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5 Ways to Make Your Annual Company Kick-off Event Engaging

Ready to prep for the coming year with the entire team? Plan an event that energizes and engages. Check out some of our sales kickoff meeting ideas to make a positive impact on your entire organization and the upcoming year!

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What is an annual company kickoff meeting? πŸ’­

An annual company sales kickoff meeting is the event that marks the start of a new business year for many organizations. The objectives of a sales kickoff event are to start the fiscal year with the whole team on the same page, set new company goals and projects based on the performance in the previous year, and re-energize employees for a successful experience in the coming year.


Why are annual kickoff meetings important to the team? 🀝

When executed correctly, there are numerous benefits to a cohesive and engaging annual sales kickoff meeting:

Ready to plan a successful sales kickoff meeting? Read on for some of our suggestions below:


5 ways to make your annual kickoff meeting a success:

1. Offer interpersonal skill-building opportunities 🧠

In addition to training for your new sales strategy, make sure you're offering your team professional development events that build their emotional and interpersonal skills as well. It's no secret that Q4 is a stressful time for many. Now that you're at the top of a new year, your annual kick off meeting is a perfect opportunity to check in with your teams and address burnout.

Taking the time to invest in your team's mental health is extremely beneficial to company culture. Make sure your attendees feel just as prioritized as your sales goals with a Stress Management Workshop.

Why is this a great idea for your kickoff meeting? Stress Management training sessions teach valuable skills on identifying key stressors in the workplace, as well as how to best combat those moments when heightened symptoms of distress arrive.

Plus, this team building activity allows attendees to address their own stress response and the positive change they'd like to make when managing high-volume times. The better teams learn to emotionally communicate with one another when work gets tough, the easier it is for everyone to work towards a common goal.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Stress less with a Stress-Management Workshop!
Virtual Stress Management Workshop


2. Interact in breakout sessions πŸ‘₯

For companies that work in a remote setting, it's likely that an in-person event isn't on the radar. At this point in the new era of remote and distributed working, we all know that "Zoom fatigue" is very, very real. When planning your agenda for your virtual event, look for areas where you can utilize breakout rooms to get your attendees engaged with each other and actively participating, rather than sitting back and listening to hours of talking with no moments of discussion.

Why is this a great idea for your kickoff meeting? Taking time to interact in breakout sessions is a great way to bring cross-departmental collaborative aspects to your kickoff event, allowing sales teams to address key questions from outside departments and get on the same page with new policies moving forward.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ After hearing from guest speakers, your customer panel, or sales reps, distribute your employees into breakout rooms to discuss the previous presentation or product training, ask questions, and share key takeaways.


3. Have moments of recognition β™₯️

At your sales kickoff meeting, celebrate the individual performance of your team members and thank them for their work in the past year. Setting aside time to recognize the success stories from within your company's last year is a great way to demonstrate compassionate leadership, boost morale, support your attendees, and encourage them to achieve even more in the year ahead.

Why is this a great idea for your kickoff meeting? Studies show that employees who feel like they are regularly recognized for their hard work are more likely to experience higher job satisfaction and contribute their best efforts to the company!

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Celebrate your team with Workplace Gratitude!
Virtual Workplace Gratitude


4. Play a team building game 🎲

While you have the whole team together, why not throw in some fun activities where the goal is to let loose and have some laughs? Leadership Coworker Feud is the perfect event that centers leadership-minded content in a thrilling battle-of-the-brains survey-style trivia game!

Split your group up into teams where new employees can work with people outside their own department for maximum collaboration!

Why is this a great idea for your kickoff meeting? Games are a great way to break the ice among attendees and get everyone thinking on their feet! Plus, the content covered in Leadership Feud is impactful for individual team members, as well as the sales force working towards a shared goal!

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Bring some friendly competition to your event with Coworker Feud!
Virtual coworker Feud by Confetti


5. Treat your team to lunch 🍴

Keep your employees engaged during your annual kickoff meeting by treating them to lunch! It may seem like a small gesture, but a little perk like free lunch goes a long way in making your team feel valued, especially during the long days of a sales kickoff meeting.

Why is this a great idea for your kickoff meeting? It'll be much easier for your team to sit through your morning of programming and workshops when they don't have to worry about what they're going to scramble to make in between meetings. Instead, they can spend that time enjoying their catered lunch while conversing with coworkers and come back with even more focus for the second half of the day.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Feed your team's focus with a Lunch Party!
Lunch Party


Plan your annual sales kickoff meeting with Confetti πŸŽ‰

Create an annual kickoff that unifies your team and engages your employees for the best year ahead. Kick off your virtual meeting with some ice-breaking games, celebrate the success stories of your organization, and invest in your teams with professional development opportunities!

Ready to gather the company for an impactful start to the new year? Book team building activities for your virtual event with Confetti!Β 


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