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10+ Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Plan a virtual party that spreads the cheer of the holidays. Discover the best holiday activities for work, like a wintery happy hour or an ugly sweater making party! Read to learn more.

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Well, a happy ho-ho-holidays to you! Welcome to our list of holiday team building activities, where you'll find the best ideas for your remote teams' holiday parties. From a virtual holiday happy hour to holiday theme game ideas — we have it all. ☃️

The winter holidays are the perfect excuse to come together, have tons of fun, and reflect on the past year with your co-workers. To throw the best holiday party for your virtual team, keep reading!

Does your team love some friendly competition? Check out these virtual holiday games for festive bonding! 

Plan a virtual holiday event with these festive ideas:

1. Holiday happy hours

A holiday happy hour is a surefire way to raise holiday spirits. 😉 These little gatherings are a loose, informal way for your teammates to sip and mingle. To really bring on the holiday cheer, make a list of themed cocktails for the occasion.

If you're looking for extra structure and interaction, consider enlisting the help of a professional mixologist. Or, better yet, have your team learn the tastiest holiday drink recipes from a professional mixologist. 🍾

Not only will it add an extra level of engagement to your virtual holiday party, but you'll also gift your team with the best drink recipes for winters to come!

How to get started 👉 Mix your office holiday party up with our Winter Mixology Class! 🍸
Virtual Winter Mixology Class by Confetti

2. Do some holiday baking

Whisk up some team bonding with a virtual holiday baking class! Treat your team to the gift of the smell of freshly baked goodies wafting through their homes thanks to a baking class with an expert baker.

Choose from family recipes for scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, rocky road fudge squares, or mouthwatering Oreo stuffed cookies. Your team will learn the basics of being an expert home baker, whip up delightful treats to share with their friends and family, and create delicious memories with the whole office. 

How to get started 👉 This holiday season, roll up your sleeves, mix in some laughter, and bake your way to unforgettable new memories. Treat your virtual holiday party guests to a Holiday Baking Class! 🍪
Virtual Holiday Baking Class by Confetti

3. Card crafting

'Tis the season of spreading love and cheer - and what better way than a little holiday card crafting?

Get the group together for a creative, hands-on day of diy holiday card crafting. Plus, arts and crafts are a great way to relax and unwind during the Q4 holiday rush! 🎨 Your team will bond as they talk through their holiday plans and get ahead on gifting.

This event helps your team decompress right before the holidays! And maybe they'll use their new crafting skills to write you a thank you card. 😉

How to get started 👉 Decorate a gorgeous card in our Holiday Hand Lettering experience!  💌
Virtual Holiday Hand Lettering by Confetti

4. Holiday Drag Queen Trivia 

Sashay into the holiday season with an unforgettable round of Holiday Drag Queen Trivia!

Your team can serve looks and knowledge as they dive into categories like "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (Winter Break Edition)," "Happy Holigays," and "Snow Much Fun." This game of trivia will leave your team gagging in delight. 

Put on your best glitter and get ready to slay the trivia stage with your colleagues. You’ll even enjoy a dazzling performance from your drag queen host! 

How to get started 👉 Book your Holiday Drag Queen Trivia in just a few clicks! 🤓
Virtual Holiday Drag Queen Trivia by Confetti

5. Make ugly sweaters

You can never go wrong with an ugly sweater party. During these events, participants wear purposefully hideous holiday sweaters and can even compete in sweater contests. The funniest part is that the uglier the sweater, the more likely that team member will be named 'best dressed'! 😂

Design your ugly sweaters together if you’re looking for a more interactive way to celebrate! Chat, create, get into the holiday spirit, and then strut your abominable (snowman, that is) creation for the entire holiday season.

On top of all the good times, your team will have a holiday memory they can wear for years to come!

How to get started 👉 Find the best Ugly Sweater Making Party here! 🧶
Virtual Ugly Sweater Making Party by Confetti

6. Holiday chocolate tasting 

It's no secret: the holidays are choc full of sweets!

Give your team a tasty surprise with a guided craft chocolate tasting, featuring special holiday flavors, like peppermint, gingerbread, and orange cranberry. And if you're feeling extra sweet, add on a delicious bottle of wine!

A festive chocolate tasting (especially when led by a chocolate sommelier) wilHl give your team a newfound appreciation of this classic candy and each other.

How to get started 👉 Book a delicious Holiday Chocolate Tasting today! 😋
Virtual Holiday Chocolate Tasting by Confetti

7. Holiday Cookie Decorating 

Holiday cookie decorating is a great team building activity for your office.

It's a fun way to celebrate the holiday season with your coworkers, but it also makes for a great bonding experience. You'll be able to spend time with your coworkers in a less formal setting and get to know them better. You can even make it into a competition by having everyone show off their confectionary creations!

And, at the end of the day, you'll have some delicious snacks! No better holiday gift than that.

If the winter holidays had an official pastime, decorating would be it. This classic event is sure to have everyone deliciously in the holiday mood!

How to get started 👉 Taste the holiday spirit with some Holiday Cookie Decorating! chef
Virtual Holiday Cookie Decorating by Confetti

8. Wood Burning Class

When you're with your coworkers, you want to celebrate the holiday season in a fun, lighthearted way filled with joy.

That's why we think ornament-making is the perfect activity for your next team building event! It's a great bonding activity: everyone can work together on one project, but each person will have their own unique piece of art at the end of the night that’ll help them remember it forever.

Plus, it's just plain fun!

This class gives your team something that lasts long after the holidays end. They'll always be able to look back at their ornament and remember the wonderful time they had together.

How to get started 👉 Skip the virtual Secret Santa and make ornaments together in our Wood Burning Class! 🎄
Virtual Wood Burning Class by Confetti

9. Hot cocoa time 

When the holidays roll around, you want to feel cozy and warm. And what better way to do that than with a hot cup of cocoa? It's a classic way to get into the holiday spirit.

Just sipping on hot cocoa together isn't exactly enough to call it a team building activity, though. Instead, add a little holiday twist and make hot chocolate together! In our Hot Chocolate Bomb Making Class, you'll learn how to make a delicious hot cocoa bomb from a chocolate professional.

Plus, the hot chocolate kit is shipped straight to your team's doorstep. How's that for a delicious holiday gift?

Sipping on hot chocolate will melt away the winter frost and gives your team time to relax, chat, and share their favorite winter memories together!

How to get started 👉 Choose between regular cocoa or pumpkin spice in our Hot Chocolate Bomb Making Class! 🍫
Virtual Hot Chocolate Bomb Making Class by Confetti

10. Winter Holidays Around the World

Do you want to plan a festive celebration that also sheds light on culture and diversity?

Add a Winter Holidays Around the World class to the calendar. A live instructor will take your team on a whirlwind tour of global winter holiday traditions, from festivals to delicious holiday foods, folklore, and more. 

This class is more than just a lesson; it's a chance for the team to share their own favorite winter traditions and learn from each other, all while celebrating the rich diversity of our world's celebrations. 

How to get started 👉 Make it more than just a virtual Christmas party. Learn about all of the end-of-year celebrations in Winter Holidays Around the World! 🌎
Virtual Winter Holidays Around the World by Confetti

11. Holiday Pub Party

'Tis the season to kick your virtual holiday party up a notch, and our Virtual Holiday Pub Party is just the way to do it! 

The Holiday Pub is packed with awesome activities to make sure your remote celebration is a blast. A lively bartender will set the mood and a live musician will take song requests to get everyone grooving. Use the breakout rooms for mingling and chatting to bring your team closer. 

Plus, we've got some fun games like the Holiday Pub Trivia Charity Game where you can compete while supporting a good cause in your company's name, and Holiday Coworker Feud for some friendly rivalry and awesome prizes!

How to get started 👉 Host your festive celebration at the Holiday Pub! 🍻
Virtual Holiday Pub Party by Confetti

12. Give back 

This year, turn the holiday shindig into a heartwarming and memorable experience that also gives back to others outside of the office. Make a difference this holiday season by organizing a group volunteering effort within your team. 

Whether it's crafting cards for nursing home residents, hosting a virtual donation drive, or singing carols for a local charity, this special way to celebrate the season will create a lasting impact on your team and others.

How to get started 👉 Once you’ve come up with some options for volunteering efforts, poll your team members to gather their input and preferences. 

Plan your virtual holiday office party with Confetti 🥳

Confetti knows team bonding better than the rest. We'll help you plan an extra fun virtual holiday party that'll put you straight to the top of the nice list!

Book from our online Holiday Party collection or send an e-mail to [email protected]. Let's discuss your holiday team building activities and help create the perfect itinerary for the winter season.

Holiday Party by Confetti

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

What are the best holiday team building activities? 🤨

The best team building activities for your holiday party will, of course, have a holiday theme! Here are our top three recommendations:

  • A virtual holiday happy hour
  • An engaging holiday trivia game
  • A friendly competition, like an ugly sweater making contest

Why should I throw a virtual holiday party for my team? 🧐

It's important to throw a virtual holiday party for your coworkers because it's the perfect opportunity to show them how much you appreciate them.

The holiday season is when everyone is getting together and celebrating, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to get your coworkers together? It doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate—just a few minutes spent thanking them for their hard work and letting them know how valuable they are will go a long way.

How long does it take to plan virtual holiday parties for the office? 🤔

For your next event — whether it's a big event or small — Confetti can help you plan in no time! Seriously, all it takes is just a few clicks. And yes, that includes any of your end-of-year holiday team building activities!

Don't just take our word for it: read our case study with FormAssembly to learn how much time you can save.

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