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Winter Taboo, Holiday Trivia, and Holiday Water Cooler experience cards (small)
Winter Taboo, Holiday Trivia, and Holiday Water Cooler experience cards (large)

Holiday Mash-Up

From $575 USD

Fill your sleigh with games

Check off your holiday wish list of "Confetti games to try" all in one go! Holiday Mash-Up combines some of our most popular holiday games to create a fun, fast-paced game extravaganza.
4-200 people
60-90 minutes
Group Pricing
How It Works

Pick and choose your game adventure! Experience some of Confetti's most popular holiday games, including:

🚰 ❄️ Holiday Water Cooler

Groups will be presented with an icebreaker, and randomly placed with coworkers to answer the question in breakout rooms. Participants will be brought back to the main room and re-randomized for another round. Each round is 4-5 minutes, with a total of up to 3 rounds.

At the end, everyone will come together to share the most fun, interesting, or weird fact. Only rule is, you can only share someone else's fun fact, not your own!

🤔 ❄️ Holiday Trivia

In this shortened version of our Holiday Trivia game, teams will play 1 write-in round, where they'll submit their answers through our mobile trivia platform. Each team will work together in a group chat to come up with the right answer.

🧩 ❄️ Winter Mini Games

Teams will play a fixed set of 8 fast-paced, team building puzzles and brain teaser games. Including Winter Visual Puzzles, Winter Nonsense, Winter Foods, and more!

This experience is for teams looking to "sample" a range of classic Confetti games. Great for tech-savvy teams.

📋 Want a more detailed breakdown? See the run of show.

💻 Virtual Only: This experience is not suitable for a hybrid format.

⚙️ Tech Level: Best for tech savvy teams.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Participants: Teams will be re-randomized in between games so that participants get to interact with different team members.

✍️ Note: There is only one version of this game. If you have played Holiday Mash-Up before, please consider another experience.

  • Designed Invitation for Participants
  • Engaging Host
  • Zoom Link
Required From You
  • Computer
  • Shared Communication App
  • Network Access to External Sites
  • Access to Google Drive
  • Ability to Use Zoom (Free)
  • Access to Zoom Chat
Our host was funny and quick on her feet with the puns, she's the perfect type of personality to have pulled a bunch of geeky software people into having fun during the middle of a busy workday.
We loved it! Our host was fantastic, everyone felt engaged and excited to be there. Plus, we learned new things about each other which was our end goal. We'd highly recommend Confetti!
Our host was great and kept everyone engaged. This one was fun, fast-paced and everyone enjoyed it!
Edie,Blue Shield of California
Our host was AMAZING. Great energy, lots of fun, and it was so nice to have our whole team sit back and enjoy the event, instead of having to worry about hosting and coordinating! We had a great time!
Jen,Social Finance
Loved it! Our team is growing rapidly and we were have had trouble finding ways to connect until now. 5-star reviews all around! Loved the ability to switch up teams and the different break-out rooms with Mash-Up.
Megan,Intouch Group
The set up was incredibly easy and the event ran smoothly. It completely took the stress off of event planning and was a fun time with our new hires.
This allowed us to get mixed & remixed together in small groups so we were able to connect with different people throughout our time together. Everything was SUPER easy for us to set up and navigate, and our host was the most fun!!
Nicole,Product Plan

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