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5 Best Corporate Events For Professional Development

Transform team building — to team growing. You need your team to be on the cutting edge to succeed in the corporate world. Learn how professional development events can get you there!

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What is considered a corporate event? 🤔

A corporate event is more than a cocktail hour or company kickoff. Professional development is geared toward team bonding, inclusion, and community. 

Corporate events often focus on learning through engagement. This means frank discussions that touch on serious topics like diversity, mental health, and conflict resolution. Rewarding professional development workshops build excitement among your team and encourage lively discussion.

Hosting a virtual corporate event is rife with benefits you’ll notice in the workplace immediately.

  • Your team’s professional and social skills are sharpened 🗣
  • Stronger bonds give your team an edge over the competition 👯
  • A robust sense of confidence that comes with knowledge 💪
  • Conversations without the pressure of deadlines and projects are honest and can even be eye-opening 👀

The 5 best corporate team building events 🙌

1. Mindful Leadership Workshop 🧠💪

Metacognition is the concept of thinking about your own thinking. How can you lead a team unless you understand yourself through and through? 

Mindfulness leads to clearer thinking, sharper decision-making, and deeper insights. This workshop guides you through the process of opening up to yourself.

Why is this a great corporate event? 

No matter your level or department, self-aware thinking is key to success. Your team will come away with thoughts organized ready to apply all their fresh knowledge to the workplace.

How to get started 👉 Ready to steady your brain? Take the Mindful Leadership Workshop and focus up!
Virtual Mindful Leadership Workshop

2. Networking Water Cooler 💼

Getting to know your team's backgrounds is a helpful step to working in harmony with your colleagues. But, as we’ve all experienced — the getting to know you conversations can get a little boring from time to time. That's where our guided Networking Water Cooler comes in handy.

Why is this a great corporate event? 

This workshop employs a standard team building tool, icebreakers, as a networking opportunity. Your team will get hands-on experience on how to listen, share past experiences, and get to know each other's professional backgrounds better – watch the results at work!

How to get started 👉 Let’s meet up at the Networking Water Cooler and get to know each other a little better.

3. Workplace Mental Health Workshop 🧘

One in four people will experience a mental health disorder at some point in their lives. It is a normal part of life that we often push to the margins. Together, we can break the stigma. Our facilitator will guide your team as they safely discuss and share how mental health has affected their lives.

Why is this a great corporate event? 

Employees who feel comfortable talking about mental health in the workplace are five times more likely to trust their leaders and the company as a whole. Better your team's mental health through this team building activity, which provides an action plan for tackling these tough moments without shame or embarrassment. 

How to get started 👉 When you’re ready to talk — we’re ready to listen. Sign up for the Workplace Mental Health Workshop now. 

4. Diversity & Inclusion Workshop 📚

Everyone lives with unconscious bias, which can lead to decision-making they aren’t even aware of. Breaking down that bias is essential to accepting the hard personal truths behind Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training. This eye-opening workshop is essential to bring your team into 2022 and beyond.

Why is this a great corporate event? 

There’s no way to spearhead a strong, bonded team without taking the time to prove that everyone has an equal seat at the table. The more comfortable your team feels speaking freely the more ideas and conversation you can foster at work.

How to get started 👉 Promote diversity, elevate every team member, and create a safe space now, take Diversity & Inclusion Workshop.

5. Communication Skills Workshop 🗣️

Conversation skills are more than a nice-to-have. At work, at home, and everywhere in life — the ability to communicate clearly, confidently, and thoughtfully puts you a cut above the rest. Asking deep questions without prodding elucidates even the trickiest of conversations! 

Why is this a great corporate event?

This life skill will come in handy during your next meeting — watch your teammates work through an issue like never before. 

How to get started 👉 Let the conversation begin today, sign up for the Communication Skills Workshop!
Virtual Communication Skills Workshop

How do you make corporate parties fun? With Confetti! 🥳

While these workshops cover serious topics, who’s to say you can’t have fun at the same time! At Confetti we’re dedicated to having a good time with team building events and activities just as much as learning from the experts. 

Bring a corporate event to your team — wherever they are in the world. Our video conferences, workshops, events, Q&As, (and even parties!!!) are all conveniently hosted on Zoom to make gathering as easy as possible for your remote team.

Kick your team’s skills up a notch, and do it — With Confetti!
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