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8 Virtual Holiday Games for Festive Bonding

The holidays are right around the corner, which means it's time to plan festivities for your team. If you need a new virtual holiday party idea, this blog is for you. Help them build their skills and their professional relationships with these eight fun games you can play virtual

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'Tis the season for team building! πŸ””

When employees feel connected to their colleagues, they're more motivated, engaged, and productive at work. Since the holidays are a time for fun and festivities, it's the perfect chance to help employees build trust and connection in an exciting and creative way.

Still, it can be challenging for businesses to know where to start with team building, especially during the holidays. Not everyone wants to wear an ugly sweater or take part in a Secret Santa event. You need something creative and versatile. The activity should also allow people to use their natural skills while developing new ones. The answer? Games!

  • Games build communication skills and trust among teammates
  • Games help your company create a culture of fun and creativity
  • Games allow you to learn new things about your co-workers

Playing games at your virtual holiday parties gives your team members the chance to have a little fun and see each other in a new light while enjoying the spirit of the season.


Spread the holiday spirit with these virtual holiday party games:

1. Holiday Escape Quest πŸ”‘

No matter what department your employees are part of, being able to work together toward a common goal is vital. If you're looking to help your team build their problem-solving and communication skills while having a bit of adventure and a lot of laughs, a holiday-themed virtual escape room might be just what you need.

This activity works like an escape room, except it's all about your team being stuck on a holiday island alone during a New Year's Eve vacation. Each quest involves a series of puzzles your team must solve correctly to collect the clues that will lead to freedom. Your team has 60 minutes to find their way back to civilization before the ball drops. Many groups can play in separate virtual breakout rooms at one time for a little bit of friendly competition, and the host will reveal the winner in the end.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Book Holiday Escape Quest and see how well your team works together under pressure!
Virtual Holiday Escape Quest by Confetti for Virtual Holiday Games


2. Winter Pictionary ✏️

Is your team tired of staring at spreadsheets all day? Putting their drawing skills to use might be just the way to inject some creativity into their holiday season.

In Winter Pictionary, two people use a digital whiteboard to draw images that depict a variety of winter-themed words. Their teammates try to guess what those drawings represent. While one team is in the thick of their guessing game, the other team gets to see the phrase they're attempting to guess. This is sure to give everyone a laugh.

One of the best things about Winter Pictionary is that it's easy to play and requires very little setup. All your team needs to do is log on to Zoom and take part, which makes it perfect for remote teams who want to build camaraderie with a dose of lighthearted fun.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Book Winter Pictionary and put your team's creative skills to use with some virtual office holiday party fun.
Virtual Winter Pictionary by Confetti for Virtual Holiday Games


3. Holiday Coworker Feud πŸ‘₯

Surely no one on your team wants to see their coworkers feuding, right? Wrong! Everyone will be up for this epic battle as you all engage in a high-energy round of Holiday Coworker Feud.

In this game, your team will try to come up with the most common answers for a holiday-themed survey question. Some questions will be easy enough for your coworkers' kids to answer, and some of them will bewilder even the most brilliant minds among you. Still, one thing is for sure: all will make you laugh!

With Holiday Coworker Feud, you can manually assign teams or mix things up by allowing someone else to do it for you. Either way, you'll have a high-energy and humorous activity that brings the team together and lets you peek into the minds of your coworkers.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Book Holiday Coworker Feud to add a little fun and competition to your virtual holiday party.
Virtual Holiday Coworker Feud by Confetti for Virtual Holiday GAmes


4. Winter Mini Games πŸŽ²β„οΈ

Winter Mini Games is the best choice for coworkers who love a good brain teaser. With simple rules and a set of puzzles designed to fit everyone's style, your team is sure to be in for a challenge. In each game, you may be deciphering a gibberish holiday phrase or identifying traditional winter foods from a fraction of a photo. Either way, Confetti designed these games to be fun and fast-paced.

Everything about these games is winter-themed, making it the perfect addition to your virtual holiday celebrations. One of the best parts about hosting a Winter Mini Games competition is that each person gets a chance to show what they know. This makes it a great opportunity to learn something about your coworkers while engaged in some friendly holiday competition.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Play Winter Mini Games for your next virtual holiday party fun. Rack up points to donate meals to families and kids through Feeding America.
Virtual Winter Mini Games by Confetti for virtual holiday games


5. Holiday Jeoparty ❓

Holiday Jeoparty is a unique holiday-themed game where the contestants finally get to ask all the questions. It's winter trivia but with a twist.

For this game, everyone gets to be in the same virtual room. The host presents an answer, and participants use their digital buzzer to weigh in with a question. With a variety of topics ranging from simple to complex, Holiday Jeoparty gives every team member the opportunity to showcase those little-known facts that have been living in their heads for the last decade.

Don't get comfortable if your team has the upper hand after a few rounds of this classic game show. The end of the game features a final question in which teams can wager as many points as they want in one last attempt to secure victory. It's anyone's game in the end, which can make for some interesting plot twists during a virtual party.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Plan a game of Holiday Jeoparty and help your team put all that trivia knowledge to good use.
Virtual Holiday Jeoparty by confetti for Virtual Holiday Games


6. Winter Taboo πŸ—£

Winter Taboo is a game where the team with the largest vocabulary wins. It's the job of the wordsmiths on your team to guess the word at the top of your virtual card without using any of the "taboo" phrases listed below it. When a team is successful, they receive a point. The other team can see your gameplay cards, which gives them something to laugh about as they watch your team try every trick in the book to guess the word.

Each game room will have two teams of up to five people, but you can run many game rooms at the same time. As long as your team is having fun, exercising their brains, and learning the value of communication and teamwork, you can't go wrong adding Winter Taboo to your list of favorite fun and creative challenges for an online holiday party.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Find your inner wordsmith at Winter Taboo!


7. Holiday Trivia 🧠

Holiday Trivia is a game that allows you to bring the entire corporate staff together β€” its game model has the capacity to accommodate hundreds of people at once. The premise of Holiday Trivia is simple. Your team will discuss answers to each question through a digital app and then have the team captain record the final answer. The team with the most points at the end secures the victory.

Some questions will provide an excellent way for team members to showcase their knowledge of random facts. Others will present a massive learning opportunity. Either way, the sassiest and funniest answers can win extra points, and your team wins the chance to cheer each other on. It's the perfect virtual Christmas party idea.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Showcase what you know about winter facts, holiday movies, and more during Holiday Trivia!
Virtual Holiday Trivia by Confetti for virtual holiday games


8. Holiday Mash-Up 🎁

Holiday Mash-Up isn't a game in and of itself. Instead, it's a combination of a few popular virtual holiday office party games. If you have ever wanted to sample some classic games, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

This mash-up makes hosting a virtual holiday party a breeze. Holiday Water Cooler lets coworkers share and remember funny or weird facts about their coworkers right before they attempt to beat them at a game of Holiday Trivia. A quick round of Winter Taboo on Confetti's platform comes last, giving your team 60 to 90 minutes total of engaging holiday fun.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Book Holiday Mash-Up and experience some of Confetti's most popular holiday games.
Virtual Holiday Mash-Up by Confetti for virtual holiday games


Play virtual holiday party games with Confetti!

If you are boring your employees with the same office holiday party every year, it's time to switch it up! Skip the virtual Secret Santa and use these virtual holiday party ideas. The winter holidays are the perfect time to try something new and take a few bold steps moving into the next year. With Confetti's virtual holiday games, Your staff will sharpen their skills, strengthen their relationships, and have tons of fun in the process.

If you're ready for the ultimate virtual holiday event, book with Confetti today!
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