responsibilities with raising and caring for their children. This day serves as a reminder to acknowledge their efforts and provide support in creating a healthy work-life balance.

Working Parents' Day is observed annually on September 16th in the United States, although the date may vary in different countries or regions. It is a time for organizations to show gratitude and offer initiatives that can help fellow parents thrive in their personal and professional and family life.

Understanding the challenges of work and family 🏡

A healthy workplace with a positive company culture is made up of a diverse array of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. When we consider how to make a workplace inclusive enough to achieve this, it’s important that we consider the well-being of working parents on our teams.

It’s hard enough balancing work and life, and getting oneself ready for the workday (looking at you, 8am traffic and/or noisy upstairs neighbors). Imagine doing so after feeding and dressing at least one other human being. 

💡 Employees that are raising kids may struggle with:

  • The financial stress of providing for their family members 💵
  • Concerns about the health and safety of their children 😥
  • Difficulty navigating work-life balance ⚖️
  • Inability to adhere to rigid schedules that don’t account for the balancing act of juggling daycare, doctor’s appointments, dance recitals, and parent-teacher conferences 🗓

Of course, all parents’ experiences are different, especially between at least one-parent versus two-parent families. What might not be an issue for one parent may be a huge workplace barrier for another. 

As an employer, it’s important for you and your human resources department to assess how to support working parents in your company.

4 ways employers can celebrate (and empower) working parents 🙌

1. Offer paid parental leave 🍼

‍Offices that offer paid parental leave to all new parents attract candidates at different stages of their lives. 

Employees who feel empowered to take leave for child care with the security that their job will be there when they return are much more likely to call a workplace home for years.

Additionally, members of the team will be more productive without the added stress of the financial insecurity that often comes with an extended work absence. Paid family leave is a gesture of good faith in an employee and their ability to grow personally and professionally.

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2. Two words: remote work 🏠

Believe it or not, attending meetings in sweatpants is not the only advantage of working remotely. 

Particularly for working mothers, fathers, and caregivers, working from home can offer an array of benefits including:

  • Work-life balance: A shut laptop at the end of the workday is a clear signal that an employee can officially be fully present with themselves and their loved ones.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: When parents and caregivers cut out the commute, they are able to accomplish meaningful personal tasks without fear of judgment or being accused of wasting work hours.
  • Mental health and well-being: Working parents who feel confident that they can respond to their children’s needs and caregiving responsibilities are much more likely to be present, attentive, and relaxed. 

Flexible working isn’t just a COVID fad anymore, it’s quickly becoming a reality for companies everywhere. And working parents have especially found it helpful for a healthier work-life balance when juggling multiple responsibilities.

Embrace flexibility 👉 Read our blog to learn more about the 5 Unique Benefits of Working from Home!

3. Create a people-first culture 👩‍👦

‍Which came first, the fulfilled employees or the healthy workplace? ‍

Trick question.

🚨 In order to have a productive, growth-oriented, innovative company, you must have team members whose needs are met and respected. 

Are there policies in place in the company because “this is how we’ve always done it” that no longer serve modern working parents? Time to rework them. 

💡 Show employees that they are valued as individuals.
‍If at least one parent needs to take a long lunch once a week to coordinate pickup and drop-off for their child, but they meet all of their assigned duties for the week, is there a point to punitive action? If you've never hosted a family-friendly team building event midday so that kids can join in, why not listen when the idea is presented?

At the very least, it’s worth reassessing a policy if it means showing respect and consideration for a valued employee. Employees who feel like their needs are addressed are more likely to stay at a company and more likely to attract friends and colleagues to positions in the workplace.

Reward your hard-working parents 👉 After they've gotten dinner on the table and put the kids to bed, help your working parents wine-down by gifting them a Bottle of Wine!
Bottle of Wine by Confetti

4. Host a Parents' Day luncheon 🍽

Throwing a virtual luncheon is a great way to celebrate working parents on National Working Parents' Day. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you plan and execute a successful virtual event:

  1. Set the date and time: Choose a date and time that works well for the majority of the team. Consider their respective work schedules and time zones to make sure everyone can enjoy the event! 🗓
  2. Create invitations: Design special invitations to send to your working parents, and other colleagues if you'd like. Include the event details, date, and calendar invite to the celebration lunch. Request RSVPs to get an idea of the expected number of attendees. 💌
  3. Arrange the meals: Treat your team to a catered lunch using a virtual gift card, so that everyone can order from a local business they love. If you'd like it to be a hands-on experience, you can all take a virtual cooking class and learn a new recipe together!🍴
  4. Develop an agenda: If you'd like your National Working Parents Day event to include activities, you could plan welcome remarks, guest speakers, team building activities, and time for socializing. 📝
  5. Recognition and appreciation: Dedicate a portion of the event to recognizing and appreciating working parents. Share stories of their achievements, express gratitude for their contributions, and allow participants to share their own experiences of juggling work and parenthood!
How to get started 👉 Give your working parents one less meal to prepare and treat them to a Lunch Party!
Lunch Party by Confetti

Celebrate National Working Parents' Day 🏆

Anybody who has ever successfully negotiated a bedtime with a first grader is probably an asset to your team. Parents work hard so show them that you value their employee experience by giving them the tools they need to be the best employees and parents that they can be!

P.S. Want to celebrate your workplace parents with an event for the whole family? Check out our Family-Friendly collection to book your experience today!
Virtual Family Friendly Experiences by Confetti

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