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The Best HR Conferences to Attend in 2024

HR conferences are a must for professionals looking to stay on top of industry trends to drive organizational success. If you want to book your calendar with more HR Conferences, 2024 is a great time to start.

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HR conferences are a must for professionals looking to stay on top of industry trends to drive organizational success. If you're interested in booking your calendar with more HR Conferences, 2024 is a great time to start. Read on for some of the best conferences available, including virtual and in-person conferences.


What do HR professionals gain from offsite conferences with other HR leaders?

HR professionals who invest in their professional development and stay informed about the latest innovations can better embrace the challenges of tomorrow while steering the ship of positive workplace culture within their organizations. There are many benefits to attending an HR conference:

  • Conferences are a platform for networking with peers, HR leaders, and potential collaborators. These connections with industry leaders can lead to new insights, partnerships, and career opportunities.
  • Conferences often feature workshops, panels, and presentations on cutting-edge trends, best practices, and innovative strategies. This exposure to fresh ideas and perspectives helps professionals stay ahead of the curve and continuously improve their skills.
  • Conferences offer a chance to earn continuing education credits, certifications, and credentials, enhancing one's professional development and credibility within the field.


Here are 13 of the top HR conferences to put on the calendar this year:

1. Transform 2024

  • Dates: March 11-13, 2024
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

Transform 2024 is a three-day event uniting HR executives, tech investors, and future-of-work entrepreneurs. With over 300+ speakers, interactive small group discussions, hands-on learning, and networking opportunities, as well as the Transform Awards, business leaders have much to gain from this HR conference.


2. Future of HR 2024

  • Dates: March 20, 2024
  • Location: Remote

For those who'd like to skip the travel, Future of HR is an international conference held virtually. Programming includes expert presentations and knowledge from over 36 HR experts across 10 different countries in Europe. Gain access to resources such as videos, software, and presentations to keep up with the changing industries.


3. SHRM Talent Conference

  • Dates: April 14-17
  • Location: Las Vegas, NVΒ 

SHRM hosts many annual conferences throughout the United States, with the first being its Talent Conference & Expo. The SHRM Talent Conference focuses on employee recruitment and talent management, giving data-driven strategies to retain your top employees. Gain new tools, research, and connections with peers to learn how to help your organization thrive in a competitive market. If you missed Talent Acquisition Week in January, this conference is a great alternative.


4. Elevating the Employee Experience

  • Dates: May 1-3
  • Location: Denver, CO

The HCI Elevating the Employee Experience Conference focuses on tools and strategies to influence and improve the employee experience. Topics covered include wellness programs, DEI initiatives, professional development opportunities, and talent acquisition. This conference features many networking opportunities with leading HR experts, thought leaders, and HR professionals across industries.


5. Unleash America

  • Dates: May 7-9
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

Attend Unleash America to see why it's rated the #1 HR Conference and Expo in America. Choose from programming across 15 stages on the future of HR, recruitment, learnings, and technology from industry-leading experts. In addition to keynote speeches, explore breakout areas, round tables, and pre-event summits, plus a full product exhibition. Gain insights from case studies that will equip you with actionable strategies to practice within your organization.


6. The HR Congress World Summit

  • Dates: May 14-15
  • Location: Porto, Portugal

This year's theme for the HR Congress World Summit is "Elevate, Evolve, Engage: Shaping the Future of Work." This global HR conference focuses on creating purpose-driven workplace cultures and inspiring meaningful work. Experience discussions with Global HR professionals on topics such as HR tech trends, remote work, and predictive HR analytics as well as interactive workshops addressing talent management and the impacts of AI and HR on organizational dynamics.


7. Total Rewards 2024

  • Dates: May 20-22
  • Location: Cincinnati, OH

Total Rewards brings together industry experts including HR professionals, people officers, rewards and benefits managers, and more. Experience interactive workshops and networking events to learn actionable and measurable strategies to modern workplace challenges to retain employees with a positive workplace.


8. Collision 2024

  • Dates: June 17-20
  • Location: Toronto, ON

Collision 2024 is one of the largest tech conferences and events in the world, bringing thought leaders and experts from various industries influenced by technology. Learn from motivating keynote speakers, connect with participants in networking events and masterclasses, and get engaged in small-group roundtables.


9. SHRM Annual Conference Expo

  • Dates: June 23-26
  • Location: Chicago, IL

The SHRM Annual Conference Expo is one of the largest HR events, with over 22,000 attendees, from new professionals to senior HR leaders and executives. Learn from the best-in-class programming including a customizable agenda of skills development opportunities and competency-based HR education to make a positive impact on your workplace culture as well as the HR industry. Plus, network with new partners at the Expo showcasing a variety of innovative HR practices, technology, and solutions to meet organizational goals.


10. CultureCon 2024

  • Dates: August 28-29
  • Location: Madison, WI, or Remote

Attend CultureCon 2024 to explore employee experience strategies and recent innovations that contribute to an engaging, inclusive, and more productive workplace. Featuring speakers from around the globe, this event offers unique opportunities to network with industry thought leaders, participate in workshops and gain insights from the latest trends in cultivating a more positive company culture and future world of work.


11. HR Tech Conference & Expo

  • Dates: September 24-27
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

This HR Technology Conference & Expo brings HR and tech professionals from various businesses and industries. The main focus is driving a successful HR strategy by optimizing current systems and utilizing technology. The HR Tech Conference & Expo is a wonderful opportunity to browse the latest HR tech tools and software to help you meet organizational needs.


12. Gartner ReimagineHR Conference

  • Dates: October 28-30
  • Location: Orlando, FL

The Gartner ReimagineHR conference is geared towards CHROs and their HR leadership teams, providing insightful strategies and guidance for optimizing new HR technology to adapt to changing workplaces. This conference helps HR teams lead the way in transforming work models and increasing accountability for employee well-being, mental health, and equity.


13. SHRM Inclusion 2024

  • Dates: November 4-7
  • Location: Denver, CO, or Remote

The SHRM Inclusion conference is a must for any HR professionals looking to encourage, engage, and elevate their organization's diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. This event has sold out for the last two years for good reason. Programming includes sessions for all professional levels, seminars that qualify for professional development credits, and access to their DEI networking marketplace.


The Takeaway πŸŽ‰

Attending HR conferences is crucial for HR professionals seeking to keep their finger on the pulse of industry trends, network with peers, and gain valuable insights to drive organizational success. From experiencing cutting-edge technologies to exploring changing workplace dynamics, these conferences offer a rich platform for learning and collaboration.Β 

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