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3 New Years Resolutions for the Office

Start your year off right by setting meaningful goals you want your company to achieve. Use our New Year’s resolutions to inspire your team.

By Jordyn Coleman

Did you know that while 60% of people make resolutions, only 8% achieve them? 🤔 We’d like those numbers to be a little closer together, and office resolutions can help. 

The new year comes with new aspirations! 🎆 January is the perfect time to align company goals with the personal goals of your team. With people’s motivations so high in the new year, leadership and HR should seize the opportunity to re-invigorate the entire office. 

Improving the lives of your employees will only better how your company runs. Plus, if they’re happy at work, they’re way more likely to succeed in their workplace resolutions. It’s a win-win for everyone. 🥂

Interested in creating New Year work goals for the office, but not sure where to start? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Read on for 3 work-related resolutions for starting the new year right at work. 👇👇👇


1. Foster Your Company Culture 🎉

Begin the calendar year with some new year team building! One of the easiest (and most engaging ways) to improve your company culture is through social work events. 

Your team is ripe with personalities, and each member has hobbies and interests outside of work. Let their uniqueness influence your event decision-making! 🤩

Say a couple of folks on your team are the artsy kind. Consider an experience that aligns with that, like a virtual painting class or museum tour. 👩‍🎨 It gives those creative people a chance to show off the passion and skills they may not use in the everyday workplace. 

And for your next team building event, see what other hobbies your employees have! Someone likes to cook? 👨‍🍳 Great, then plan a group cooking or baking class! Have a handful of people invested in health and wellness? 🤸‍♀️ Then make room for an active, movement-based event. 

Planning unique, specialized experiences will bring your team closer together because they’ll be sharing what they love. 

2. Support Growth Initiatives 💼📈

Supporting your team’s professional development is a win-win for everyone. Your employees will hone the skills necessary for both business and professional growth. Consider both company-wide programs and individual options.  

Popular company-wide growth initiatives include:

    -Communication development courses to nail down a rock-solid communication method. 💭

     -Conflict resolution classes equip your team with the ability to turn negative encounters into relationship growth. 🤝

     -Routine leadership training to ensure office leaders can nurture the growth of their team. 👩🏫 

     -Emotional intelligence development courses, which improve self-awareness, social skills, and help team members understand one another’s thought processes. 🧠

However, you could also offer to support more personalized growth goals. Your company could subsidize certification classes, continued education, or even offer tuition assistance for team members wanting to return to school. In addition to supporting their career goals, you’re also providing your employees with plenty of reasons to stay with you. 

3. Create an Action Plan for Employee Retention 🤝

If you want a team that grows with your company, you have to give them reasons to stay. Put yourself in their shoes and really think about the following question: why would anyone want to stay with your company? 

The main factors contributing to employee retention include competitive salaries and career advancement. 📈 However, changing these circumstances isn’t always possible – especially for start-ups and non-profits. 

But it’s still possible to give your employees a reason to stay. One tactic to consider is offering perks, like gym memberships or additional PTO. Other perk ideas include: 

     -Paying for certification courses, especially if this will put your employee into a higher salary range or guarantee them a promotion up-for-grabs. 🎓

     -Employer-provided devices, like laptops, cell phones, or computer set-ups. 👩💻

     -The option to work from home. For some companies, this is now the norm. But if it isn’t how you operate, your employees will appreciate the agency to decide whether they WFH or work in the office. 🏠

If you’d like to know the best way to guarantee employee retention, then take it straight to the source! Don’t be afraid to involve your team in the decision-making. They’ll appreciate your openness to their opinions, especially if it directly involves improving their work experience. 

New Year, New Company Goals – You’ve Got This! 🎆

Don’t let the statistics scare you – sticking to a New Year’s resolution is wholly achievable. Set a New Year’s resolution reminder and incremental goals to check in throughout the year. It certainly helps when your company-wide goals are backed by your dedicated team!

The easiest place to begin is fostering your company culture. We’d love to help you plan a unique experience that captures the spirit of your office. 
To get started, say hello 👋 at or browse our experiences here.

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